Saturday, March 28, 2009

For Heather, who never updates her blog.

Adyson had her first Dance recital the other night, and my sister, who lives much to far away, has been begging for a post. So Heather, here you go. Maybe you should learn from me and update your blog now and then...we miss your kids too you know!

Adyson was quite excited for "princess hair, make-up and glitter"! Seriously, this kid loves to feel even more pretty!

The lovely make-up (it's not complete without pink sparkles on the cheeks).

The lovely hair. The lovely whole package. Seriously cute.
In true Adyson fashion, she was NERVOUS when we got there. She finally warmed up enough for me to take a picture of her on the stage. Once we got her up there, she was just fine and didn't really want to come down! My kids digs the spotlight.

Somehow I didn't get good video of her first dance, boo. So enjoy her tap dancing.

A few things to watch for:

Notice her really trying hard to get the correct number on her fingers. This had me laughing really hard the whole time. Also, she is the shortest kid in her class, so we told her she needed to get in the front row during the dances. Well, she delivered causing much squishing during the dance! And lastly, she was promised that she would be able to hear us cheering (this was important to our attention loving child), so you will hear numerous "Go Ady's, Yeah Adyson, and Bravo Ad's" during the performance.

Forgive us.

Leading up to the recital when we would talk to her about it, she would get really nervous. So of course we did what any good parent did, we bribed her by telling her if she would be brave there would be beautiful flowers involved. Here she is holding some from us and some from Grandma (spoiled rotten I tell ya).

On the way home she said, and yes this is a direct quote, "I don't want to be rude, but Grandma's flowers are much better than yours, they are just so bright and beautiful." Then to cover her tracks, "Yours are fine though. I really like purple..." Yeah. Okay.

Who knew that the 5 year old would be able to tell the difference between our sweet Wal-mart cheapies and grandmas "real" flowers. Sigh. They just get older and more high maintenance as the days go by....

Heaven help me.

Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple is looking for a couple of models for their website. The winner receives the whole spring line of clothing and will be used for their summer add campaign. We sure like clothes, and free I'm hoping my pretty ladies win. Head there to check it out for yourselves!
Sienna is the "picture princess", because she is full of spunk. She is beautiful and full of energy. She is as sweet as kids come. She loves the camera, she loves to laugh, and her curls are about the cutest things you've ever seen. This is one LOVABLE kid.

If I could pick a dress for my little lady from the website, I would choose the "Gumballs" dress. It is cheerful and beautiful and would fit her super cute.

Little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby go to

Adyson is the "picture princess", because she is a little beauty. She is spunky, but also has a side of her that is very sweet and soft and tender. She has a gorgeous smile and her hair is as shiny as silk. Adyson's whole goal in life is to be a real princess, so I think she would LOVE this!
If I could choose a dress for Adyson, it would definitely be the "Sonny and Cher". This dress fits Adyson's cute retro style. She is a skinny little twerp and I think this would hang on her just darling.
Little girls and girls dresses from Shabby baby, go to

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Unfair.

Wow, we sure know how to drag a Birthday on, and on, and on, around here! Her B-day isn't until tomorrow, but it is much more convenient for us to celebrate with our families on a Sunday. So this last Sunday Adyson had yet another Birthday party.

Spoiled. Rotten.

After her Party on Saturday, Adyson's cousin Rheagen slept over. It was so much fun to have her here and to listen to the girls' giggles all night long. Here they are eating some homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (I'm quite proud of my homemade cinnamon rolls, that is a first for me!)
After church we got the whole family together (sans heather and jody and kids, who we always miss!), and had quite the celebration. It is so much fun to get our families together, they get along famously, and we bond by teasing "the dads".

Here is the WONDERFUL cake from Grandma Lorraine. She wasn't happy with it? I don't understand why because we thought it was Perfection.

And present time: Adyson's very favorite part of the day. She is quite the sucker for anything wrapped! Cody and Amy gave her a hoolahoop and we spent a good chunk of the day laughing at her trying to use it! Her little booty is too cute not to share.

I love this one of her and my grandma, Adyson sure loves her!

