Saturday, March 10, 2012

{Disney Day 1}

Ready for our little Disney re-cap?
It was warm!
It was great!
It was also kinda awful.
Trav's rib pain was really, really bothersome
making LONG days walking on asphalt
pretty hard on him.
At times I'd look over at him and
see him wincing as he breathed.
My friend Eileen said it best:
Cancer doesn't take a vacation.
OH but I wish it did!
Bless his heart.
He made it the best week he could for our
girls, and did his best to fake feeling well.
He's a good man, that T.

let's get the re-cap started.
We began our trip with an overnight
stop in Vegas.
We had big plans to do something fun
while there...
and then we got there and remembered
how much we hate the strip.
So you know what we did?
We found a cheesecake factory
and ate in delight.
(And we only saw ONE very inappropriately
dressed lady. But man, when I say very....)
And we scored free red velvet cheesecake.
And it was really, really, really good.
The next morning we happily said goodbye
to Vegas and drove to California.
The ladies were really great on the drive.
I'm pretty sure it was due to the fact that
both of their Grandmas made sure they wouldn't be bored!
Thank you Grandmas!

And have you ever seen such adorable
travel partners?

You know what we found in California?
The sun!
And the color green. Oh how we love green!

We checked into our hotel.
Checked the temperature...95 degrees??
And headed to Disney.

(Our feet on Disney land)
And don't our ladies look excited and so sweet and serene?
Oh wait...maybe not!
Since last year they have opened
the new Ariel ride, so we hit that up first.
The wait was only 10 minutes...
so we were thinking it wasn't a very crowded day.

We found out as we headed to Disney that
we were wrong! Holy Moly,
it was a zoo! And it was SO awfully hot.
We got to Disney just as the parade was
starting and watched that for a minute and then
thought about going on Splash Mountain to
cool off...till we saw that the wait was 120 minutes.
We were very scared that the week was going to be awful.
(If you can't wait to find out how they were in the next
few posts, I'll tell you now that the crowds dissipated
completely after the first day and it was a completely better place to be!)

We went on all the fast moving lines that afternoon,
Small world, pirates, jungle cruise...
And then watched the fireworks.
And then we slept!
Oh boy, how we slept!We love that Disneyland.


Trisha said...

I love the crossed legs on the car ride! Such cute girls!

Sorry about Travis :(

Eileen said...