Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family Night

Today our families and A LOT of friends (and even some strangers) fasted for Travis. Thankyou so much to all! I wish there was a way I could express the amount of love we have felt from so many people. We are constantly amazed!

Tonight both of our families came over and Travis's wonderful father gave him a blessing. It was beautiful and put me at ease. Larry, if you ever find yourself reading this...know that we both love you and were so grateful to you for tonight! After the blessing we broke our fast on some delicious pizza and pies while playing some guitar hero. It was a fun and much needed night for us! I wish I would have remembered to take some pics though!

At about 9:00 someone from the hospital called and said that the CAT scan machine is broken and they will just call Trav tomorrow and tell him when to come, so now that we are feeling prepared and a little less aprehensive...we have to wait! I'm really hoping they fix it soon so we can figure out where we go from here. I will keep you all posted when we actually hear something, which may not be till next week! Ugh!

Till then...thankyou!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me again...

I know, I know...I've posted about a million times this week, but I had to write this down before it was forgotten.

This was me and Adyson's conversation today while driving in the car.

A- Mom, Did you and Daddy have a nice time at the temple last night? (She asked in such a grown up voice!)

M-Yes, we had a very nice time.

A-Did you see Heavenly Father?

M-(laughing) No, we didn't see Heavenly Father.

A-I thought he lived at the temple...

M-No, but it still is a very special place, and you feel the spirit very strong there.

A-Oh, well then did you see the Holy Ghost?

M-(laughing harder) No, You don't really see the Holy Ghost Ads.

A-Oh yeah, you just feel it in your heart. I learned about that in Primary.

Seriously, I love this kid.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Thursday-Treatment #8
Friday-CAT Scan

Just so you know. We are feeling pretty anxious and nervous for this week so any prayers you wanna throw our way will be appreciated! Also, our families are fasting on Thursday. Any of you who are family or are like family can join in.

Thanks again!

Pajama Party

A usual morning for us consists of me begging Adyson to get dressed and brush her teeth. Wrestling her so I can do her hair and me forcing her to clean up her room. And Sienna is a whole other story. I chase her around with a toothbrush and put clean clothes on her just so she can dirty them again. It's ugly. The whole morning.

Well yesterday Adyson asked "mom, why can't we just stay in our Jammie's today?" I thought that was a great idea, but we had about a million things to do yesterday. So I promised her a pajama party with the works for today.

She did not forget. As soon as she woke up she informed me that today we would stay in our Jammie's, watch movies, eat candy, and just play. So that is just what we did. Ugly hair, Shrek the 3rd was the movie of choice, and barbies. She also has just learned to write her name (I'm very proud) and we spent a portion of the day practicing and coloring. Sienna dug it to. She actually sat through the whole movie and snuggled with us. It was heaven.

When Sienna went down for a nap me and Adyson decided to make homemade oreo cookies. She got to pick the color of the frosting...are you surprised by her choice?This picture cracks me up....she really liked licking the beater!
Today was a very fun day. It isn't easy for me to forget about all the things I should be doing and just relax for a day, but I think today my girls and I really NEEDED a Pajama Party! It reminded me of something my mom would have done with us when we were little. And to top it all of Travis and I got to spend some time this evening here...I'm not complaining!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Thank Thee

I am shocked by the news that President Hinckley passed away today. It has created mixed feelings in my heart. For one, I will miss hearing his counsel during conference. The way he speaks has always been so humble, yet so strong. I have been amazed at his strength and how much he has done while he served. He has traveled constantly and it seemed he would never tire. I will miss him and am sad that my children wont know him better. Secondly today I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have been on Earth at this time. How lucky I am to have reaped some of the benefits of his hard work, and how thankful I am that his words were able to strengthen my testimony so much. Mostly today I am picturing him reuniting with his wife whom I know he loved and missed dearly. I can imagine that for them this is the most amazing day, and I'm sure that Angels in heaven are singing.


Thursday was Treatment number 7. There really isn't anything new or different to report, just the same old stuff. He seems to have his good days and his bad. The cankers in the front of his mouth have pretty much dissapeared (yeah) but now there seems to be more in the back of his mouth, throat, and tongue (boo).

We are pretty nervous for next week. He will have #8 and then sometime after that he will have his scan and we will see if they are working or not. I am already on edge and a bit terrified and just praying that the test results will be what we have been praying for. I will make sure to keep the blog updated and your prayers are much appreciated this week! Thankyou in advance.

A few things that make me smile, and hopefully will make you smile too.

