Monday, November 30, 2009

A "few" pictures....

Um, because I uploaded this backwards...we will start at the end of the weekend.
I'm such a nerd.

Saturday night: we threw my pops a surprise party because he went and turned 60! It was so much fun to celebrate this with him. My dad is one of my biggest hero's. He is always there to support Travis and I (and all of my siblings) in everything we do. He is always here helping us out, and he adores his grand kids more than anything in the world. He deserved to have a party! And don't let his age throw you off, he's a kid. A 12 year old boy at heart.
Pops (on the right) and Kyle (dear family friend). All the grand kids made Grandpa a card. Dad was expecting touching and kind, and Trayson gave him a funny one. It said "At least your not 70". Tray was very proud.

Here is he walking in for the surprise. (See how my pics are all mixed up?)

And our friend Dani made a lovely sign (complete with red glitter).

Saturday Day: The ladies danced at Novemberfest. This was Enna bug's first performance, and I was afraid she might get scared, stand there and cry. Boy was I wrong! She got right out there, danced her little heart out and stopped about 5 times to wave and smile at us while she was out there. Precious.

My girls aren't allowed to wear make-up. Ever. (Don't mind the booty in the background....)

Adyson with friends Lexi and Lillian. (Don't you think she and Lillian are secret twins?)

Adyson did a great job too. She just made my heart melt while watching her, how is she so old? HOW?
Saturday, Noon, before the Novemberfest: We went to lunch to celebrate pops b-day. I think he loved the attention of the waitresses singing to him.

The kids just loved the dessert. Do you love Adyson's curls? Yes, I took her in public like that.

Cody and Brielle. That little one had us all wrapped around her perfect little finger. Quickly. (Isn't she just so cute?)
Thursday, Thanksgiving: Here's a little shot of Ads. She is thankful for her family, her house, and the gospel. (her words)
And I'm sure she's thankful for Kutter. These two are still bff's. We hardly see them when they are together. It's such a beautiful little friendship.
Sienna and Grandma Great. She sat like this for quite a while, and I think they both were happy about that.

Watching these two play this weekend was one of my favorite things to do. They were together constantly, playing house, or playing with tinkertoys. Brielle copies everything Sienna does, and I think Sienna really enjoys being the oldest for a change. What fun it is to watch them become friends. So lovely.

The weekend was really just wonderful. I feel so very blessed to have the family that I have, and I feel it's a bit unfair to have so many people to love. Even though Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday, I spent all of Thursday with a full heart. I have so much to be thankful for, and looking at my family reminds me how lucky I am to be able to spend a whole weekend with them, and wish for more time instead of being sick of them! And so thankful for Travis and the girls for making me so happy.
I'm just so lucky.
Did you enjoy your backwards travel through my weekend? I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A happier note...

Holy Moly, I have wonderful friends. Seriously, today was filled with dinner offers, phone calls, flowers, friends stopping by to see how we are, and e-mails galore.

I feel loved. And I feel like my little Enna bug is loved. Which makes my heart feel happy and full.

Last night was seriously emotional for us. And we came home feeling heart broken, and worried. The Doctors and Nurses in the ER made it seem like diabetes was her diagnosis, and that was the only answer.

This morning we took her to her regular doctor, and they did a finger prick to check her levels after a night of fasting.

And they were completely normal.

Then this afternoon they did another finger prick to check something else. (poor kid).

And they also were completely normal.

Which has all of us completely confused. Her pediatrician was very happy with these results, but also confused with the results because they are completely opposite from the results we got at the ER. They explained that there can always be errors in the tests, and something could have been in her system to make her blood sugar skyrocket so much Sunday. (And no, she wasn't eating sugar all morning...)

He said that she definitely needs to be watched closely. She needs to have her urine tested again on Monday and we will go from there.

We are feeling so much better about things today, and much less stressed. We are still worried and antsy to figure out exactly what is going on with her. We just want to know what we are dealing with so we can make sure she is healthy.

I can't express how thankful I am for the many friends we have who have helped us out today, and who care for our kiddos so much. It's very humbling. Thank you.

I will make sure to update again on Monday when we learn a little more. I'm really praying hard this week that this is just a fluke thing, and Monday will be a great day! And I'm cursing the Doctors who had us scared to death yesterday...

I know, I know they were just doing their job, but still, they had us FREAKED out.

Thanks again friends. Hugs to all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tired, incoherent rambling.

