Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Day 5:Disney and Home}

Our plans for the last day were to
spend the whole day again in Disney and
drive home in the morning.

Between getting so much done the day
before and Travis feeling worse by the second,
we chose to spend a few hours at Disney
and drive half way home that day.

We went on a few favorites before
calling it a day.

Toy Story.Space Mountain.
The ladies favorite.

They were pretty excited to get row 1.
Funny kids.
We hit up Splash mountain,
Thunder mountain,
and then made pouty faces because
it was time to go.We drove to St. George and found these ridiculously
fantastic cookies waiting for us-left to us by
our dear friends Niki and Jason.
These cookies.
Oh these cookies!
I could possibly move to St. George just to eat them again.
Thanks for the lovely breakfast...
(yes breakfast)
Niki and Jason.
We loved them!

We've never been so grateful to be home.
Our trip was completely different then our trips
before and a slap in the face reminder of how
awful cancer is.

It was hard.

That being said,
we had some really fun moments,
and the girls had a blast, which is
all that matters.

But next year...

Oh next year I'm praying
we've kicked cancer right out of our lives.

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Brittney said...

Finally read up on all your adventures- LOVE IT! And since I live close to St. George I MUST know where to get those delectable cookies!