Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brooke Snow

It began here.
She took these first.
Then a few weeks ago, she took this, and these.

What an amazing generous gift, and Brooke is a wonderful, uber talented, photographer. Send her a little love...

And there is more to come. I am excited!

(My spell check wont believe uber is a word.)

Ooh, and she just added these lovelies too.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


See this face? Breaks your heart, doesn't it? She's none to happy because she got her some stitches Saturday morning.

Just 3. But, believe me when I tell you, she was not. a. fan. As soon as they gave her a shot to numb the pain, both Sienna and Mom broke down in tears.
I don't like to see my kids hurt! If your wondering what happened, it involved Adyson, Sienna, and cousin Simon sneaking into Grandpa's garage and finding a know that's not ending out good.

She's about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Don't you agree?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unloading the camera.

We took the ladies to Baby Animal Days
It's smelly.
Full of grumpy adults.
And overpriced food and entertainment.
But the ladies love it.
Hands on hip-check.
Hip popped out-check.
Knee bent-check.
Sweet smile-check.
Top Model Adyson.
Do you think I'm raising vain little ladies?

We held bunnies.

And chicks.

And ducks.
And rode ponies. Sienna was too busy fidgeting with her helmet to really enjoy it.
Adyson was thrilled she got to ride the pony with the braid. Of course.The other day Adyson's class was painting Scenery for their upcoming opera and I was able to go and help for a while. I just love watching her learn and grow. Kindergarten is amazing.
Silly faces.
That's all I got.
The end.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trav's Easter Message

Travis has to write the message for our ward bulletin every few months. I just loved what he wrote this month, and wanted to share it. Have I ever mentioned how awesome my man is? Now you can see for yourselves.

I love this time of year. As spring pushes away winter, life begins again. I love clearing away the last of the dead flowers to reveal new green buds sprouting out of the ground. Feeling the sun after what seemed like an eternity of absence. I can't wait for the smell of fresh cut grass and spring rain. It is a great time of year. It seems like the perfect time to celebrate life and the resurrection of our Savior.

When I think of Easter my mind tends to wander to the picture of the Savior kneeling against a tree in Gethsemane. There he is feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. All of mankind's flaws pushing down on someone who had never had to endure this kind of anguish, because of his perfect existence. He was there with purpose, wishing for the pain to end, but understanding that his mission had to be fulfilled to save us all. My mind then moves to the scene of the cross, where after a full night of suffering he had to be humiliated in front of peers and strangers and die with robbers. A man who had loved, healed and even brought back the dead was forced to hang with common thieves.

Then the Savior of the world rises again. He overcomes death for all of us. All mankind is given the gift of life forever. One day we can all overcome death because of him. As I tell my wife often, I get to dump this "rental" body and get a perfect replica. What an amazing gift! President Gordon B. Hinckley once said, "No event of history has been more certainly confirmed. There is the testimony of all who saw and felt and spoke with the risen Lord. He appeared on two continents in two hemispheres and taught the people before His final ascension. Two sacred volumes, two testaments speak of this most glorious of all events in all of human history. But these are only accounts, the faithless critic says. To which we reply that beyond these is the witness and the testimony, borne by the power of the Holy Ghost, of the truth and validity of this most remarkable event. Through the centuries untold numbers have paid with the sacrifice of their comforts, their fortunes, their very lives for the convictions they carried in their hearts of the reality of the risen, living Lord."

I know that Jesus Christ suffered for each of us. He felt each of our burdens so he could lift us out of our own personal winters and help us find our spring. He will always be there for us if we let him. That is why we can lean on him; trust him to guide us. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

View our Easter Weekend below.

Easter Weekend.

Easter Weekend started with my good friend and neighbors inviting the ladies to come over and go hot tubbing with cute Avery. Oh my, they loved it! Adyson came home and told us that "We HAVE to get a hot tub."
Keep dreaming Adyson.
Thank goodness for neighbors.Oh to be a kid again!Saturday brought my favorite weekend of the year! The girls shopping trip. It's slightly pathetic how much we look forward to this weekend. Here is my mom, Breje, and Heather. Aren't they all beauties?And me and Amy (and Lucy's joined us via Amy's belly). Yes, we like cheesecake. We managed to get each of us a slice to take home, and a slice for our hubbies (since they stayed home with the kids all day). We just cracked up when she brought the cheesecake out and it barely fit on the table. And we didn't have a whole lot of room in my trunk for shopping bags...but it was fun indeed!
Travis and the girls went to his moms during the day for the Kidman Easter Egg hunt. My mother in law texted me loads of cute pictures testifying to the fun that was had, but I have no idea how to get them off my phone and onto the computer! (Want to e-mail me some Lorraine??)
When we got home from our shopping trip, we found some time to die Easter eggs at my moms house. It's always a good balance of chaos and fun. Can you tell mom left early in the morning and the ladies didn't have to get their hair done? They loved it!Heather brought some ties for us to die eggs with, and you can't really tell (due to my awesome photog skills) but they were really, really cool. I can't wait to do it again next year.Easter morning brought the hidden basket, with a chocolate egg (Sienna's been begging for one since they started stocking them at the grocery store), sidewalk chalk, a coloring book, some fun little odds and ends, and a little candy. Adyson's favorite thing would have to be her magnifying glass. She's our weird little science nut.
We usually keep Easter simple. But we've wanted to get the girls a Barbie jeep to drive outside for a while now, but really wanted to give it to them as a gift to share. If we would have gotten it for Adyson for her b-day, she wouldn't be so keen to let Enna drive it, and visa versa. So The Easter Bunny delivered. (The ladies have already had a chat about how next year he might not do so much....
They were shocked, and screamed loudly.

Somehow I don't have a pic of the ladies in it together, but rest assured, they've both spent hours riding around in the Jeep. This morning my house was oh so quiet inside! Well done Easter Bunny!!!
Sunday in between sessions the kiddos got to go on another Easter Egg hunt at my parents house. Here is a pic of them begging for us to open the doors and let them out.
3 at one time! Adyson was thrilled.
Sienna, in her whale slippers of course. (she rarely takes the things off!)All the cousins. Goodness they are just so cute!

Our weekend was lovely, although we would have liked some sunshine. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well.