Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today is my Birthday. If you have forgotten for some reason, shame on you.

That's a joke. But you may want to write down the date so you don't forget it next year.

That's a joke too.

Anyways, I will admit I love my birthday. I mean really.really.really. love it. My family jokes that July is Birthday month because the parties start early, and last all month long. And I remind them constantly that my day is just around the corner. I can't sleep the night before because I am too excited. Pathetic, I know...but it's just who I am.

And now it's over. Boo.

But I wanted to say thank you to everyone for spoiling me rotten.

The gifts started coming last week when my really amazing in-laws left me some money to take to Boise to go shopping with. They were so thoughtful to send it my way early and let me spoil myself. I'm pretty blessed in the in-law dept. (And can't wait to see you all on Sunday.)

The morning started out with my kids sleeping in till almost 9:00. Heaven. I heard Adyson's footsteps running down the hall, into Sienna's bedroom. Then I heard Sienna say "necklace?" And they both were running into my room.

Adyson had a necklace for me, and Sienna had a gift card for me. And they gave them to me with pure excitement. And if that's not enough to start the day off right, they both crawled in bed with me and we snuggled for a good 20 minutes. (If they only knew that was the best gift I could have gotten...) They sang to me all day. What sweeties I have!

Before noon I had a few great neighbor friends drop gifts by, and my mom brought balloons and took me shopping where I spent some b-day money on myself. It was fun. Seriously. And when I came home, there was a plethora (I like that word) of gifts on my front door. That was fun too. Seriously!

Then tonight we celebrated with my family. Dinner at Cafe Sabor. My pick, because I just can't get enough of those spinach quesadilla's. (We missed you Wolfley fam. We always do!) Even my granny came. Isn't she beautiful? Daddy & EnnaGrandma, Grandpa, and AdsCody, Amy, & SimesGrandma Great (As the great grand kids like to call her)

And the best part? A few months ago Travis and I talked about going somewhere fun, and found a killer deal to San Francisco, and we leave in the morning. What a great B-day gift! I can't wait! So my Birthday month now will last a little longer, because we wont return till August- A girl could get used to this!

So thanks to all of you who made my day special. I felt pretty loved through every phone call, e-mail, surprise, and thought.

Love you all!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful Breezy

Isn't she just beautiful?

Breje' got a new dress to go with her new funky shoes this weekend, and we decided to do a little photo shoot just for fun. I love this girl, she is such a great example to my kids. She is old enough now that she is just one of the girls and we missed her when she isn't around. And she is as smart as they come!

Love you Breezy!

Seriously, we love July.

Travis and I have really wanted to focus on just having a really great fun week with the kids. And I think we succeeded this week. It has been a really terrific week. And I've taken a million pictures to prove it.
Wednesday night my parents ward, and some of our best friends ward, had a combined swim party at the LAC. We love going there at night because it is much easier on Adyson, and there aren't as many people. And we were thrilled that Amy and Simon decided to join us!

The sexy swimmers. I seriously need to stop posting hot pictures of us, I hate to make you all jealous...The girls and Simon. These happy faces say it all. They seriously love to be together. After swimming we let the girls have a slumber party together in Sienna's room. They only whispered for a bit, and then they slept.
In the morning we packed up to Head to Heather and Jody's house in Mt. Home, Id. (Don't be too jealous of the exotic location.) That's sarcasm... Travis found a few seconds to get some dancing in with Enna bug. Cute huh?

Then we were off for the LONG drive.
It was worth it though because Sienna got to meet the new kittens and Adyson got to hang out with her polar opposite best friend-Kutter. I don't know how those two get along so well...but they do!

Friday the boys woke up early to go golfing, and the girls woke up to go marathon shopping. And it was loads of fun! We girls laugh pretty hard when we are all together. And shop pretty hard too...apparently....

The next night we went miniature golfing. The kids loved it, the rest of us just were worn out from chasing the kids the whole night, and sweaty. It was hot...

Don't they look cute in some of our shopping finds. Sienna's Dress was 3.99...a bargain. And we found one For Brielle too!

She took it pretty seriously. I think Trav my have a little golfer on his hands.

