Thursday, September 26, 2013

{Reasons to smile}.

Sienna.  Woke up extra early because she was so excited to wear her new blazer.
I smile about this for several reasons....1-it's clear she's my kid.  Fall wear is the best! 2-she said she felt like she was going to 'the office' for the day.  And 3-this means it's cooling down.  Blessed September.
I love this shot of my Adyson.  This little lady is flourishing in 4th grade.  I am so proud to be her mother. 
Me and my love.  
On a real life date.
T and I in our Sunday Best.  I love him.
Sienna got a ride to the car after school the other day.
The ladies were given some lovely headbands and necklaces
from my beautiful high school friend who runs Anniston Accessories.
Aren't they lovely?
And today marks the first time Roo faked sick.
She lasted till about 10:30 when she was bored stiff.
Some days you just want to crawl back into bed!  I totally understand!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Happenings.

Took this quick snapshot of Adyson the other day. It makes my heart happy. This kid.... She's such a gem. She had been a tough- wonderful cookie the past few weeks and I do think she is beautiful, inside and out. 
This one. Honestly woke up early to get ready for school because she couldn't wait to wear this jacket. She said she felt like she was headed to the office.
This is the goal.
This was the book sienna brought home from the library. A hint I have some work to do?
I know... More sienna.  But I had to include this. After her soccer game I asked her to give me her best " aggressive soccer pose". I got this.  She's cute. Maybe not aggressive... But so darn cute!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I'm sure you've read our cancer blog by now. It's getting harder and harder to desperate the two blogs, and I wish these worlds wouldn't collide... But I guess that's life for you. I'm trying really hard to document our lives. Trying to remember the really beautiful and really normal moments that are happening during this very strange time of our lives.

Thank goodness for these kids. They always put things in perspective.

Like when we found roo asleep like this the other night. Such a diva.
And how she scored her first goal the other day. For the other team.  Oh bless her.
And we loved how Bennett mauled Adyson.... And drooled on her the other day. She was actually on heaven.
The ladies ran the annual tri school trot a few days ago. They had a blast. Their smiles are heartwarming.
Today we watched some more soccer, went to lunch as a family, and t went to a bit of the Aggie game while the ladies and I shopped and went to dinner. It was a very normal day. And we like normal.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

11 years. Lagoon.

Here is the latest in the Kidman household.  About a month ago our ward got pretty torn up by some new boundaries. This has been tough. Yes, we want to get to know other members, and the church is the same no matter where we go... But man, we loved our old ward. We love and miss them every single week.  My dear friend nat came to sit in relief society with me a few weeks ago and we just happened to be twins.  And yes, I took a pic during the meeting. Judge away. Judge away. 
It's cooling down and I feel a change in the air. I go out and run in the mornings and the air is crisp and I stomp on a few leaves on my way. I love this time of year. I love the cooking. The holidays. The pumpkin!! And the rainboots. I am so happy to welcome the season.
Adyson has to run 29 miles this year for school.  Here is or first attempt for 2. She whined the entire time! We went again the other day and she was much happier.... I guess I need to make sure she's in the mood before we go! 
School has been good so far. The ladies have fabulous teachers and we feel pretty happy with that! They do come home looking much less happy then the pic below. Homework, you know. It's rough.
Roo and I decided to give her straight hair one day. She looked beautiful. And old. And I may never do it again! I just adore her curls. 
The ladies have made sure to have a few more spa days. This one was complete with cucumber eyes. Bless travs heart. He is a fabulous father!
And on the 6th, we celebrated our 11th anniversary! I could do a mushy post on how much I adore him, cuz I do. Or how amazing our lives have been together, cuz it is. And how I never thought our lives would be quite like it is, cuz I wouldn't have... But ill just say this. I'd still marry him in a heartbeat. Any day. I love him immensely. 
Our anniversary ended up falling on travs work lagoon day, so that's what we did. The ladies had so much fun. They were absolute best friends the whole night, which doesn't happens as much as I wish it did. They hugged and went on every ride together. We were so happy to see it!
Sienna has been begging ady to go on wicked. Sienna loves the big rides and Adyson gets a little too nervous. But, she went, and she loved it! So happy to have two brave little ladies! They went on everything and giggled the entire night together.  Life here is good. Just look at these smiles!