Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art Camp, Summer fun, and Fathers Day...

{Art Camp}
Adyson attended Art Camp at the AVA this summer. If you know Adyson at all, then you know that she could (and does) spend hours, and hours doing art projects around the house. Art camp was like a dream come true for her. She came home so excited about every single project she did, but the clay was by far her favorite. She chose on her own to make a little family of snails. Aren't they the cutest?
And was quite proud of her little fish.

The last day they had an "Art show" where they displayed all their art work, and put on a program where they sang some songs they learned and showed us a few dance moves. I will for sure be signing her up again next year! And Sienna will be old enough to join her.

She was able to take with some of her best friends. I love these girls.
A little video of her singing, she gets pretty into it!

Goodness how we have already loved this summer! I thought I'd be ready to send the kids back to school by now, but I'm just in heaven with no schedule, and our lazy fun days. Here's a few things we've been up to.
Swimming Lessons. The ladies love them, and are getting really comfortable in the water.
Sienna just wants to be outside, all day, every day. She just wanders the neighborhood with whoever she can find to play with. She's so much fun!Adyson spends most of her time riding her bike, and usually riding it with that huge grin on her face.Don't forget driving the jeep around. They still really, really love it. A lot.And we've had the occasional concert in the front yard. (Wearing the helmet, natch).We've busted out the slip-n-slide a few times, and Sienna is smitten with it. She has all sorts of funny moves while sliding. Me and Travis just have to laugh while watching her.The neighbors have had their pool underneath their slide and Adyson spends as much time as she can over there. She's a big fan.
We still have loads of fun things to do this summer, and I'm really enjoying the relaxing pace it brings. I really hope that the girls have the type of summer that I remember from my childhood.
{Fathers Day}
Our Fathers Day celebration started on Saturday this year when we met the Kidmans at Willow Park to celebrate with my Father in law Larry. The girls always love Willow Park, and had such a great time looking at the animals and mostly playing in the park.
This is my FIL Larry. I just love Larry. He is such a kind hearted, warm person. He adores my girls and is a great grandpa to them, and is wonderful to Travis and I. And I think Adyson inherited his blue eyes...don't you agree?
For Fathers Day the ladies and I got Travis an outdoor fire pit to roast marshmallows on and to sit around on lazy summer nights. We filled it with a few of his favorite things, Dr. Pepper, Twix's, marshmallows for roasting, and even some Dr. Pepper Popsicles. The ladies were very, very excited.They sure love their dad. And so do I. He's just good through and through. So good.Sunday we made his favorite dessert while the sunset. Mini Banana Cream Pies. The ladies love them almost as much as dad does.Then we started the fire and got ready to roast the mellows. Can you feel the excitement?Adyson pronounced this the "Best Day ever". So I guess the fire pit was a success.

My dad just happened to be fishing during Fathers Day, so I don't have any pictures of him to post, but must add that I could not have asked for a better Dad. I adore him. He still takes great care of me, and is always here when we need something, anything. He loves my little ladies and never complains about them tearing apart his house, and being much too noisy at all hours of the day. Thanks Dad. For everything. I sure love you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Remember this post?

Brooke just added a few more from our last shoot done at Caspers ice-cream.
I love. love. love. them.

Check them out by clicking here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

{Make-up tips from Adyson}

Make-up ladies. It's all about the make-up. It's not about the quality of the make-up, it's all about quantity. Adyson chooses her favorite dollar store shadows in lovely shades of blue, pink, lavender, and hot pink sparkles.

Don't be alarmed if you are out of lipstick. Adyson suggests using your eye shadow to give it a beautiful tint.

Yes girls, you can use shadow on your cheeks too. It really gives it something extra, don't you agree? Take a look in your 1 inch, very dirty mirror. And when in doubt.... Add a little more.

And pucker up when you pose for a picture. Because you. look. gorgeous!

Side note: The other night I had to host bunco, and Travis decided to take the ladies on a date. Adyson really did run into her room to grab her make-up saying "she really needed to get ready before they left."

