Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Resolution for 2013.

 Well hello there 2013!
You snuck right up on us.

I know blogging has lost it's luster,
but the past few days I've been looking through
my archives and am so grateful for this record of our life.
My goal, 
starting today,
is to blog the little things again.

So...a giant recap of our boring 2013 thus far.

Here we are at midnight on NYE.
my little everythings.
The ladies have spent hours playing with their
AG dolls.  This day they dressed them up for a photo shoot.
Adorableness all around.
 Twin Scarves!
 Um, meet Roo.
She's grown up a bit in the last few months.
I hate it.
(PS-here she is in her jammies ready for bed.
Could you die?  How does someone look this beautiful at bed time?)
 Speaking of growing up.
Holy Moly.
She is killing me every day with the grown up things
she does and says.  I adore her.
 Parent Teachers happened.
Here is Sienna recapping T on their progress.
(They are both doing excellent.  Ice cream was had this day.)
 See that little vial of blood behind me?
Trav's spent too much time getting fresh blood in the past 
few months.
We are crossing our fingers that stops and his blood
starts to rock all alone again!
 The girls have started really loving "girls days'.
I love spending the day out with them and am so grateful
they like to spend time with me.
Many girls days memories I have with my mom and sisters.
I think its the glue that still holds us so close.
 Oh yeah,
they still like this loser.
 Dentist appt. 
Wish I could say "NO CAVITIES!"
But I can't.
Roo had 3.
 Sister Love.
 Bennett Love.
 Dance Love.
 The ladies really are growing up quick,
and at times I just loathe it.
But most of the time I just smile and love seeing their 
little personalities shine and grow along with them.
Can't wait to update this thing more often!