These are my girls just after they ate breakfast the other day. Don't mind Shirtless Sienna, I figure this way she wont ruin her clothes. Don't you just love their dance moves?

Adyson's new favorite thing to do is to play "dentist" with daddy. She finds her favorite dress-ups and uses them as her "tools." This dentist also enjoys being "doctor" too and has tried to fix him up and make him feel great, curing his stomach aches and his feet. Today she has been fixing his eyes and ears. If only life were that simple! Her imagination is always making us smile, and I love that daddy always gets to be the guinea pig!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Tag

I have been tagged yet again. I'm afraid that there is nothing real exciting for me to write about, but for you Jen I accept.

Here's the Deal. Each player answers the questions about themselves, at the end of the post the player tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was a 16 year old in high school. I'm fairly certain I was a pretty big brat as well. (Sorry about that.) I had my first serious boyfriend, who I was positive I would marry. How silly.

2. What is on your To Do list today? Today I took Adyson to school, cleaned my house, went to wal-mart, made lunch, cleaned my house again. Now I am going to get Sienna to nap, get on that darn Treadmill, and try to read a few chapters of Jane Eyre.

3. Snacks that I enjoy? Oh I like this question! I love smores, Otte's Cinnamon rolls (thanks for the reminder Amy), Chocolate covered almonds, Hot fudge sundaes, Cheesecake....I'll stop now.

4. Three Bad Habits? Only 3? I love to shop and if it weren't for Travis I would be in some serious debt. He has taught me to control myself :), I hate clutter. I find myself cleaning up toys while the kids are still playing with them. I need to remember that it is okay to have a messy house sometimes. I hate to go to sleep. I will stay up late cleaning, blogging, watching stupid t.v., reading-whatever. I just don't get enough sleep. Oh and I still bite my nails. Gross, I know.

5. If I were suddenly a billionaire I would... build my dream house. Go on an awesome vacation-Spain, Italy....I would donate money to find a cure to that d&m* cancer.

6. Five Places I've lived. I'm embarrassed to answer this one. Logan and Smithfield. Don't be jealous of my exotic crazy life .

7. Five Jobs: R&G's drive-Inn (and I loved it.), The Silver Shop, Kutting Edge Salon, ICON, and I moved pipe for some farmers in Smithfield. (I loved that too, didn't you T?)

8. Five things people don't know about me....... This one is hard. I have done a whole lot of tags spilling my deepest darkest secrets, and I blog therefore my life is an open book. Let me think....I get really irritated at radio stations that don't know what style they are. I hear a song I like and think great..I like this station. And then next they play rap, then r&b and then pop. Make up your mind already, seriously. I wont eat salad dressing from the fridge. I will only eat it in restaurants. I am super clean in my house, but my car is an utter disaster. I would someday like to be a wedding planner and run a reception center. I really dream of doing this someday! Lastly, I used to ski every weekend. Saturday would roll around and I couldn't wait to "Ski the Beav". After I got married I have really stopped doing this. I miss it all the time, and really miss that time spent with my dad. This year I am vowing to at least go once.

That's all folks. I hope you enjoyed! I Go ahead, all of you...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Family is...

I made this cute picture collage the other day and tonight added the words. I am quite proud of my efforts here! If you can't read all the words it is also posted as the footer on my blog. How do you describe your family?


We really have the best of friends. Thankyou all for thinking of us this week. We are constantly amazed at how good people are and not a day goes by that we don't feel humbled. After my whiny post the other day about our new know, hot cocoa-soup-and ice cream you all decided to treat us. We have recieved dinner for 2 nights this week, 2 giants things of cocoa, a hot cocoa maker (and as you can tell we have already put it to use) and a bunch of ice cream. Hot thoughtful you all are! You all have made me want to be a nicer person and to do more for others. Thankyou for that and for the endless supply of food we have.
I had to post this picture...these are little mini ice-creams brought to us by some friends. Aren't they so cute?


We were lucky enough to be graced with Princess Rheagen's presence today. Grandma Lorraine came for a haircolor and made the girls day by bringing her along. She is a little combo of my girls. She has Sienna's curls (or rather Sienna has her curls) and Adyson's golden hair. It was so much fun to watch them together and see their little friendship blossom. Sienna just followed the older ones around. Thanks for playing you little sweetie!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Treatment #6

Trav had treatment #6 Thursday. There isn't a whole lot new to report. His throat his pretty terrible though. When the Doc. looked at it he said that he has a pretty big sore on it, and with cankers on his tongue and in his mouth, he doesn't feel like eating a whole lot. He has said that even Dr. Pepper hurts to swallow! (which sucks because that is his drink of choice.) He still has a cough that is pretty nagging, and is pretty tired. I hate writing this stuff because I feel like it must be depressing to read...but since I know a lot of you are wondering...there you have it.

