Monday, June 29, 2009


They rescheduled the scan for Wednesday afternoon. I imagine we wont get results till Thursday...

that just gives you all time to add in a few more prayers.

Tomorrow... yet another scan.


Wish us luck, and wish us shrinkage.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Is For...

Playing Cinderella in the new play area. Hands on hips: Our Cinderella has attitude.
Digging with a shovel twice your size.
Bike rides. With Barbie bikes, dresses, and sunglasses. We've almost mastered hills now. (Hallefreakinlujah).
Your first clubhouse.
This is my front porch. Notice the beautiful pink on the right side?
Do you see it?
Here's a closer look.
Lucky me, Adyson has made herself a clubhouse, right on our front porch, complete with garbage, stool, and mirror. It's a beautiful addition to the porch...
Club meetings include her and Sienna and the occasional friend chatting. One time I heard them discussing "how to take care of the environment".
I wish I could say that is because I am such a great mom, and am teaching them the importance of cleaning up trash and turning off lights etc., but I'm afraid they actually learned it from the likes of Hannah Montana and her other Disney Friends on the Disney Channel.
Now that I realize how into it they are, we discuss it a lot.
So to sum up, the Disney Channel is helping me with my parental duties.
Worlds Best Mom.
And lastly, Summer is for:
Sister time. Crafting, doing puzzles, and most importantly, Happy Hour Drinks from Sonic.
Yumm and O.

What's your summer lookin' like thus far?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

Larry (Trav's Dad)
We love him because he has a huge heart. He is love able, funny, and easygoing.

I love him because he raised his son to be a lot like him, kind, caring, and so much fun. And he blessed him with some sweet thick hair too.

The ladies love him because he dotes on them, loves them to pieces, and makes it to as many reviews/games as possible and supports them in every way.

Mike (My pop)
We love him because he is warm, caring, hardworking, and oh so sensitive (he cries. a lot.), and so much fun to tease.

I love him because he is always there for me and raised me to know that I wanted a husband who could be a great dad like he is. And because he puts up with me and somehow loves me to no end.

The ladies love him because he makes them pancakes for breakfast on Saturday mornings, loves them so much, and is always willing to take them outside to jump on the Trampoline.


I love him because his laugh is a deep chuckle that I can't help but be happy around. I love him because he is mellow to my wild side. He is dependable, and hardworking, and funny, and fun. He is competitive, and a sore loser, and goes through more laundry than ANY man I've ever met...but somehow I love him more and more each day. I love him because he very rarely complains about his trials, and just pushes through as happy as can be. I love that he let me sleep in on Fathers Day because he never gets to spend the mornings with his girls. I love him because he is a great Dad who makes a complete jackass of himself by playing tea party with a pink wig on, or dancing ballet, just to see his girls smile. What a great Dad he is.
Plus I think he is just so handsome.

The ladies love him because he has a hard time saying no (he really does), And because he does all of the above.
And because he is Daddy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pool Posers and a conversation with Adyson

This week was our annual neighborhood swim party at the Aquatic Center. The ladies were beyond excited to go, and just as thrilled that the rain stopped and the sun came out just in time for the party to be a success.

As usual, I had to take a few pics...just cause I think they are ADORABLE.
Notice their posing in the pics, they make me laugh. Funny little things.
Sienna modeling her hat. I just love her little curls sticking out!
Posers. Cute little posers.
I love Adyson's face here. Can't you just see her thought process, "Seriously, more pictures mom?"

Maybe it will stop raining someday and we can go back....
Also, tonight I had this conversation while snuggling with Adyson:
Me-Adyson, will you please just stay 5 forever?
Ady-(after a short thinking pause), Mom, you got a deal, as long as you start letting me pour my own milk.
Done and done.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Weekend in Pictures

Friday night we were able to celebrate cute little Rheagen's Birthday by going to the 3D version of "UP". The girls were excited, and had such fun with her riding in the car with us!After the movie, dinner at Firehouse. Where this one entertained Grandpa and Tiff with her silly shenanigans.And this one got some Triston and Dad time in. (She is making this "tease me, please" face at Triston. She loves having him push her buttons.)Saturday we got to babysit Simon, yeah for more cousin time! These smiles make me so happy.We were outside for most of the day doing yard work, and this beauty kept on coming back to my hanging baskets. The kids were in heaven just watching it.
Till they decided to catch it that is. And look closely, they are using an Aggie hat for the job. If you're wondering if they caught it, the answer is obviously no.
Send Simon to a house full of girls, and this is what you get.
These beauties bloomed for the first time ever Saturday. They've been popping up for like 2 years, and we were excited to see how lovely they are. I heart peonies.

