Thursday, October 30, 2008

One more thing...

For those of you wondering how I made the tutu's. Click here.

More Halloween Festivities

Wednesday Adyson had school, and right when I picked her up she had a play date. Then she came home, got dressed up and went to dance. I was feeling sorry for Sienna because it seems Adyson gets to do so much, and sweet little Enna is stuck home with boring me.
So while Ads was at her play date, I let Sienna skip her nap and we watched a movie together. I got up to fold the laundry and when I got back, I found her zonked out on the floor. So much for fun time with mom...
I love this sweet little face!

I mentioned that Ady had dance class, and was told to dress up in her costume. She opted not to dress up like Hannah Montana, because she knew the wig would drive her nuts while dancing. So we threw together this butterfly fairy costume (which was really just her dance clothes with wings on). She now wants to dress like a butterfly again tomorrow....but I'm betting she will change her mind a few times before we get dressed.

And then today was her Halloween Party at school. We've been driving her buddy Tate to school because his mom just had a baby, so we got her all ready and she exclaimed "I can't wait for Tate to see me, he's gonna think I look so pretty."
Yes folks, we raise em' modest!
And poor Tate didn't even get to go to school due to the flu.
Here she is once more as HM. This year we have gotten our money's worth out of that cheap wig. I'm already Halloweened out and it isn't quite Friday!

These are from her putting on a concert this morning. Oh yes, she's serious about her music.

Hope you guys have a great Halloween too!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It seems like we have had so much to do the last few days, and life is definitely not slowing down in the days to come. We have dance class, 2 Halloween Parties, a drive to Tree-town, Trick-or-Treating, and school still to come. (I'm already tired!)
On Monday, to add to our week, we went to the Pumpkin Walk. The kids had a great time being outside and checking out all the displays, but they couldn't wait till they got to the pictures at the end. They had to try them all.

The Fam.

We also had our ward Halloween Party tonight. The girls couldn't wait to get in their costumes, and they had a great time.

And since I'm sure you are DYING of suspense, no, we didn't even come close to winning the pumpkin contest.

I think the Bishop's pumpkin won...though we didn't stick around long enough for the official announcement.

Sounds fishy....the Bishop winning.... I'm just saying.

Somehow I have found the time to make some Christmas gifts for the girls and one of my nieces. This is a big deal friends, because I'm so very uncrafty! But I think these tutu's turned out really cute, and they were sooo easy and fun to make.

Cute eh?

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween! And if you bring your kiddies by to Trick-or-Treat, we will give them loads of candy...

Monday, October 27, 2008

The skeleton is the best.

fMy mom bought some pumpkins for the "kids" to carve at her house after dinner last night.

Notice that there aren't any kids in these pics?

What started out by helping the kids, turned into an all out competition between Grandpa, Travis, and I. Cause that's how we roll.

Don't worry too much about the kids though, Grandma was buys stuffing them full of donuts and Halloween candy....too much Halloween candy!

The smack talk was ugly.
Travis (who took Forfreakin'ever to carve his pumpkin), kept saying it was taking so long because there was 18 letters in the word SPOOKY. Count em' T. There is only 6.

Dad (who tells the same joke over, and over, and over), kept saying that his pumpkin wouldn't be done till Thanksgiving.

It was funny the first time. Not so much the 2nd or 3rd...and so on.

He also teased me that my skeleton skull wasn't quite round enough. Whatevs, I think it is awesome. He's just jealous.

We really did have good intentions of letting the kids have a go and the pumpkins. Here's proof....

See, we even got Enna all stripped down for the main as not to ruin her cute shirt.
And since we are on the subject of Sienna...Amy has decided that she looks a lot like the beautiful Michelle Williams...I totally agree. Thoughts?
And the final products, all lit up in glory.

I think the Skeletons the best...I'm just gonna throw that out there. You agree...right?

And here's one of the ladies. They are more than excited for the pumpkin walk tonight. Adyson has been asking since 8 this morning if it is time to go yet. (It's been a long day...)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is beautiful

Click here, you will thank me.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just a few links

Charee (Barfuss) Mclellan set up a blog for the super awesome Sky View class of 99'. The link is If the link to your family blog isn't on there, post in the comment section and she will add them.

Also go to either Trisha or Shelly's blog for a great way to help a family in need.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dressing Up

After dinner tonight the girls decided to play dress up. Adyson came out wearing this beautiful ensamble, (pink heart pants, lavendar polka dot nightgown, and pink striped oversized shirt). Lovely. She said her name was Brinney and she was in a movie. Have I mentioned that this kid has a very large imagination?

Sienna was wearing this beautiful Island princess dress, and kept saying she was a princess. We agree.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A bit of Enna, A bit of Ads

Enna Bug made it all day today without any accidents! We are so proud. She woke up this morning and said she needed to go potty, and from then on she did. She keeps saying, "I not a baby, I a big girl."