Travis and I were going to wait till her actual B-day to give her her gift from us, but thought it would be so much fun to surprise her in front of everyone, and it was! Sorry about my awful cameraing (I made that word up), but her reaction is priceless here.

After opening her dollhouse, her eyes are KILLING me in this one. So funny.

And here she is blowing out her candles. I am completely aware of how terrible the lighting is here, but you have to post the candle part, right? She had a wonderful B-day celebration, which was followed by some pretty good news, Adyson had a dentist apt. and an eye apt. on Monday.

The results: NO cavities! And her eyes are still doing pretty good. The doctor said to wait another year and she may need glasses then, but her eyes may get better before they get worse! We were sooo happy to hear that and so excited that she is doing so well.

You may be wondering about the title of my post: so unfair. Well, while Adyson was having a pretty wonderful week full of Birthday surprises, Sienna wasn't doing near as well.

Monday at her dentist apt. we found our that she has the cavity of all cavities. (I write this feeling like mother of the year.) In my defense the dentist did say that this has nothing to do with her brushing habits and everything to do with the "anatomy of her teeth". I'm thinking cavities are going to happen a lot to this little one. Boo!

So this morning she went in for a fill. They gave her the oral sedation, with the explanation that she would not be able to control her emotions. If she laughs, she laughs hard, and if she cries, she cries hard. Sienna has taken the crying part to heart and has spent most of the day trying to make me cry too. Seriously, I'm still in my pj's and it is 4:00. :) I feel so bad for her because you can tell she is in a lot of pain, and feel worse that the cavity has been affecting her nerve for a while why we thought she must have an ear infection. We are AWESOME parents. For real. Poor Sienna has watched her sister have a pretty amazing week, and had a pretty crappy on herself. I did take her to Mcdonalds for an ice-cream cone today, and I'm hoping that helped a little....

I call this shot "woe is me."
And here she is watching "Thumbelina" (Thanks Ron!). This is time #3. Sigh.
Here's hoping for a MUCH better week for Sienna, and for Adyson to remember the real world this week. Goodness I need normalcy!

Hanne, thanks for letting Adyson come to your house today! You seriously made our day a lot easier!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pay it Forward

My friend Aliesha is doing a pay it forward, and because she has such great taste I wanted in!

This is how it works.....
The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a hand made gift from me during this year.
When and what will be a surprise.
BUT, in order for you to leave a comment on my blog, you have to post this on your blog first. (That means that sometime during this year you will send a gift to 3 people as well.) Get it?
So, the first 3 people to comment on this post will be the lucky ones!
Good Luck!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pajama Party

Oh boy1 I'm tired! Today was Adyson's 5th B-day party and kick off to a week's worth of B-day celebrations. (We have A LOT in store for her this week including a family party, her b-day presents from us on Wednesday, a Dance Review, an eye appointment (glasses?), soccer starts (daddy's coaching!), and she has been begging for MONTHS to go to the Olive Garden (yes, very expensive taste), so this week sometime we will spoil her and let her eat those bread sticks up! I'm tired just thinking of it!

This year we opted for a Pajama Party theme, and I really tried to keep it more simple than last year's pink extravaganza. Less kids=simple. We had a lot of fun coming up with some great pajama party ideas!

The invites: Cheap Slippers from Target's dollar section with simple invites tucked inside. EASIEST and cutest invites I've ever done!
The Birthday Girl waiting for her guests. Oh boy was she excited!
Craft Project: When they first got there we had dark blue poster boards (cut in half), glow in the dark star stickers, cotton balls, and gold glitter glue. The girls each made their own night scape. This was my backup plan to decorating pillow cases (when I realized pillow cases are $4 a pop!), and I actually think this was more fun. They each has such a unique style in the way they decorated their sky's.

Game: Adyson really wanted to play pin the tail on the donkey, so we mixed it up a bit and made night hats for the donkey. The girls LOVED this (I think it was their favorite part of the party, and it costed like a dollar!). We were teasing them that the poor donkey was gonna have a very cold head because no one got real close! They had a great time trying though.

