Monday, July 30, 2007


Thursday we packed up and went camping up Logan Canyon. I was a little nervous to have Sienna there for the weekend-I didn't think that she would sleep a wink, but she did okay. Her and Simon had so much fun exploring the camp site, and getting dirty, very, very-dirty! Adyson and Kutter just ran around together, and he made her a little more daring than usual. She touched worms, found an inch worm and played with it and also held a lady-bug. It was nice to see her play and not think about how "scary" things are. We ate delicious food all week and played some great card games at night. It was so much fun to stay up late with my brother and sister and their spouses and realize how much we all get along. They both married the perfect people for our family and it always just feels like we are hanging out with great friends. We also went to Bear Lake, and I am sad to say that my camera ran out of batteries and I don't have any bathing beauty pics, but they had so much fun. Ady searched for sea shells all day and Sienna pretty much ran away from me to the water all day. She is my water kid! We are all exhausted from our week of fun, and ready to get back to life!

Some other thoughts for the week:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was worth the wait and I enjoyed reading it too much, I am just so sad it is over!

It was my birthday today-and the highlight of my day was when Adyson told me that her Birthday wish for me was that we could be "the very best best best friends." If she only knew how much I wish the same things for my girls.

Brielle is the most beautiful and the most well behaved baby ever born. She didn't make a peep all weekend and her smile is very cute!
Okay-camping pics to follow!

Girls slumber party

Wednesday we took the day to get some great pictures of the cousins at Kiddie Kandids, I wish I could post them here. They all look so cute and I have to say Grandma Linda is very pleased to have some new bragging material. That night Breje slept over at our house and her and Adyson had a "girl slumber party" as Ady would call it. It was so much fun for all of us really. They started to help me make smores to take camping and we realized that we didn't have the chocolate chips. So we made a late night run to the store, Ady in her jammies and slippers-and she was so excited to have Breezy here. Breje is now 10 and you would think she would get bored of Adyson, but instead she just loves her and plays with her and helps me out an awful lot. She has grown up to be a little angel I think. Anyways, here are some cute pics of the slumber party!

Dinosaur Park

After Lagoon we slept in a hotel and in the morning went to the Dinosaur Park at Thanksgiving point. I have to say that I wasn't sure how much fun this would be for the younger kids, but Adyson and Sienna both had a blast. Adysons eyes were huge looking at all the scale dino's she saw, and they had a lot for them to do. They let you do a pretend dino bone dig-and we also watched a 3d movie which was really fun. All the kids had a great time there. I have never been to Thanksgiving point before and it seemed like you could spend the whole day there doing all sorts of activities. Maybe next year we will try some of the other things they have to offer. Here are some cute dinosaur park pics.


This last week we took some time off to do some playing! It was well deserved and much needed, and how lucky were we that everyone in my family was able to spend this time together? On Monday we went to Lagoon-and that was actually a blast! Despite the heat-we all managed to go on some good rides and even spent some time at the water park. Adyson was a little too scared for the rides but she loves the carousel and so did Sienna. Sienna pretty much laughed through the whole ride. Adyson had a lot of fun eating the treats and spending the whole day outside though. Heathers kids really enjoyed the rides this year and Trayson was a little dare devil! That kid loved the rides and I don't think he was scared at all. Travis dragged me on the new ride wicked, and I give it 2 thumbs up but I was scared to death-and also managed to lose my new sunglasses on that ride! Here are some great pics of the kids enjoying day 1 of our mini-vacation.
In order-Brielle, Simon, Adyson, Sienna, Breje, Trayson and Kutter. Aren't they the cutest cousins!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hair Woes!

Our usual nightime routine of bath, jammies, tooth brushing, and hair combing was all done for the night, and I was so excited to get the kids to bed, but I guess Adyson had other plans. She loves to comb her hiar and apparently had taken the comb from me after I had combed her hair. I was just cleaning up the house when she walked into the room with the comb wound all the way to her scalp like a curler would be, and she said "Look mom, I'm a fancy girl." She thought she looked so cute and so dressed up-but I thought differently. Instantly I went into panic mode. This was a lot of hair and it was wound around the comb about a million times. So I went to work, and just tugged and pulled and tugged and pulled. I got it to move a few inches away from the scalp, but no where near out of her hair. Travis was over at Cody's house helping him with their yard, so I called my mom. She came over and we put about a gallon of condtioner in her hair and tried some more. We made a little more headway before Travis got home. When he came home he had the brilliant idea to try and cut the comb, and so we tried that. After I'd say about 2 hours of hair pulling, comb cutting, conditioner wasting and Adyson getting awfully bored, we got it out! I told her today that she is not aloud to use combs in her hair anymore! Here are some pictures of our little adventure! I thought for sure we were going to have to chop her beautiful hair off.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A new calling and a Breakdown