This is right after her hole in one. That's right. A hole in one. (I think dad may have helped.)She had her own "technique." She pretty much just pushed the ball around till it went in the hole. She loved it though.Nice face Dear. Did I mention it was hot?At least one kid was well behaved....And lucky us, after mini-golf there was a 3D Hannah Montana concert. The kids were sooo excited.....but notice Jody got in on the action too.It was a really great weekend! Thank you Heather and Jody for all the laughs, food, and fun. We love you guys!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A tag

It's been a while since I've done a tag-Courtney got me this time. So here you go....

My kids of course.
Trav too.
A great purse.
A clean house.

The obvious...:)
Spiders. Just ask Amy... I really hate em.
Anything bad happening to the girlies.

Be a better person.
Be a better, funner, more patient mom.
Be a better wife.

Current Obsessions
Cars. (We are currently shopping.)
Lighthouse Sesame Ginger salad dressing. mmm. good.
Project Runway. I am thrilled that it just started again...any fans?

Random Surprising Facts
? This one's hard....

I love to read, and once I start a book-I finish it very quickly. Even if I don't like it.
I love to go for long rides in the car. Especially when there is good music.
I make a list a day, sometimes 2 or 3. It's my way of being organized.

I tag anyone who hasn't been tagged before...and anyone who is bored enough to give it a go.

For the record

My links are really ticking me off.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Family pictures

My dear friend who is good at just about everything-took some family pics of us the other day.
Click here to take a peek-and make sure to let Eileen know how talented she is...

Thank you Eileen! You are about the kindest-most talented person I know. And we LOVE them!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chocolate Milk and the Lamborghini

The Lamborghini

These girls are gonna be the death of me. I swear. :)

About 2 weeks into summer Adyson decided that she really wanted, no needed, a power wheels car. Keep in mind her Birthday isn't until March. So we told her she would have to wait till her next birthday and to be patient.

But Trav's parents saw at a garage sell and couldn't resist, and they brought it over the other night and surprised the girls. They were beyond excited about the hot pink Lamborghini, and Adyson has shown anyone who walks in the front door her new car.

The first night we joked that Adyson drove like a drunk she is driving like a slightly intoxicated driver...maybe someday soon she will be able to go in a straight line! And, if your wondering, she has hopped the curb too-who knew a Lamborghini could be so tough?

Chocolate Milk

My girls are suckers for painting. They LOVE it. LOVE it. LOVE it. I always buy the little plaster figurines they sell from Wal-Mart (They are like 75 cents). So the other day I let them paint for a while why I was fixing dinner and I hear Sienna say "Look mom, I made chocolate milk." Then I hear a gulp, gulp, gulp. I look up to see her drinking the water she dips her paint brush in-it was indeed the color of chocolate milk.
What in the world am I gonna do with her?

Brand New OFFICIAL Twilight Trailer on ET *7/15/08*

Another Trailer-What do you think?

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I think about 8 of my links have been doing this, and it seems like fun, so here you go.

1. Leave one memory that you and I had together, as a comment on my blog. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

Camping with The Cousins

My memories from when I was a child are disappearing rapidly. Seriously, my memory sucks-and I'm lucky to remember things from 5 years ago. (So sad!) But I have wonderful memories from camping when I was younger. We went a lot back then, and always with our cousins. It seemed so easy back then, we relaxed, slept amazing, and didn't have a care in the world.

So when my cousin Amber came to visit from Connecticut we were all thrilled to go camping together again. The dynamic is a bit different then it was when we were younger with all of us grown up. It was anything but relaxing with 9 kids, 14 adults, and 1 dog. It was freezing one night and we constantly worried that our kids were too cold, so that left us sleepless, and we couldn't seem to have an eye on both of our kids at all the whole vacation. (Thanks everyone for always finding Sienna when she went exploring!)

I realized that camping is totally exhausting, and realized that way back when we were little my parents were anything but relaxed, but also-there is nothing like watching your kids really dig into it. So yes, we will put ourselves through hell again next year, because the kids loved it. It's our turn to worry a lot and sleep a little. And I really hope that my kids have those wonderful memories that we created back then.

It wasn't all stress though, I will admit. We ate. And ate. And ate. We were the super loud annoying campers who laughed till midnight, and I mean really laughed. Our families have been through a lot together, and it was so fun to get all the cousins together again, this time with kids of our own, and husbands and wives. We laughed about old times, and I'm fairly certain that we created some things we will laugh about on our next camping trip.