The finished product:

The prize: It was fun picking out pajama party themed prizes. For us we usually are doing such girly things that this was a fun change! Glow in the dark stars.
Book: Llama llama Red Pajama read by daddy. They had a great time guessing the rhyme that was coming.
Next up: The dream game. Each girl snuggled into a blanket and pretended to be asleep. Then I would say "Adyson is dreaming that she is a dog", and Adyson would pretend she was a dog. They were giggling through this whole game and were just as darling as can be.

Next: The Pajama Fashion Show. This was Hilarious! I wasn't sure they would get into this, but oh my, I was wrong. These little diva's have practiced their model walks, and knew just what to do. At the end of the cat-walk they each stopped and gave me their best model pose! It was too cute.

Game:Pass the Pillow Case. We turned on some tunes (Banana's in pajamas) and passed the case. When the music stopped so did the passing. Then they could pick a prize out of the case.

Present time: Adyson's favorite part of the day! She got spoiled rotten by all of her cute friends!

Cupcake time: I found these cute little sleeping bag cupcakes online. (Mine didn't turn out near as cute as my example, but they were still fun to do.) I was quite proud of my domestic efforts here!

While we were waiting for the parents to come we played a little game my brother and sil taught us. "Bunnies sleeping." Each girl lays down and pretends to be a bunny sound asleep, while we sing "Bunnies sleeping, bunnies sleeping, sleeping in till noon, bunnies sleeping bunnies sleeping hope they wake up soon. WAKE UP BUNNIES, WAKE UP!, and they wake up and hop around the house. It was a good way to waste a few minutes and they were all cracking up. This was Sienna's favorite part of the day!

Their goodie bags: Inside was filled with girlie chap sticks, candy, and a few glow in the dark surprises, and they each got a cute little flashlight my mom picked up for them. The group: I'm pretty thankful for Adyson's darling little friends. They are all such good girls and so much fun! And cuties too!

That little one in the yellow is Sienna. Remember her? I feel like I haven't blogged about her in a while, and Adyson still has some big moments still headed her way. Don't worry Enna bug, we sure love you, and your big day is only a month away!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A link

Also, Ashley Mae, who took those amazing photo's 2 posts back, just launched her website.

Click here to check it out! She really is so talented!

A Special Day

Adyson has a lovely couple of weeks headed her way, and it all kicked off with her first Birthday present of the year sent by her Aunt Heather and Uncle Jody in the mail. Since it about kills Heather to be far away during special occasions, we thought we would video her opening up her gift.

Um, it was a hit...if you can't tell. She slept with it by her bed yesterday, danced to it this morning, listened to it about a million times, and took it to school today for show and tell.


Along with a lovely gift, she also had her Special Day at school today. OH BOY was she excited! Her Teacher is amazing and does a wonderful job of making those kids feel special every day, but today was just the icing on the cake.

Just before school: The anticipation is killing her!

Leading the exercises in class. She tried some awesome Windsor Pilate's moves!

The crowning of the princess: She dug this!Giving the class the low down. Her favorite and least favorite food. Her favorite TV show, favorite things to get the gist.
Here she is showing off her lovely poster. Her favorite picture? The one of her and Cinderella.

Singing a song all about her: The smile says it all.Show and Tell: Yes, it's the music box. I never thought I'd be so sick of "you can fly".Her treat of choice: Doughnuts, Purple of course.Her teacher draws a life sized picture for them to color, and Adyson takes this pretty seriously! It was such a fun day

It was a great and very special day for Adyson! We agree that she is pretty special and hope that she knows how much we love her!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ashley Mae Photography

My VERY talented friend Ashley took some pictures of the ladies today. They are DARLING! She captured my girls' personalities to a "T". I am so excited to hang them all over my walls! I told Travis that between these and the pics Eileen took of the family the other day, we are gonna need a bigger house!

Head here to see them, they really are amazing! Thank you Ashley, you are one very talented, created person!

Show her some love friends!

Okay, Okay...

I'm blogging. I've had enough e-mails questioning my hiatus, I figured it was time to give in! The sun is shining and my Disneyland blues are slowly going away (SLOWLY). This week and last week have been BEYOND busy, and the camera has been out very scarcely...but I'm hoping to rectify that starting tomorrow.

