Thursday, August 27, 2009

So it begins.

Little lady A began Kindergarten yesterday. I can't believe she is old enough for this. Really, I can't.

Now Adyson is NOT a morning person, and of course, she has morning Kindergarten. So we've been really trying to pull her out of bed and get her ready the last few weeks so she can be prepared. Today though, instead of her whining about how tired she was, she just popped out of bed, got dressed, ate breakfast, and wanted to go.
She was excited. And so nervous.

Here's last years back to school picture:

And this years:

She wouldn't admit to the nervous part, but the small hives on her stomach and neck clued me in.

As we were driving to school she told me that she "didn't need me to walk her in" and she "knows exactly where she needs to go".

Um, no. I walked her in. (I mean come on, let me have my mommy moment)!

I think it was a successful day. No tears were shed (on her part at least), and she talked non stop about it for most of the day.

We are so proud of Adyson, and so excited to see all the things she will learn this year. This is one timid, smart, funny, shy, lovable, and oh so special kid. Those of you who have read the blog for a long time, or who know Adyson, know that a few years ago she wouldn't even go to the neighbors house because she was too shy and scared. Now look at her, a Kindergartner! And a brave one at that!
And don't you think she is just beautiful?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I wish....

I was blogging about Adyson's first day of Kindergarten.
I'm not because I can't figure out how to flip my pics.
Normally I rotate them before I post, but for some reason even when I do this, they come out sideways on my blog.

If this makes no sense to you, I blame it on the fact that I've spent like 45 minutes trying to figure things out and my brain is destroyed.

If this does make sense, can you help me?

I have cute pics.
Adorable ones.
They need to be posted.

We dream big around here.

Adyson starts Kindergarten tomorrow. Sigh. (That is a whole different post).

When we met her teacher she sent home with us a little bag book for the kids to color and tell a bit about themselves. You know things like favorite color (purple and pink), a pick of the fam (I'm much taller than Trav in said picture), favorite food (hamburgers, of course), and what she wants to be when she gets older.

Here is what she drew:

I know the quality of my picture isn't great, so I shall translate it for you. She wants to be a "drive through girl."
She sets achievable goals friends. Very achievable.
(Let's pretend there is no coincidence between her love of hamburgers and her life goals). (I cook). (Really I do). (Really, I do)!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The're Back....

My sister and nieces and nephews have been in Texas all summer, and boy oh boy-we have missed them! This weekend they made the long drive back and the kids were able to get some serious cousin time in.
I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked between them all disappearing together to play and me doing their hair so they could head back home ready to start school, but rest assured we had a great time.

Adyson and Kutter still manage to make their friendship work somehow. I adore their relationship. Simon, LOVED having boy cousins around for a few days, and everyone had a great time seeing Brielle, who has turned from baby into little girl since we last saw her. She is just sooo love able!

And don't get me started on Breje who came home wearing make-up. And she started Junior High today. (I'm feeling rather old).

Aren't they darling??

Of course Grandma had surprised for all of them, I think they look splendid in their new shoes.Saturday night we ventured out to go miniature golfing at 9:30 (a good hour after my kids are usually asleep), but we had such a great time and it was a good little adventure for them. Trav and I were quite proud of Adyson's golfing skills, she was pretty darn good!
Sienna, on the other hand, wasn't quite as good! She was hunched over just like this most of the night dragging her ball by her club, but she was cute, and had a great time...and that's all that counts, right? (For some reason blogger wont let me flip this pic, and I'm too lazy to keep trying...)
All the cousins sans Brielle who was exhausted by this time!
It was a lovely weekend and we are so glad to have you guys back!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something to think about

As I was driving into town today, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my sweet little Ads with a look of concentration on her face.

"What's wrong Ads?" I asked, a bit concerned.

Her answer has had me laughing all day. While you read this I would like you to think about a few she a thinker deep beyond her (5) years, and also should I be concerned with where her little brain takes her?

Her answer:

"Mom, I was just thinking that maybe I am a toy. And maybe there is a girl up high playing with me and making me do all the things I do. And maybe there is someone playing with her and making her play with me."

After a good chuckle I cleared things up for her.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sticker Snacks

Doing PYP has allowed us to stock up on some things that normally I wouldn't really buy. Such as these sticker/fruit snacks. They were on sale, and so we thought we'd give them a shot.

Um, it was a wise choice.

Usually when they eat their fruit snacks they are gone in seconds. These babies allow for a good half our of entertainment. (And piece and quite.)

I'm doing my best to look past them eating things after they've stuck them on their faces....It's cleaner than the floor, right? (Ooh, now that I'm writing this I'm thinking maybe it's not cleaner than the floor.)

I'm cringing.

Anywhoo, it made for a great pic of the girls with cousin Simon. I think they are quite spectacular little kids.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Currently, I have nothing to blog about. I mean, I could show you more pictures of my girls smiling, prancing around in swimsuits, or eating Popsicles...but you've seen them. I've got nothing.

