Thursday, October 27, 2011

{Pumpkin Walk, Ward Carnival, Crazy Hair Day}

The other day Sienna's class went to the pumpkin
walk on a field trip and I was able to go along.
Adyson went that weekend with friend and told
Sienna how fun it was, so she was very excite to go!

She was in awe of all the displays,
especially liking the Sunny Patch and Tangled,
and Angry birds. Naturally.

It was so much fun spending the day with
my little Roo. I've adored spending
half the day with her before she goes to school
and hope this year crawls by because I don't
want it to end!Tuesday we had our annual ward carnival.
The ladies love it because it's their first chance
to unveil their costumes.
This year we have
An angel...
and a Devil.
Let it be known that each of my kids
is really half and half...but this will do.

Sienna felt awfully pretty, and was awfully sparkly.

Adyson was feeling very cute, and spunky.

Can you tell?
The carnival was fabulous.
They had usual donut on a string.And pumpkin decorating.

We had a great night and can't wait
for the actual Holiday to come!

Today was Crazy hair day at school.
We went big.
And crazy.
The pictures just don't do it justice.
It was huge!

I just love these ladies of mine!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Unloading the Camera}

the mojo is still missing,
but I will blog
mojoless, just so i can catch up!

I unloaded the camera and here are a few things I found.

An apology note from Adyson to a friend.
I had to take a picture of it when it happened
because I died laughing at the way she spelled
We can't help but say
'idiet' now.
Oh it's cute stuff.
Try not to be
'really big idiet's' if you can.
Last weekend we went to the Kidman's
house to celebrate Larry and Ron's B-days.
The kids had a blast decorating Halloween Cookies
with Grandma.
Sugar anyone?
We were able to have Rheagen over
for a bit the other night.
The girls fought over her for a good
chunk of the time!
Nothing better then a picnic with cousins.And this weekend we have been excited for
for quite a while.
Kutter's baptism, which meant a
whole weekend in Mountain Home.
The ladies couldn't sleep for days
in anticipation.
They were sooo excited!

First stop, out to dinner to
celebrate Kutter and Heather's Birthdays.
Fun was had by all.

These two still are inseparable.
They didn't leave each others sides.

And neither did these ladies.
Hams, they are. Hams.

Tray, sure love that kid.

And Breje, beautiful as ever.
I adore her.

Heather and I.
Yes, one of us needs a bang trim....
Hint: it's me.Don't be jealous of the hot couple.
We can't help it.Part of the thrill of going to the Wolfleys house
(also known as the farm),
is the animals and the motorbikes.
Poor Jody gets hounded by the girls
constantly for rides.

Ens and Ellie.
Best of friends.Saturday was spent preparing for the main event.
Aren't they beautiful all dressed up?

And the man of the hour.
He's about the most handsome little person I know.
And his baptism was beautiful.
We are so happy for him, and proud of him.
What a great kid he is!

My mom makes a special book for
the kids on their baptism.
Here are the kids admiring Kutters.
Adyson can't wait till she gets hers!Then it was home for more playing,
which naturally included dressing up as
cheerleaders. It was a great weekend
and we are so happy to have had a little family time!
We sure missed Cody and Amy and their kids though!
Next time...
PS, if you don't read the C blog, Trav is having scan on Thursday.
Cross your fingers for us?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My Goodness life is busy!
To those of you inquiring why I've
lacked in the blogging department...
we are fine.

I've just lost my mojo.

Anyone care to find it for me?
Let's cross our fingers that I will
find it....