And the final product. It's terribly obvious that you are old and married when you get so very excited over mulch.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Deep Talks

Yes, I'm posting again. I'm on a roll friends.

Are you sick of me yet?

I just had to write this down so I wont forget me and Adyson's nightly chats. At night she will lay in bed and we usually talk for a while, sometimes just about the day, sometimes about friends, sometimes about how "we" could have been better, and sometimes about whatever floats her boat.
Tonight was one of those nights where she talked like a little grown up. We talked about how much we love our family. She mentioned how much she loves me because I will always give her band aids when she falls, and I mentioned how much I love it when she is as good as she has been today. Just her happy, well behaved side all day. (LOVELY).
Just before I went to leave the room, I gave her a squeeze. It was filled with bittersweet emotion. In my head I was realizing that our conversation was a grown up conversation, and my little lady is only getting bigger. I realized soon enough she will be too cool to tell me everything in her heart. I realized someday, much too soon, she will be telling me about boys. And one day these conversations will take places after dates.
All too soon.
And I was really thinking about all of this tonight while I hugged her and kissed her cheek. Then I said, "Just promise me you will always be a good kid Adyson."
To which she replied, while rubbing her eye, "I love eye boogers."
And then I was reminded that for now, she is really is still my little lady. And our deep talks will always be followed by the remarks of a little girl just trying to avoid sleep.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I could just...

...gobble her up.
Today while I was doing my usual routine of blaring my music while cleaning the house, I found Sienna dancing her little heart out.

I couldn't help but snap a few pictures.

3 is a tough age. So.VERY.Tough.

This post reminds me why I love this kid so much, her curls, her pretty little round face, and yes, even her spunk. In fact, I dare say her spunk is my favorite and least favorite thing about her (is that possible?).

Love you Enna-bug, my little lady, my diva extraordinaire.

And for your viewing pleasure. Enna Dancing. This makes me smile.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

DVR, How I Love Thee

I have 4 loads of laundry downstairs, separated, folded, and ready to be put away.

Of course this means that instead I am sitting on my couch, avoiding it at all costs, and wasting my time on my computer, also known as my bff.

I'm typing this post in an effort to regain my blogging mojo. It has disappeared along with the sun. There was a time when in my head I had a million things to blog about, but alas, my creativity is gone. It saddens me. I miss lol'ing at my blog. (Yes, I'm one of those people who laughs at her own jokes).
So to help me find my creative side, I'm going to try blogging about something other than my absurdly cute kids and our many house projects-at least once a week. I will take any blogging ideas for mission "Get my mojo Back" in my comments section.
Today's topic? The t.v.

Last night at Bunco a friend mentioned that she doesn't have Tivo or a DVR. After the gasping in the room, and the shock had worn off, she explained that it is the one thing they felt they could do without and save money.

I told her I would rather go without food.

You may know that I have some serious sleep issues. Me in bed before 1 am is rare. Very. I have tried (so hard) to change my habits, but before 1 my brain just keeps on thinking, and I toss and turn.

So instead I have just started DVRing any and everything I can get my hands on to keep my mind entertained till sleep comes to me. I realize that most of these shows are actually making me more stupid, but Frick, I love me some reality TV.
Here's just a few of my fav's.

Let's discuss "The Bachelorette". Jillian, if you ask me, has a house full of losers. Now, sure a few of them are probably decent enough, but for the most part they are a bowl full of crazy.

Foot guy, really, she's keeping him around? I cringe.
The singing cowboy, puulease! Oy vey.

I hope she keeps Kyptin and Jake around. Nice good guys. Like Travis. Catches.

And shall we discuss my excitement over Kristin Cavallari coming back to "The Hills"? And bringing her cackle too.

Oh yes, I just let the world know that I am a hills fan. Shame on me. But watch it and you will be hooked. Trust me. I can't wait to see how she shakes things up.