He is now really enjoying this...soup, hot chocolate, and ice cream. So, if anyone has any great soup recipes, please send them my way. Or any soft food recipes would do as well. I'll let you know how our soup diet works. :)

The last few weeks have been a bit harder than before. The side effects are seeming to get worse with each treatment and with a cold on top of that, our spirits feel a little broken. It is hard to watch him feel so crappy all the time. A very good friend of ours, who is also a bishop in a different ward, came over the other night to visit. He reminded us of how lucky we are to be able to use the preisthood and how much we should take advantage of that. He stopped by on a night when we really needed to hear some of the things he said, and we are trying really hard to do our best to take his advice. So thankyou "K" for coming over. We are constantly amazed at the friends and family we have who are taking care of us.

Only 2 more treatments till we can see if they are working or not. We will keep everyone updated as long as you all keep us in your prayers. Deal?

I just reread this post and the one before it, and they both sound so whiny! I apologize for the complaining, and the next post shall make you laugh!

Croup again

Blah. That word pretty much sum up this weekend. Just blah.

Thursday night I crawled into bed at about 1 in the morning, ready for a nice, deep slumber. At about 1:30 Seinna woke up pretty upset. So as grumpy as humanly possible I stormed out of the room to go get her. There she was in her room barking like a seal, with swollen puffy eyes, and having a pretty hard time breathing.
My kids seem to get croup yearly, and I had no doubt that this is what Sienna had. Side note: why do they always get croup at 1 a.m. and it seems to be always on the weekend? So I am doing my best to console her while she barks/cries for her daddy. Travis of course, should not be anywhere near her. He doesn't need yet another thing to add to his list of pains.

So what is a grown-up woman with 2 kids to do in this situation? I called my mom crying. And around 2 in the morning she came over ( in a blizzard I might add, no small feat for my mother!) We took Sienna to the E.R. where we got the usual for croup. First, a dose of steroids. Second, a breathing treatment. After that, she sounded a bit better and we thought we were in the clear and ready to go home, and then she coughed so hard she puked. And in puking lost all of the steroids they gave her. So next, they had to give her a shot. And yes, she loved that. I think that nurse was scarred for life with the look Sienna gave her after that.

I looked at the clock when we left the hospital. 4:52 a.m. What a peaceful night we had! She is still feeling pretty crappy, but thankfully Cody and Amy have a nebulizer and we have been able to do the breathing treatments at home.

This night I missed my husband being able to help out as much as he used to. He always knows how to comfort the kids and he is just better at all of that stuff than I am. It seems like daily I have a small reminder about how much help he is when he feels 100 percent. At the same time I feel so blessed to have my family close by. My mom didn't batt an eyelash about driving through the snow at 2 in the morning for me. She even offered to take the kids the next day while I napped, when I'm sure she was as exhausted as I was. Thanks mom. I love you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Such an Angel

Doesn't she look sweet?
Do not be fooled. Just now the exact words that came out of her mouth were "Gross, I just had a puke burp."
What an angel, huh!

A few quizzes, because it's late...and I can't sleep.. ENJOY

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

Float On by Modest Mouse

"Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands
Good news will work its way to all them plans"

Laid back and real, people appreciated you for you are in 2004.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The girls are becomming bff's and I am loving it. Sienna follows Adyson wherever she goes, and has decided she has to do whatever Adyson does. For instance, she used to sit in her highchair and eat her dry cereal for breakfast. Not she must sit on a stool and eat her cereal out of a bowl just like Adyson.
The other day Adyson was playing with her new princess carraige, and Sienna had to get hers and do the same. It's a good thing Santa was thinking and brought each of them their own! This is how you will find my girls right after they wake up. On the couch snuggling and watching cartoons while mommy hops in the shower. I love how close they are becomming and am so thankful for the friendship that I hope they continue to have.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Should I...or shouldn't I?

I have been trying to decide if I should take the plunge and make my blog private. I know that there are some crazy folks out there and the idea has tempted me more than once! The only problem is that there are quite a few people out there checking in to see how Travis is, and I definitely don't want you friends/blog stalkers to miss out on any updates! I have ran into a lot of people who have said that they are checking our blog to get updates. I don't want you people to miss out on any new things that may come up. I know that this has been a great way to reconnect with a lot of you and we appreciate you checking in on the fam.

