Sunday, February 22, 2015

{Valentines Day, Disneyland}

My sweet friends take it upon themselves to do something kind for me for Valentines Day.
This year Candace decided i needed my nails done before our trip to California.
We spent the day (with Kristin too), eating salad, drinking diet coke, and getting our nails done.
We've decided it should be a weekly occurrence!
I gave Roo's color a little refresher and then sat there full of envy.
This girl has such great hair!

The ladies had to get all dressed up for Valentines Day at school.
I may be biased, but I think they are such darlings.
We ran errands the day before our trip and I thought the girls would enjoy
the music on 90's on 9....
but when I turned around I saw this!
I'm outdated.  It's happened.  Maybe a long time ago?
My amazing brother brought me and the girls flowers for Valentines Day.
He gives me an awful lot of crap and makes fun of me at every turn,
but this just proves he has the biggest heart, and he loves me
I'm so grateful for all the good people in my life!
It meant an awful lot to the girls too.
Valentines Day we woke up and took off for our yearly trip to Disneyland.
I keep thinking maybe we should mix it up and go somewhere else...
but the girls are still loving this trip, and every year we have a blast.
We couldn't have had better weather this year!
Roo, on the plane, managed to fall asleep about 10 minutes before we landed, and didn't wake up till we got of the plane.
We ate a delicious dinner at Bubba Gumps, and the kids got in the pool at 9:00 at night.
A great start to our vacation!
While they were swimming with cousins, Miguel and Jody- Me, Heather, My Mom and Breje went to Downtown Disney and I found my favorite treat ever!  I took my first bite with fireworks going off behind me....I'm not even lying.  The timing was pretty funny.
We had 6 days in California and we spent a good amount of time trying to decide what to do while we were there.  Heather and I finally decided to just get the 5 day pass so we could sleep in, nap during the day, and see everything.  I wouldn't do this with just the 3 of us, but for a party of 11 it was perfect.  Here we are Day 1.  These are happy kids!
I asked the kids for a pic and of course Miguel bombed it.  Such great kids!

Adyson: this trip I realized how much she has really grown the past year.
It's heartbreaking and wonderful all at once.  She is growing into someone I really-really adore...
but I still wish she would slow down. 
She is so capable.  She didn't need me to do a whole lot for her and I'm so proud that I've raised her to be so self sufficient, but I do miss her needing me a tiny bit!
We still love the Fairy Godmother best of all.
Sidenote: she's been the same one 7 years running.
Roo: This kid is so aware of others, and especially me. 
She felt awful if I had to ride a ride alone (even though i was totally fine with it),
she worried if I went to grab a fast pass by myself, she is always trying to take care of me.
She is just a sweet, sweet little girl.  I love her so.
I call this one "Candi and Bambi".
I LOVED spending so much time with my sister and my amazing mom.
They are both just so much fun, and amazing examples to me.  We missed our Amy the entire time time!

Sully, Adysons very favorite.
Twinner cousins, and best friends.
These two.
They rode almost every ride together and we basically had to pry them apart.
They have the cutest friendship.

I have this same picture, 7 years running.
Man, how they've grown!
Minnie's house. 
Cutest Grandparents around. They spoiled us the whole week.  My kids and I are so blessed.
Passing the time by bubble gum, bubble gum, Down by the banks, and a lot of hand games.

I couldn't wait to take my girls to Laguna.
I would move there in a heart beat...and seriously when I'm there I consider finding a job and taking the plunge.  It's breathtaking.
Plus, then I could wear a hat every single day and it would be totally appropriate.
This kid is made for the beach.

I mean, her hair-after a full day there.  It's unfair and incredible!

I kinda loved our midday naps.  It was just me and the girls and they would play and chat my ears off while we snoozed and laid around.  It's always the small things!
This was one of the funnest moments of the trip...the girls getting ready to race the boys.
We may have chanted and danced a little.....
Top Knot-Make up free.  Still loving Radiator Springs.
We loved the park late at night, and roamed into Toon town and we were THE ONLY people there.
I don't love toon town, but when you are the only one there it's quite charming!

They are redoing the castle, so this was all they had.  But we had to take the picture anyhow!
Our last night there and a lovely dinner with the family.  So fun.
By far, my favorite picture taken the entire trip.
I mean, come on.  This is funny stuff!
Thank goodness for tall cousins who made it so I didn't have to ride the teacups!
And for little cousins (Brielle) who make it so Sienna can still meet the princesses and not be embarrassed.  Adyson was too cool! :(
Third wheel with Heather and Jody.

Wonderful trip with wonderful people.
There is nothing better than being with my kids for a solid week and just having fun with them.
I cherish making these memories and love getting uninterrupted time with them.
Plus, I really dig my siblings and parents.  Just missing Cody and Amy and the kids so much!
We left from LAX and waited in the bathroom line for 20 minutes, paid $12.50 for the sickest sandwich ever, and were literally the ONLY isle on the plane that didn't get pretzels and a diet coke.h
Adyson and I came down with what can only be called the plague (don't worry, we are vaccinated for Measles!), and I've spent all day doing laundry, with a massive headache and worst sore throat ever had.  Yep, vacation is truly over!