I'm raising a little Diva.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Last week Travis had to travel to Savannah, Georgia for work, and I weaseled my way to travel along with him. He's been there a few times, and talked about what a cool city it is, so I was pretty excited to do some exploring. Savannah is just so green, and so lush. Spanish moss covers the trees and drapes over the buildings and seems to make the streets, even in the city, seem like a neighborhood you'd want to grow up in. Savannah is set up with grids and lanes, with beautiful squares all over the city. (I think I read that there are 21 of them). Each square is surrounded by those beautiful trees, benches (Forrest Gump was filmed here), and in the center there is a statue, monument, or fountain dedicated to someone important in Savannah's history. The squares are all beautiful, and it was fun to stumble on them and see what they were all about.

Our hotel was just a few blocks aways from Paula Dean's restaurant "Lady and Sons". I love Paula Dean, but couldn't bring myself to wait in the line to eat there. Not to mention it was sooo hot while I was there, that food just didn't sound good all week!On night we ventured to the beautiful Tybee Island. I really missed the ladies this night because the beach is covered in sea shells, and they would have really loved finding them. We even saw a jellyfish washed up on shore.
Travis worked each day while we were there, so I mostly had to entertain myself. I slept in every day, went shopping at some really great boutiques, laid by the pool, read, and just explored the city. I couldn't get over how amazing the streets of Savannah were, and spent hours just exploring. (This street is home to the famous Mrs. Wilkes restaurant). The line to get in was around the block.
I read "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" while I was there. I had heard of the book, but didn't know much about it. It is a true story about a murder committed in Savannah in the 1980's. This is the home of Jim Williams, where the murder took place and a good chunk of the book is set. This house is huge, and surrounded by some more amazing homes. It is set facing Monterey square.

Just a block up from the Mercer house is this amazing building that Jim Williams also restored. He then sold it to a law firm (which is still there today), that ended up representing him in the last 3 of his 4 trials.
This fountain is in the center of the beautiful Forsyth Park. One of the most beautiful places in the city, though I learned later that it isn't the safest place at night....(I sent Travis a HURRY UP and COME GET ME text while visiting there later in the evening, when the ambulances starting showing up and policemen were blocking off the gates.Magnolia Place, stunning.

I've decided that I need a break like this one every 6 months. It was just amazing to be able to sleep in, shop without worrying my kiddos would break something, take a nap if I needed one, and just wander and not be needed for a few days. I came home missing my kids like crazy, and feeling like I could be a patient, good mom again. And I really fell in love with the city of Savannah. It is nothing short of beautiful!

Friday, June 11, 2010

{Hogle Zoo}

Last Friday we took our annual trip to Hogle Zoo.
The ladies love the zoo.
They love the super awesome train ride.

They love the animals.
Adysons favorite are the bugs.
I know, she's a little weird.
But oh so pretty. Don't ya think?
Sienna was just disappointed that there was no zebras.
I agree.
And I think she's quite pretty too.
Adyson could have spent a full hour checking out all the critters.
She can't wait to start a bug collection of her own.
I can. I hope she grows past her love of dead bugs.
(Better then alive bugs, I guess.)

And lunch at Ruths Diner. Always a great atmosphere, and most relaxing place to lunch in SL, in my opinion. Plus, the lady sitting behind me at the restaurant had the most armpit hair ever seen on a woman, so that was a bonus.
It wasn't pretty.
(My kids are crazy. I'm aware).Fun was had by all. I really, really love spending time with my little family.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Snapshots of the weekend}

Memorial day weekend was lovely. Heather and Jody and the kids came to meet Miss Lucy. (Have I mentioned how much we love this little lady?) The kids just played outside all day long. There is nothing funner then 8 little kids, all getting along and forming such beautiful frienships. I loved my cousins so much growing up, and still have a great relationship with them. It's fun to see my kids forming those same bonds.

Sienna getting ready for a picnic at Gma's and Gpa's.
Brielle had a birthday the week before they came, so we had a fun little celebration for her. Is she not the cutest 3 year old, ever?

Trayson, growing up to be so very handsome.

Adyson loved having Breje there to do her makeup. She like makeup more then she should!

My mom bought a fun ring for the trampoline, and I think it's the best thing she's ever bought. The kids jumped all day long, safely.
Kutter, flying high.

Breje, who also had her a birthday just before coming (and turned 13!), had blond hair when she got here. We darkened it up and put in a few chunky blond pieces. She looks gorgeous. What a great "teenager" she is!

Simon, enjoying the cheesecake off his face.

It was a great weekend, and as always when the Wolfley clan leaves, we all find ourselves wishing they lived a little bit closer.