I shall end this now before I disclose any more (a bit embarrassing) things about myself. But I'd love to hear your summer tv shows.
What am I missing?
Are you judging me for my love of all things "reality?"
Can we still be friends?

All questions I'd like you to answer. And give me some topics to blog about while your at it....
Till then, I have to go watch Bravo's The Fashion Show. (It's no Project Runway, but it will do.)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Magical Playland

We've been really trying to revamp the backyard for the past month. Trav's spent hours digging a hole right off the deck to pour a patio (and if it ever stops raining we can actually finish it), and spent more time getting an area ready for a new nifty swing set and play area for the girls. We've re sodded the area that was our garden (I use that term ever so loosely because it as more like a box of weeds), and our back yard is starting to look clean and yummy, if I do say so myself. All due to Travis working his butt right off.

Devin and Travis began the daunting task of putting the swing set together Saturday around 10, and as soon as Travis started unpacking the scary amount of nuts, bolts, slats, and screws, I knew it was gonna be a very long day for them. My Dad and Cody joined them after lunch and by 7, yes 7 -do the math, it was finished.

The back of the house, right off the deck is where the patio will be. We are really hoping at some point it will stop raining!
And then right off the side of the patio is the new play area. Here's the boys putting it together. We are so thankful to have had so much help, and really appreciate all of them spending their Saturday helping us!

Tonight after the rain settled, the girls got to break the swing set in. After a while I asked if they liked their new swing set to which Adyson replied "It's like a magical play land!"
I wonder where she got her dramatic flair?
Here is the finished product. We still have to add the rest of the playground bark and finish edging it, but are waiting till the patio is poured. Have I mentioned how much we want it to stop raining?? I know I have. But I did again just to get my point across.

I also want to say thanks to the many friends and neighbors who have helped. Our friends and neighbors are fantastic and have helped so much by donating tractors, 4 wheelers, and muscles. We are so thankful, and so excited to be one step closer to having this finished!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The diva's have been loving summer. They sleep in till the sun pulls them out of bed. They ride bikes to their hearts content. We have been finding bugs for Adyson's pending bug collection (just tonight we found and ant, a rolly polly, and "a flying bug"). The ladies have had their butterfly nets out daily (though they haven't caught one yet...), Sienna has 2 skinned knees and a scab on her ankle just where her sandals rub her foot (a sure sign summer is here). We lunch on apples and crackers. (And diet coke with a lime....mmm). The TV was on briefly today, only small doses of Sponge Bob. I don't miss him. And lastly, they just play with their friends. A lot.

This is how we found Sienna the other day...she'll figure it out eventually.
Adyson has a close little group of neighbor kids who get along so well. They spend hours together a day, roaming from house to house. And I laugh and laugh at the things they teach each other. (Adyson has learned puppy dog eyes from Lexi, and uses it OFTEN!)
Sienna is just starting to really love to play. She tags along with Adyson wherever she goes, and loves to follow a few of the girls who are just a year older then her around, but her bestest friend is Cate. As soon as she wakes up in the morning she asks if Cate can play, and it melts my heart to watch. They hold hands while walking, and at church I watched them show each other their dresses and give proper compliments along with them.
Here are her and Cate rocking out. Cute eh?

It is wonderful to watch my girls have so many cute little friends, and I think this summer they are going to have a lot of fun together.

And speaking of summer (nice segway?), could you believe the storm tonight? We opened the windows and were in awe of what was going on outside. It was LOUD and wild. The hail was huge, and there was a river outside the house, really, a raging river. We were quite worried that a flood was a brewing in the basement, but lucked out. My brother just called and told me that Smithfield is being called a "disaster area". I can imagine some people are in a mess tonight (neighbors call us if you need help!) I've heard a few houses had their wells so full of water that it blew the windows out. Crazy.

The girls were so excited to see the deck covered in "snow" which led later to a conversation about hail. Then we walked around saying hell a lot. Fun.
This is my front door. The hail came right up to it and when we opened it, it came right in.

Sienna kept finding it and eating it. And yes, I just let her. Judge away.

I don't really think this picture shows how much the water was running, but trust me, it was like a river. Would I lie to you?

Here's hoping all my Smithfield friends made it through the storm safe and sound, and dry.

For MUCH better pics click on Dave and Chanelle's blog. They live right across the street from us, and she got some good ones.

Happy Summering.