Saturday, March 31, 2012

{Kindergarten is FUN!}

Sienna had such a fun week last week
in Kindergarten.
Her teacher is just amazing
and goes all out to make things fun,
and to make her kids feel special.

there was the wedding of
Mr. U and Mrs. Q.

We received a very official invitations
and the kids were told to come in their
best dress to school and to bring a wedding gift
that started with the letter Q.

When I got there they were all lined up outside
looking very dapper.
When the wedding march started they
all walked in with their cute
Q and U hats on.
Sienna was really excited because she got to carry
a basket full of rose petals right before
the bride walked down the isle.Then the school secretary married them.
Saying things like
"Do you Mrs. Q promise to always put a U
after you?" "Will you say things
like quake, question, quadrant?"
It was hilarious, and darling.Then the children all
blew bubbles as the bride and groom headed to
the reception.
Adorable I tell you.

At the reception they
opened the presents and had
wedding cake and sprite.
It was seriously the cutest thing ever.
Then on Friday it was Sienna's
Hero Day in her class.
I LOVE the concept of
the Hero day.
It teaches them that they are
very important and that they are heroes
for just being who they are.T
Mom and Dad both come and
we first show a flag that we made describing
And then we read her favorite book.
(Pinkalicious. She reads it like, nightly.)
And then we tell why she is a hero to us.
Sienna is a hero in our family because
she is always smiling.
She brightens up our lives a whole lot!
She is funny, smart, and always willing
to make us feel better with a snuggle.
She is good at almost everything she does,
and if she isn't, she doesn't give up.
We adore her!

Then they kids all line up and
her teacher yells...very loudly,
"This is Sienna Kidman from Smithfield, Utah.
She loves riding her bike, playing with her friends,
and recess! Let's cheer for Sienna!"
And they all cheer and give her fives as she runs up and down
row of kids.
Her smile was so big
and her squinty eyes were so small
that were not sure how she could see where she was
going! It was lovely.

I want a hero day!
Doesn't Kindergarten just look like so much fun?


Trisha said...

Okay, you've got me excited to send my boys to kindergarten!

Bre said...

I love hero day! Such a fun day for the kids and parents:) And I kinda heart her teacher:) I was sad I missed the wedding:(