I am thrilled because that means no more diapers for us! Ever! Wahoo!!!

I told her to smile and say -I'm a big girl, and this is what I got...Do you think she looks proud?

The other day during lunch Adyson sat on the stool, put her knee up, and propped her elbow on her knee. Then she said "this would be a great pose if I were outside on a rock..."


Then she asked me to get my camera and take a pic, even though we were inside. On a stool. And she has something on her face....


But of course, I took the dang picture.

After taking it she said, "don't you think that this is a very modest pose?"


We will be teaching her the accurate definition for modest asap.

I do love my little weirdo!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I find this funny.

This is what I walked into today.

The ladies eating their lunch with a friend.

Sienna proudly wearing her Tinkerbell underoos. (We are making progress...)

Adyson proudly showing off her crack.

I just laughed and grabbed the camera.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather

,Today I am sulking. It is my sister Heather's Birthday, and my whole entire family is going to see her.

Everyone but us.

Feel sorry for me. :) (Kidding.)

So to Heather, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you are able to spend your birthday money without me, I know you count on me as your personal shopper! I hope you all stay up late playing games, teasing dad, and eating way too much. I hope you kiss Brielle many times from me, hug Trayson, and try to steal a hug from Kutter for me. Spend a girl day with grown up Breezy, and buy her something pretty. (She deserves it). I hope you all sit around and laugh at Simon tackling the boys, and I hope you let dad mow your lawn, weed, fix the beds...and do whatever else is on his list, and let mom spoil you all rotten. (She lives for that.)

You deserve a great weekend with the fam. You are the best sister a girl could ask for, and always seem to be here when I need you...which seems like all the time. You are the best friend and sister a girl could ask for! I'm sorry we aren't there, but really hope your birthday weekend is a blast, and I hope you enjoy it all!

Hugs from Grumpy Sienna (who just wants to go to "Jody's house"), Heartbroken Ads (who honestly just misses Kutter, and is hoping for many surprises when grandma comes back), Sorry Travis (who wishes this weekend could've worked for all of us), and Sulking Hayley (who is going to try to make the best of this weekend...somehow).

We all love you. So Very Much.
Here is a b-day message from the ladies for you.

Amy, Michelle, and Tiff-please listen for the "everybody's the same" part at the end. She always says each of you are her favorite, such a politician!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little Helper

The other day while I was cleaning the house, Adyson asked if she could help. She said she really wanted a job to do....
And who am I to stand in the way of her dreams?
I decided to let her dust the baseboards in the hallway. So she did, and then asked for more. So I let her do the front room, and then she wanted more....
She ended up dusting the entire house. (At least everything she could reach.) And when she was done, and there was nothing left for her to dust, she was totally bummed.
It was a huge help, and I'm hoping that she will want to do it again!
Goodness my kid is getting so big!
Let's dissect this picture, Trav laying on the couch, Cafe Rio Dr. Pepper for Trav on the bar (I'm keeping it real folks.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dancing & Cupcakes

Dancing Queen:

Adyson started dance class yesterday and could not have possibly been more excited. I honestly, was a bit nervous for her. Even though she has made some great strides this year, she still gets a bit nervous doing new things. But she walked right in, and was quite excited to find her best school friend from last year in her class. She said her favorite part was practicing "pretty fingers" and walking on her tippy toes, and of course, wearing her ballet clothes! (No surprises there.)Tutorial: How to properly eat a cupcake
By Sienna

First, Taste the frosting, just to make sure you like it.
Second, make this happy face when you discover the goodness of chocolate frosting. Third, discard of the wrapper, it just gets in the way. Fourth, closing your eyes helps to block out other senses and let you concentrate on full flavor.Fifth, if someone dares to try and take it away, or sneak a bite, make this face. I think it says "Oh, no you didn't!"Sixth, don't forget the marshmallow topping. It's delightful!Seventh, don't forget the clean up!And lastly, just smile and let the chocolate goodness warm your soul.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another trip to the zoo

This weekend was a great weekend, and I am sad that it is over.... Boo.
Friday we went with my family, sans Heather and Jody because they live much.much.much. too far away. (We missed you!). It was the perfect weather for the zoo, the animals were more active then I have ever seen them. Even the Tiger put on quite a show. Fun was had by all, and as usual I took way to many pics. Bear with me.

Our little monkey's looking at the monkey's. These 3 had so much fun!

Trav and I. I am so grateful that even when he is feeling awful, he makes sure the girls have such wonderful memories.The whole day animals would come right up to the glass, and the kids loved it. Even the gorilla was right up to the glass.Matching mom and daughter. I planned it. (just kidding!)They found a way to make sure all 3 of them could fit in the wagon. Looks comfy huh?

Afterwards we ate at Ruth's Diner. I've heard about this place from so many people, and Amy had eaten there and had "the best breakfast ever." It is only about 2 miles from the zoo, and Oh my goodness was it delicious. The ingredients were so fresh, and the atmosphere is wonderful. We had such a wonderful relaxing time. And now I want to go back and eat that caprese sandwich one more time!