Currently, I am binge reading. I can't keep my hands or eyes of a book, and feel incredibly lazy at how little I get done during the day due to my reading. What am I reading you wonder? I just finished "Bitter is the new Black" by Jen Lancaster (hilarious), "Twenties Girl" by Sophie Kinsella (fun), and am in the middle of "The boy in the striped pajamas" by John boyne. Next on the list "The life of Pie" Yan Martel, and "The time travelers wife" by Audrey Niffeneger. Do you have any good recommendations?

Currently, I have an obsession with fall clothes. I've been stocking up on sweaters in deep oranges, and browns. And boots. I <3 me some boots. And also, I've been shopping for the ladies for school. I had forgotten what fun school shopping could be, and I'm tempted to go back just so I have a good excuse to buy me some more stuff....

Currently, I am craving a vacation. We want Spain, Italy, San Francisco again, and of course Disneyland. Sadly, I think the farthest we will make it this summer is Lagoon....but someday!

Currently, I am in love with Sonic Dt. Coke.

Currently, I am hungry. Always hungry. I remember back in high school, and even when we were first married thinking I was not skinny enough, and now I'd kill to be back to that weight again! I'm working on it, thus me being always hungry. And always craving oreo shakes.
I like to call it "cancer weight".

Currently, I am missing my sister and her kids. They have been in Texas all summer and are moving back next week and I am giddy with excitement! I.can't.wait. to see them.

Currently, I am thinking a lot about my friends. I'm missing some who I haven't seen in too long, and am so thankful for the ones I talk to daily, and who take such good care of me. I realize constantly I have better friends than I deserve.

Currently, I am thinking that this post could go on, and on, and on. But I will stop now. What is on your mind currently? I'd love to hear...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some more summer fun.

Geez, I do love summer. With the morning chill starting to come, and the evenings cooling off much earlier, I can feel fall coming, and while I'm really a big fan of fall, we are still trying to pack in as much fun into summer as we can. We've got some fun things packed into the next few weeks, Lagoon, a cookout up the canyon, and hopefully a few more trips to the pool.

Last week we were able to go boating with some friends of ours, and it was delightful! We had a great time swimming in the lake and snuggling with the girls when it got a little chilly. It was a beautiful night out with our little fam, and just made me appreciate the beauty of our little valley.
And I have to post these pics just because they are so.darn.cute.

Adyson was invited to a storybook birthday party the other day. (what a cute idea!) They were supposed to come as their favorite storybook character. She had a tough time deciding between Charlotte, from Charlotte's Web, Fancy Nancy, and a few others, but finally ended up choosing "The old woman who swallowed the fly."
Goodness, she was about the cutest old lady I've ever seen, and she really mastered the old lady walk and the old lady shrieking voice. It was so funny to see, and I hope these pictures do her justice! I do love this kid of mine!

Happy Summering Everyone!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The story of the Birthday Cake.

A little back story:

My Mother-in-law has started a little tradition. Each year for all of her grand kids Birthday she bakes and decorates a cake for them. Remember Adyson's Tinkerbell cake and Sienna's Sleeping Beauty Masterpiece? This is such fun for the grand kids, and for Grandma too. She never disappoints!

Last week:

Travis and Adyson were discussing my upcoming Birthday, when she asked him what kind of cake Grandma was going to make me. Travis said he wasn't sure, and asked what type of cake Adyson thought I should have.

Her reply?
So sweetly, she said "a cleaning lady cake."
Dad (while laughing I'm sure) said "like a maid cake?"
"Yes, perfect, A maid cake!"

Calls were made, and a surprise cake was baked.

Now, Travis thought this was so funny and may have told me ahead of time about my maid cake. But we made sure to act very surprised when Grandma gave it to me. Grandma, very tastefully, made the cake more like Cinderella before she gets her fancy ballgown. It turned out perfectly and Adyson was thrilled that her plan came to life.

Let's sum things up here:
28 years on this Earth and I am known as "the maid" of the house.
I need to get a new hobby.
Or at least a paycheck for my maid services.

I'm just sayin'

The cake was lovely and much appreciated Lorraine! And tasty too.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dearest July,

Oh July, you've only been gone just one day and my heart already aches for you. Why do you leave for 11 months at a time? In the cold January morning I want to bath in your sunlight, and you are nowhere to be found.

But I will wait for you, because I once heard that if you love something, you have to set it free. So go.
But remember that I will be here. Oh Birthday month, I will be here remembering our last fun day together. Do you remember we went to Dinner at Cafe Sabor with my wonderful family. They might tease that they can't wait for you to go, but deep down, I think the like all of our moments together. They will miss you too.

It was a splendid day, and a lovely month. July, you never let me down. I'll be dreaming of our days ahead.

Yours so truly,