Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Saturday we are leaving the cold foggy swamp we reside, in search of sun. And Mickey and Minnie too. And the beach. And Shamu. (Is Shamu still alive? Did I spell his name correctly? Is Shamu a boy or girl?)

Our kiddos, have no idea. We are just waking them up and taking them for a week long surprise.

I'm too excited to sleep.

And too busy to take pictures or think of anything clever to blog about. Instead you get random thoughts inside my head. (Remember how I said I'm too excited to sleep? That means that this post may be slightly incoherent). With that warning, read on at your own risk.


On AI.
We still have to fast forward past every Kara comment. If you like her, I'm not sure we can still be friends.
Ellen though, is a welcome addition.
Do we really need 4 judges? I think it would be wise to go back to 3, but what do I know?
And some of these contestants really need the show stylists to get their hands on them. Yes?

On shopping.
Why is it that I find myself picking up "necessities" for our trip daily? The shorts for the ladies really were a must, as were the sunglasses and tall shoes. And I keep telling myself they needed the floppy beach hats and jelly shoes.

Someone should really stop me.

On raising 2 ladies.
OY vey.
That is all.

On the Bachelor.
Those of you who don't love it need to check your heads. It's just funny t.v.
Did anyone else lol (for real) when Chris Harrison started talking about how his son talks about magical creatures, and unicorns when he's lying (to Rozelyn). Good T.V. Just fabulous.

On Travis.
Trav gets 2 weeks without treatments while we are gone. I am so excited for him! I can't wait to have him feel like himself for a while, and hope he eats all the yummy vacation food he can while he is canker free.

I dig my husband. He's kind of amazing.

On Cancer:
I hate it.
The end.

On my life:
I'm feeling pretty blessed tonight. My kids decided they were best friends tonight and spent the evening playing nicely. Travis took me to dinner because I had a serious random craving. I had book club with some of my favorite friends. I sipped a Dt. Coke from sonic for half the day. I managed to get my run in, and read a good chunk of my book. The laundry is put away. And I get to spend the next week in heaven with my family!

How did I get so lucky?

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I Love that we took Adyson to her yearly Eye Dr. appointment the other day, and were told she doesn't have to have glasses quite yet. Her sight is still not perfect, and I imagine that next year we will have to take the plunge, but for now, she can go another year glasses free! Love her and her beautiful Blue eyes! I Love that my husband surprised the ladies and I each with a rose on Friday when he got home from work. I Love the type of Daddy he is, and I Love the way he Loves me.
I Love my funny little Valentines, and there serious posing for my Valentine photo shoot. Really, Love them!

I Love Sienna's curls. I Love her smile. I Love the way she wakes up at 7 a.m. and yells "Is it wake up time" from her bed each morning. I Love her obsession with water, her Love of all things chocolate, and her lust for life.
I Love Adyson's porcelain skin. I Love how she pretends she's a tomboy. I Love how she falls asleep at night rubbing her blanket, the way she did when she was a baby. I Love listening to her play barbies in her room. I Love hearing her laugh while playing with her friends, and the way she lights up a room.
These girls make life just SO good.

I Love that we found Sienna passed out cold after dance the other day in this position. Feet on the floor, snoring and drooling. I think this shot should be titled 'plum tuckered out.' I couldn't resist posting this picture, it's just too cute!

Our Valentines Day was just the way Valentines day should be. We didn't surprise each other with really expensive gifts. We just spent the weekend enjoying each other, and remembering all the reasons we Love each other.
I'm a pretty lucky lady.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My ladies

Remember how our family won a session with the absolutely amazing Brooke Snow?

She just posted some images from a session done with the ladies at our house, and I just had to share!

They are beautiful, and Brooke is just uber talented.

See them here, and send her some well deserved love.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Update.

This weekend was just lovely. Almost perfect.

Heather and Jody and their lovely clan came up to join us and we packed a whole lot of fun into our 3 day visit! The second they walk in the cousins start up right where they left off. It's so much fun to watch, and reminds me of the time we spent with our cousins growing up. They are so lucky to have such fun together, and it's amazing how much they all love each other. It's really beautiful to watch.

Brielle has a small "crush" on Travis and spent most of the weekend snuggled up to him like this. It's darling, and isn't she about the cutest things you've ever seen? For Christmas Heather, my mom, and I gifted our men with tickets to Saturday night's Aggie game, so my amazing niece Breje' babysat all the kiddos while we went to Hamilton's to eat (yum), and to the game, all worry free because Breje' is very capable, and the kids had so much fun with her. The only thing missing was Amy. :(Each year my mom makes sure the kids get to decorate Valentine cookies at her house, and it's quite a sugary sight to see. Adyson actually got quite good this time and didn't go too overboard with the frosting, Sienna though, well, she's got a ways to go before she learns the "less is more" rule.

Sunday everyone gathered at our house for the big game. It was one of the funnest Superbowl game days we've had. The kids ran around tearing the house apart and eating way too much sugar, the men folk watched the game intently, and us ladies made some fun flower clips and pins and crafted the day away. (I know, I'm not usually so crafty, but it ended up being so much fun! During half time we busted out our new "just dance" wii game. Here's a nice shot of Trav and Jody dancing to M.C. Hammer....awesome.
And even though I am embarrassing myself here, heather has posted a nice clip of my dad kicking my butt dancing over on her blog. The embarrassment is worth it, just so you can see my dad and his smooth movies.
I haven't laughed that hard in a while!And here's just a few of our fun creations.
I just can't tell you how much I adore my family. It seems that when we all get together hilarity ensues, and love abounds.
Can I please have another weekend just like this one? Soon?