It seems we can't leave the zoo without buying the girls a small surprise. (It's impossible!) Adyson picked out these little figurines that she could paint. So when we got home she painted them, and was so proud of her work that she decided she wanted to keep them somewhere very special. So my mom, being the doting grandma that she is, delivered. Saturday afternoon she had Adyson come over and they made Adyson's special box. I wish I could explain how proud she is of her box, and how much fun she had making it. Thanks mom! You made her day.

The rest of the very rainy weekend was spent watching conference and just relaxing. And of course playing Monopoly with Cody and Amy. (If only Cody could win a game.....) Sorry Cody, maybe next time.

Elder Neil L. Anderson

The other day I picked Ads up from school. It was a beautiful sunny day, and a few of us moms were outside chatting when Adyson says, "mom, can we please go, my eyes are so sensitive." Sure enough, when I look up her eyes are watering. Moments like this remind me that there is something special and different about her.

Trust me, it's easy to forget.

We are used to sunscreen. We are used to sunglasses. We are used to being inside during the hottest and brightest time of day. (Not to mention, I think she is just sooo beautiful!) (And that hair!)

She is a normal 4 year old. Constantly playing, getting her way, making us laugh, and doing it with SPUNK! So every now and again I am remind that for her, she doesn't have the luxury to forget. Her beautiful blues are always sensitive to light, even some crayon colors make them water. Those eyes don't get to rest, they are constantly moving due to her nystagmus. I imagine that her eyes are tired.

So today a story in Elder Anderson's talk just spoke to me. He spoke of a little 4 year old girl, Hadley, who was born with a hearing impairment. Her parents had come to terms with her disability and had worked very hard to teach her to talk. One day while in a grocery store, she saw a boy in a wheelchair with no legs. And she asked her mom quite loudly (she could not gauge volume with her disability), why he had no legs. The mother replied that God makes each of his children different. That little girl decided to talk to the boy. She told him that him having no legs made him special, just like her not being able to hear makes her special. And that when Jesus comes again he will be able to walk, and she will be able to hear. (What a smart little 4 year old!)

I guess I never realized how much this applies to Adyson. How amazing that one day her eyes will be still. They will not water and hurt. They will be clear. She will have pigment. (Is it wrong of me to hope that she will still have her honey blond locks?)

What an amazing thought. What a lovely talk. I am going to soak up conference this year. I hope you all do to!

For those of you wondering what the heck conference is go here.
For those of you wondering about my religion go here.
And if you want to know more about Ady and her albinism go here and here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Have I mentioned I am an insomniac? Seriously friends, I am exhausted, but as soon as I lay down my mind turns on. Tonight it went something like this.

I hope she liked her hair today. What should Ads wear to the zoo tomorrow. I should have put the laundry in the dryer. I really need to mop. I need to color my hair. What should I fix for dinner tomorrow. I forgot to pay Ady's teacher for school this month, I better run her a check tomorrow....

It's awful. I'm a night nut case.

So instead of sitting there listening to my thoughts, I started looking at Etsy. I do this often, look and dream. I really, really, like to buy clothes for my little ladies, and Etsy has some cute ones!

Here are some of my fav finds of the night.

I little girs in skirts.

This one screams Sienna. She just has such a funky little style.

And this one would be darling on Miss A. She would love it because of the flowers!

And I had to add this. My sweet Friend Kristen has an amazing shop full of baby bedding, adorable tutu's, and some great hair flowers. I Adore how funky they are, and will be purchasing a few of these soon.

I LOVE my girls in hats. And Etsy has too many. I had a hard time deciding which one to put on my wish list, but I do love the scarf. Isn't it perfect?

And who doesn't love winter wear? I think this little sweater and hat is just too cute. I'm thinking I need to learn to crochet...

And if I were rich, I would seriously consider buying Ads this for Halloween. She would die. And die happy.
Though maybe it's good I don't have the mula, I think we should stop feeding her princess complex.

All this Etsy shopping has lead me to a few conclusions.

First, I really wish I was good at creating. I can't sew, or crochet. But someday I hope to learn and then I can be an Etsy seller myself.

Second, I wish my girls would want clothes instead of toys for Christmas....Don't worry though, they will get toys galore, and I will keep dreaming of spending a fortune at Etsy.

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop? Do share.

Happy Shopping.

I like to win

Check this site out, they are giving away free handbags! I hope I win.

I really like bags.

A lot.
Go here to enter.
I'd say good luck, but I'd rather win than you. I'm selfish like that.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trav's Crappy Cancer

I've decided to start a blog just for updates on Travis. I know there are plenty of people who check our family blog only to get updates on him....and then they have to sift through all of the posts about the girls to find them. This way they will all be in one place. I'm going to do my best to update often!

Here's the link (I think it is very appropriately named.)