Does this picture just break your heart? It does mine.
Seriously, it does.
The last few days Sienna has wet her pants a bunch of times, and just hasn't been able to make it to the bathroom in time. She's been potty trained for a good year and half, and I could tell this wasn't just regression, but something was wrong. We thought maybe she had a UTI, so Travis took her to instacare this morning while I got Adyson ready for church.
After taking a urine sample, and drawing blood, they decided that our little sweetie may have Diabetes. So we were off to the hospital for some more testing, and an IV. Just add one more thing to our list of medical calmaties...
Sienna was a trooper today. She was so very brave, without crying when they pricked her finger (twice), and holding good and still while they stuck an IV in her. The Doctor and nurses there were in awe of her, and she charmed them. (doesn't she charm everyone?)
Now mom and dad, well, we weren't so brave. It's an awful, awful thing to see your kiddo stuck in bed with an IV. It's terrible to have to picture her battling a disease like this. I just thought of my sweet friend Lacey who's daughter is battling cancer right now, and realized that I will never understand how much pain she must be in. I had to witness that for a day, and it just about killed me....
When we first got there today the Doctor told us that she does in fact have diabetes, and that she would have to be admitted till they could get her under control, but after running all the tests, they aren't %100 sure, and we have to go back tomorrow for more tests.
I'm just hoping and praying that it turns out just to be hypoglycemia, and something we can control with her diet.
Would you like to say a little prayer tonight for her? Please and thank you.
I will update when we know more. Then maybe we will start an albinism blog, a diabetes blog, to add to our cancer blog....(we are a family full of fun genes aren't we?)
On to something funner. Sound good?
The other day my friend Sophia was selling her daughters play kitchen via her blog. I saw it, and knew it would be a perfect fit for my ladies play room. And it so is! The girls have spent hours playing restaraunt.

Cute fit, huh?
And just because I want to leave you with a smile, here are some pics of the diva's all ready for church last week. Aren't they lovely?
Adyson had curlers in her hair the night before, and was soooo excited about her curls. Such a beauty she is!

Hey all,

Tomorrow at the Kutting Edge Salon and Spa, they are doing a cutathon from 3-8. All haircuts are only $10, and all the proceeds will be given to the lovely Abbott family to help Taylie fight her battle.

I used to work there, so I can tell you from experience, you will get a good haircut...

Also, tomorrow if you go to Chilli's and mention the Abbott Fam, they will get %10 of the proceeds.

So, just to recap.

Get a haircut. Eat at Chilli's.

The End.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

From the mouth of Enna Lady

A few weeks ago Adyson had Red Ribbon week at her school.
They taught her not to do drugs.
And not to drink.

She came home with the slogan "Don't drink drugs."

I kinda corrected her, but kinda decided she doesn't need to know too much about the method drugs are taken at the tender age of 5. (Sadly, she'll learn too much, soon enough).

Cut to today.

I had just taken Adyson to school and was enjoying a little me and Sienna time, when she told me that we "Don't drink Rugs."

It's had me smiling all day long.

The other day the ladies were eating lunchables for lunch. I asked Sienna how hers tasted. Her reply, "insane".

It's had me smiling all week.

Life is good. Life is good.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All Hallows Eve (and some other Halloween related things)

Halloween is a favorite Holiday of mine, and while I'm a bit sad that it has come and gone, I am beyond excited that Christmas is a mere 2 months away! I already can't wait.

We were able to go to the pumpkin walk with Adyson (for her first ever field trip). This was my favorite one (it's uncanny how much this pumpkin looks like the guy in the commercial, do you see it?)
Notice anything different about this picture?
Take a closer look. Yes friends, my girls are holding hands. No fighting, no teasing, and I didn't even force them. It's a beautiful, beautiful sight.
The ladies both got good use out of their costumes this year. They each had to dress up for dance, school, the ward carnival, and oh ya, Halloween. Here is Enna bug with some of her friends at school. Do you LOVE the peacock costume as much as I?

Each year Amy and I take our kids to see their Great Grandma during lunch at her assisted living home. She LOVES getting to show them off while all the other tenants look on. And they love getting to show great gram their costumes.

Do you also love Simon's smurf costume as much as I? It's awesome.

And finally, Halloween came. Here is Adyson all ready to go out and get some serious candy. (and she did get some. Seriously).
Her costume fits her to a T. And I find myself wondering how can someone who has this much crazy make-up on, and such crazy hair still look so beautiful? How? How?

Pretty Enna bug (or should I say Enna bee?) ready to go. I just love this kid!
Don't you just want to squeeze her?

Here's hoping your Halloween was fabulous, and wishing you a very happy, healthy, and swine flu free week.
Did I mention that we think Adyson has the swine flu?