Friday, April 12, 2013

{Easter & Spring Break}

Easter this year, brought The Wolfley Family along with it.
We were so excited for some cousin/sister time.
I seriously let my kids sluff a day of school just to see them....

I couldn't help it.

They spent a whole day just being lazy at Grandmas,
and then when night came, the egg dying began.

Roo was excited!
 Yep, her too.
 Us too?
What a picture!
 It's always much more fun having the cousins around to do this all together!
 Our tie eggs turned out pretty fab if I do say so myself.

 After the egg dying the adults played some games,
while the kids put on a show.
 It was a mad house!
The next morning Grandma hid about a million eggs around the house 
for a hunt.  All the kids had a blast!
 And then their quick trip was over.
Oh, it's always just so sad when the Wolfleys have to leave!
We loathe it.
We love them.

These 2 still couldn't get enough of each other.
We are always amazed at how inseparable they are.
It melts my heart.
 These 2.
 They like each other quite a bit too...

It's not often that all 8 of these cousins are together.
They have quite a special bond and it was so fun to spend some 
time together.
The second they left,
we were excited for another egg hunt at the Kidmans house.
What a fun day filled with cousins!
They are all growing up so big, so fast.
 Sunday morning the ladies donned their beautiful dresses.
I have beautiful kids.
And great kids.
I am a blessed lady.

 And I even bought me a dress!
It's been like 10 years since I've bought an Easter Dress.
I've decided it's a tradition I'm restarting for myself!:)
 Then Spring Break began,
and this little one got sick. 
It's rare when Adyson is sick,
so we were pretty bummed that it hit during our break.
She did a lot of sleeping.
So Sienna spent the first few days entertaining me.
She's a ham!

 We were so happy that Adyson got better fast,
because we had a fun few girl days planned.
 Lunch at the Olive Garden.
They LOVE it there,
and Trav isn't a fan, so they go there any chance they can!
 And the Croods.
Totally loved that movie.
 And late night games with friends.
Girl Talk.
 And we taught Adyson to play Settlers.
And she won.
She is mean and ruthless.
 Don't believe that sweet smile and baby blues...:)
 We were off having all this fun without Trav.
That doesn't happen often around here.

Last year he had tickets to go to the Masters in Augusta, GA.
A serious dream of his.
And it fell during a week in the ICU undergoing IL-2.
He was really bummed, and I was really bummed for him.
A friend of ours had mentioned he had tickets this year,
and between this friend and I, we were both pretty determined he would
get to go this year.
For Christmas he got a golf ball in his stocking,
and has been pretty excited to go there ever since.
I have no words to express how thankful we are for friends
who want Travis to experience so much good as much as I do.
They went out of their way to take care of him,
without babying him,
and to make sure the experience was just FUN for him.
(I think all 3 of them had a blast.)

First they went to a braves game.
 And the next day to The Martin Luther King Jr. museum.
(Trav said it was pretty amazing).

And then a day at Augusta!
They weren't allowed to bring a cell phone in,
so we don't have many pictures yet...
but I can't wait to see them.
Travis said it was beautiful,
fun, and inspiring.

He deserved this trip so much.
I'm so happy for him!
 And now life is back to normal.
Trav's home (yay!), and we are both back to work (boo!)
and the ladies are back to school. 
Today Adyson had her small machine fair at school.
Isn't her Wishing well just adorable?
Only a few more months till school is out, 
and we all couldn't be happier!