On Sunday we got a new bishop in the ward-and Travis was called to be the Ward Clerk. I didn't think assistant librarian would last for too long! I think he is excited to have a calling that gets him a little more involved in the ward. I once again realized that I married someone who is way better than me, and I think that this service will just prepare him for many more to come. Once again we learned that Adyson listens more than me think in church because when they called his name she said as loud as she could-"Hey dad, Thats your name huh!" I think the whole ward heard her a got a good chuckle.

Speaking of Adyson, HELP ME! She is just wearing me out. Adyson still gets very nervous when she isn't around Trav or I, and it is getting old. She has taken some great steps forward that I am very proud of, like playing with her friends in the back yard or in their yards, but she still wont go inside their houses for some reason. She freaks out if I leave the nursery room, and I am going crazy. I signed her up for Swimming lessons at the Aquatic center and Monday was the first day. I was terrified and just waiting for the breakdown, and she did just fine. She went with her teacher and played the whole time and Travis and I couldn't have been prouder! I literally teared up a bit because it was a huge step! But today was a different story. She just screamed and screamed and cried so hard she almost threw up! I drug her out of there and just sobbed along with her the whole way home. I feel like she is missing out on so much, and I am so dreading pre-school in September. I love this little girl and she has always mentally been so far ahead of her age, she is so smart, but there is something inside her that makes her so scared of EVERYTHING! I want others to see her for who she is and I am sick of worrying about all of this! So if you have some advice, Please help me-I beg you!

That is all for now, I will keep you posted on the drama!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Tonight we went to the park to watch the fireworks and we had a blast! Adyson was so excited and she asked all day if it was "time to go yet?" We just went up to a church park where we have gone for the last couple of years. It is always a good time because we run into quite a few friends there. I wasn't sure how Sienna would do, she usually is asleep by 9:00 and the fireworks don't start until like 10:00. I was worried that she would be a grump. She wasn't! She honestly couldn't take her eyes off of them. She said ooh and ahh more times tonight than I've ever heard! Adyson had a good time too. She just wanted to see the smiley face fireworks. I realized tonight how sensitive her eyes really are though. She wanted to wear her sunglasses
because her eyes were just watering because of the bright fireworks. Poor kid, but all in all it was a great night and I thought I would post a few pics. I hope everyone else is having a great 4th.

Wow! I posted a bunch of pics, I just thought my girls were to cute and couldn't stop myself, and yes, I know I am vain! The picture of Adyson laying down she is making a "sand angel." I can't wait to give her a bath tomorrow!

B to the Third Power

This last weekend we were able to make a trip to Heather and Jody's house for Brielle's Baby Blessing. I am constantly amazed at how much fun Adyson and Sienna have with thier cousins. Adyson was in HEAVEN and I'm sure she didn't want to come home. Sienna also really enjoys hanging out with them and Breje has become a big helper and a great babysitter in training.

On Saturday we went to a little town not far from Mt. Home and went to a little restaraunt on a Winery. It was such a nice little place. I have to say that they live in a desert, I mean the countryside isn't much to look at, but the Winery was just beautiful. It was like we were on a vacation for that 2 hours while we were there. That was a lot of fun, but the main event was on Sunday. Brielle hasn't grown much since the last time I saw her, but she is somehow even cuter. She is such an alert little baby and deffinetly a princess in training. They put on her gorgeous dress and she was as happy as I have ever seen her. It's like she knew she looked pretty, and she just ate it up. The blessing was so beautiful. (I realize I have used that word a lot this post, but that is the best way to describe the blessing!) As I was sitting in Sacrament meeting, I just had this thought over and over, Jody and Heather are what most people should strive to be. Jody's testimony is so powerful and so full. It was amazing to see big, strong Jody get up and just cry and pour his heart out. The blessing was lovely and I am so glad that we were blessed enough to have Jody as part of our family. Heather, who everyone knows I adore, also managed to impress me one more time. She has such a nice, humble spirit about her and I wish she would have passed that on to her younger sister. They are a family that is full of love. They are teaching their kids by example and feeling. They are the type of family that I hope that we can grow to be. It was so nice to be able to share in that day and I am pretty happy that they live close enough that we don't have to miss the big stuff! Now if we could only find them a dream job here in the valley!