So if you fit into the above category, friend/blog stalker/or someone we sort of know...please let us know so we can decide what to do about the above situation.

On a totally different note: Swinging thing = Pendulum, don't I feel silly!

UPDATE: Today at church quite a few people told me they have been reading my blog, so for now I am just going to let the crazies read on! Any of you learkers, leave me a comment and let me know who you are!

A Travis Update

I just thought I would update on how Travis is doing for those of you who check this blog solely to see how he is doing.

This week has been a bit harder than the last few. He got a pretty terrible cold, and on top of the side effects of his treatments, he's been pretty miserable. His throat hurt pretty badly and he is coughing a bit. Now, I'm really not complaining because it kept him home from work for a few days! The girls in I have really enjoyed having him around, and we have gotten pretty good at guitar hero in the last couple of days! He is starting to feel a bit better now, so hopefully he will come out of it soon.

He had his 5th treatment on Thursday, with it he got a new canker...right next to one from last week! That's gotta feel great, huh! I hate that he had to go and get a treatment with a very sore throat already, because I wonder how it will ever heal itself. We didn't realize that this drug will affect his immune system-so we are now trying to be pretty careful with runny nosed kids running around our house!

Other than the annoying side effects and a nasty cold, our spirits are up. We know it could be soooo much worse. Thankyou all for checking in on Travis. Not a day goes by that we aren't thankful for the kindess people have shown to us. So thankyou all again for your prayers!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A little note about my Husband

Today my love for my husband grew three the grinch's heart.

It all began when I called him this afternoon. I told him my family is going to help my grandma move to another apartment. I asked him "do you feel good enough to go?" His reply was "of course. I feel fine."

When he came home he looked tired. More than usual. I asked a few times if he would rather stay home and relax. My family made sure we knew that we didn't need to be there. Staying home would be no big deal. His reply.."I'm fine. Let's go."

So we went and moved Grams. I could tell by the end of the night he was feeling exhausted. Not because he said so, just because you could see it on his face. He's just looking tired.

Now in this situation I find myself not really knowing what to do for him. I want to baby him. You know, treat him like I would treat my kids. Find their favorite blanket, get them a drink and a teddy bear and call it good. But he is no child, he is my manly husband. I don't want him to feel like I am babying him, but I do want him to know I am here to take care of him. It's an odd predicament I'm finding myself in. ;)

So I met somewhere in the middle. I said "let's go get some Cafe Rio, and go home and sit by the fire." Cafe Rio makes everything better, right? So we were in the lobby getting ready to leave when this short little old lady walks into the room. She has taken her clock down and needs some help hanging it back up.

So of course, Travis volunteers. We follow this old bird, who walks slower than any old bird should walk, to her apt. CLEAR down the hall. He hangs the clock, and I'm ready to bolt. But instead of leaving he takes his time to reset it for her, and make sure the "swinging thing" is swinging. (I don't know the technical name for the swinging thing, forgive me.)

When the kids were in bed and the Cafe Rio was eaten, we sat in front of the fire. My dear Travis is tired. Much too tired. His throat hurts so bad he really can barely talk and I can hear the scratching in his voice when he does.

Instead of complaining and staying home, he came. He didn't really let me know how miserable he really was until the night was over. He saved that sweet lady from a night without her clock. I worry about him and hate that he has to feel sick. I wish he felt good all the time, and I feel like complete crap that I drug him outside tonight, if I would have known how crappy he really felt, I would have forced him to stay home.

My heart is full of love for him tonight. He is selfless. He is caring. And he is wonderful. Travis, if you stumble on my blog today, know that I love you and am sorry that I drug you out to the Ol' folks home tonight.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sunbeams, Nursery, and Releif Society

I've been feeling a little guilty because so many of you have posted darling pictures of your cute little Sunbeams first day. They are all in their finest churchwear. Their hair is done perfectly. They are grinning from ear to ear with pride and excitement.

I forgot to take that picture.

Don't confuse this with me not being a proud mother. I was pleased as punch that Adyson went to primary. I got the scoop from her teachers and a few spy's that she sat very quietly, grinning from ear to ear. She mentioned how much she enjoyed singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam." And her teacher helped her make a crown with glitter on it. What a kid huh?