And for those of you missing my AI re-caps...I'm trying. I'm feeling less funny this year than last year, but I shall do my best. I can't wait to hear all of your opinions! And while were on that topic, WHAT in the WORLD was Lil Rounds wearing last week? Pleated pants? Really. REALLY.

(More of that to come tomorrow.)

I did break out the camera to catch a moment 5 years in the making. Adyson can finally do a somersault! I know, she is 5 and a good bunch of 5 year olds have been doing them for um, like, years, but remember, she has my VERY unathletic jeans... She is so proud of herself for mastering her skillzzz.

Now Sienna, sweet Sienna, still has some work to do. She tries and when she can't quite figure it out, she just looks at us with very large tears in her eyes and says "I'm just too little."

Don't worry Enna-bug, your day will come!

I'm warning you in advance that there are many Adyson posts to come. She has her special day at school, her b-day (with a family party and a friend party), and a dance recital all in one big lump. I hope you don't get sick of her beautiful smiling face!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I miss Disneyland

I have the post vacation blues. Really badly. This is the only picture I've taken since we've been back. (That's two weeks). It's cold here. There aren't fireworks nightly, roller coasters, Minnie Mouse isn't surprising us around corners with her beautiful red bow and warm smile. (I know she's not real, but I do love her anyway.)
Since I've been pathetically missing "The happiest place on Earth" (It really is), I have nothing to blog about. So instead I give you the top 3 reasons I miss Disneyland, in no particular order.
Reason #1
Each night we wind down in the basement, fire blazing, DVR running and relax in what we consider our little piece of Heaven. The other night we heard this little banging on the window. Being the paranoid person that I am, I send Trav to check it out. I was positive some crazy was trying to break in! No, it was a little mouse, and he is stuck good. He jumps as high as he can trying to get out, and then rams his sad little head into the window.
It's disrupting my American Idol watching. It's creeping me out. And I know that if that little sucker got in here I'd hate it, but for now I just feel really bad for it. Travis and I are going to "take care of the problem" this week. We went from Minnnie Mouse to that creepy little bugger. Do you see why the blues have hit me??
Reason #2
In our hotel room (you know the one where housekeeping comes and makes your beds for you), the ladies slept in a bed together. Each night they would lay down, totally exhausted from the fun day, and they would crash. A full night of princess dreaming slumber. And when the kids sleep good, we sleep good. And then we are all happy.
Well since we've been back the sleeping hasn't been wonderful. Adyson learned about Bigfoot from a friend and is so terrified of him that she can't sleep. She is positive that the big harry monster is gonna come into the room and gobble her up. Now this isn't her trying to be a brat, or stay up later at night. She is genuinely scared. We have bribed her, bought her a new lamp, and even had my brother tell her that "Bigfoot has been killed" was on the news. It's getting better....and I'm really hoping that she will stay in her room for good, otherwise we are going to need a bigger bed!
Reason #3
Travis had to get a treatment on Thursday. He had been treatment free for 2 weeks and was feeling wonderful. Now that we are home and back in the real world, we are also back to facing that crap! I haven't missed it. Not one bit. Late this month or early next brings another scan. Let's hope that the Magic of Disneyland has seeped into his body and is doing some good!
The real world really isn't all bad, this last week I have been able to spend loads of time with some of my great friends, and feel pretty blessed to have them. The kids are getting back on schedule, and slowly but surely the sun is starting to shine! Yeah for the sun!!! No we just need to get it to stay out and those Disneyland blues will disappear!

Friday, March 6, 2009


a dinner for 6 at the Sonora Grill. Click here to enter!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Purses and a Link

I am decorating for an upcoming event at church and am in need of purses! I'm hoping some of you friends will have what I am looking for and be willing to lend them to me for a night or two...there will be some delicious treats in store if you help me out!! :)

I need short purses-that sit nicely on a table, in bright springy colors (sort of like the one below, though it doesn't need to be one plain color, stripes, polka dots, flowers are welcome...). Any one wanna help??

Also, in my business I have failed to link you to my dear friend Eileen's blog. Months ago she took some pictures that I LOVED dearly, but she (being the perfectionist that she is) didn't love the quality, and invited us over for some retakes. She is quite possibly one of the kindest, most talented people I know and I think you all need to show her some love! Click here!