And we learned how Patrick Swayze lost his cool. (I had to throw that in Sue!) Love you.

Please forgive me for all the pics. Since I suck as scrapbooking and journaling, this is my way to look back, and I can't seem to narrow it down!
This is Amber's little girl Mirelle. She is 6, and her and Adyson hit it off beautifully. I have to say you haven't lived till you've heard Mirelle's version of the scary story "bloody fingers."

The Sexy campers. Really Sexy.My beauties. Seriously, how do they look so cute camping?Some pics of Good ol' Bear Lake. The girls loved being there, and we really relaxed the day away. Too bad we all came home with sunburns.All the kiddies. I don't know how many pics we have of us and our cousins just like this-same picture, different generation.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

If your wondering...

If my blog is EVER going private-here is your answer. I was planning on doing it yesterday. (It's taken this long out of sheer laziness). But it says only 100 people are allowed to be invited to your blog, and I had about 120 to invite. So I guess for now I will stay open.

Dear Perverts and Crazy people,

Please leave my kids alone.


Monday, July 7, 2008

July Is Fun

It's nuts how packed our calender is for July. We have something fun going on every weekend, and plenty during the week too. This week has been packed with cousins, and my girls have loved every second of it.

Sunday my mom picked up Breje, Trayson, and Kutter and has them for the whole week. So we had a BBQ at our house and lit some fireworks.

Sienna thought they were oh so pretty, but hated the noise!
All the cousins-except Brielle, who we miss. Really, really, really miss. Notice both my girls plugging their ears.This was taken after the 2nd firework. It went from the cousins, to the neighborhood. It was a lot of fun to have them all there-I wish the lighting was better because Allie was totally eating licorice. I told you, you have to have it at the fireworks.

Seriously, she didn't take those fingers out of her ears the whole night.And tonight we went with the Kidman's to the pool to celebrate Tiffany's birthday. The girls were thrilled that they got to see both sets of cousins-and we had a lot of fun.

Little miss Rheagen, always ready to pose for a picture.

The fam Tiff and the girls eating their very blue, very melted, very messy cupcakes.
And then giving her very blue frosting birthday kisses. Admit it Tiff, you loved them!

I loved this shot of the cuties all snuggled up just before we left. I love these smiles!

Don't get too sick of me posting in July, like I said, we have a lot going on and I love to blog about it so I don't forget any details.

I also wanted to update you all on Trav since I haven't for a while. He is doing pretty good and last week had his 6th treatment, so that means this week he gets a MUCH needed break. Then he will do 6 more before the next scan. We still appreciate all your prayers and concern and constantly are thankful for so many wonderful friends!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

We Heart Fireworks

I love the Fourth of July...well really, the 3rd of July. (Why again does Logan do their fireworks on the 3rd?) Maybe I should start over by saying I love the fireworks. Really, really, love them. I love being outside with about a million other people all eating licorice. (Doesn't everyone buy licorice on the 4th?) I love watching my kid's faces while they watch the magic. I love that the night is such an unusual family night.

We go to the same park every year. (Cami, Jill...where were you this year?) It is a night when we meet up with neighborhood friends from when I was much younger. People I consider family. We sit in the same spot, and it seems like there is always someone new joining the circle.

For some reason this year I found myself feeling very thankful, maybe even more so than Thanksgiving. I watched the fireworks with my girls and saw the pure awe in their eyes, and felt incredibly thankful for them. I sat next to Trav, and felt blessed that he is who he is. I felt thankful that he is so strong and so humble. And I sat around family and friends, who are always taking care of us and mostly making us laugh. Admittedly, I didn't think as much as I should have about how blessed I am to live in the Country, but I am thankful for that too. The only rotten part about our fireworks experience, is that I forgot my camera. I did take some pics from my mom's camera, and hopefully someday I will figure out how to get them on my computer...

Until then, here are a few pics of the girls all dolled up in their best red, white, and blue gear. I tried really hard to get a great picture of them, but they were much to excited to look at the camera. Oh well, maybe next year.

The rest of the weekend was spent going to the celebration center, where the kids had a go at the Carousel. Swimming, and just being together as a family.

And now the next Holiday is Halloween.