I may have forgotten to take this picture because of the sheer excitement I felt about going to church on Sunday. You see, I have been in the nursery for a long time. Much, much to long indeed. This Sunday was my first day of being released. I couldn't wait to sit in Releif Society and have a REAL lesson. And I was not dissapointed. From start to finish my heart was full. The lesson was called "that they might have joy." I feel as though it was prepared for my sake only. She spoke of finding happiness despite the circumstances you are in. (fitting for me, right?) The spirit was strong-and I reveled in it.

I was able to enjoy this meeting to the fullest because Sienna went to nursery all by herself for the first time. She too, enjoyed her new found freedom to the fullest.

So here is a darling picture of my glowing her pajamas. She did look awfully pretty in her dress though! Featured in the top photo is the glittered primary made crown. At least I got a picture of that right!


If you look closely you can see a beautiful and very large goose-egg on Adyson's forehead. Wanna know what she bumped into?
This little man. My nephew Simon. (notice his bump on his left eye.) Amy aren't you glad I'm in charge of him for the day? Sienna thought the whole thing was hilarious, being that she came out unscathed.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Resolutions and Wishes

Wake up earlier.
Drink more water.
Go skiing with my dad.
Be a better mom.
Go to a Jazz game with Travis.
Cook good and different dinners more often.
Get on my Treadmill 5 days a week.
Get Adyson to be less scared of her bike.
Get Sienna Potty trained.
Think happy thoughts.

A Few Resolutions mixed with a few Wishes for the year. Usually I make very hard to do run EVERY day, Stop drinking coke...etc. This year, I'm simplifying so that I can acheive my goals. Nothing like setting low standards-eh?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

ABC's of 2007

Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since I have posted. Today I recieved a few e-mails, a phone call, and a slightly bossy comment (thanks Amy), wondering if we were okay. So, yes, we are fine. Just lazy! Nothing too exciting is going on here and I am welcoming that change! After the last few weeks I'm loving the calm.
This year we rang in the New Year at our house. It was a pretty fun night with games, too much food, and we even had the fake champaigne and a toast. I for one, am hoping that this year brings us miracles. Not too much to ask for, right?

Don't you just love our New Year's kiss? It looks like I am attacking him!
Travis had his fourth treatment today. He seems to be doing pretty well. The side effects are small compared to Chemo, but annoying just the same. He gets cankers, headaches, sore throats, dry skin, and feels pretty tired. Nothing my man can't handle, just the facts. His spirits are good though and he never complains. We are still getting cards and phone calls from so many people expressing concern. I don't know how many times I have heard that someone I "once knew" was going through some hard times and thought "I should send a card or call or something." But decided against it fearing they would think I was intruding. I will never hesitate again. It has been great to reconnect with so many people and we feel so blessed to know that so many people are on our side. Thanks again to all of you!

This week I went to lunch with some friends who I used to work with. My old boss and friend who lost her husband very unexpectedly was also there. She is now raising her children with more courage than I think I could ever have. I took a little bit of strength from her. I thought, if she could get through her trials, then we can too. Thankyou ladies for all being there for me eventhough I don't see any of you enough! I feel blessed to know you guys!

On a diferent note, Adyson and Sienna are sick. Sienna has a double ear infection and Adyson's throat is killing her. She is coughing pretty hard too, and will see the doctor tomorrow. I'm finding my patience is wearing thin. They aren't sleeping good, and Travis and I are getting grumpier as the week progresses! So as you read this, understand I am tired and forgive me if I make no sense!

Wow, this post is getting long. I'm sorry! Here are my ABC's of 2007.

Adyson turned 3 this year, started pre-school and learned to ride a bike.
Brielle was born and is an angel.
Christmas brought snow, gifts, and very humble hearts.
Daddy finished the basement!
Entertaining...something we did a lot of this year.
Faith was found.
Games were played this year. Among the favorites, Killer Bunnies-Monopoly-Curses.
Hair was cut...finally.
Ice-cream was eaten!
July brought fireworks, camping, Lagoon, and the Dinosaur park.
Kindess was shown.
Love was felt.
Many old friends we reconnected with.
Nursery was my calling all year long.
Overcome with emotions!
Princesses. My girls dressed up like princesses daily this year!
Quite time was non-existant this year!
Read many books. A few favorites, Twilight, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice and Kite Runner
Sienna turned one and started walking, talking, and really showing her beautiful personality.
Travis kept me laughing all year long.
Unbelievably girls got even cuter this year!
Very blessed.
We got a Wii!
X-rays were had.
Youthful, our girls are keeping us young!
Zoo Day was one of my favorites all year long.