Sunday, March 11, 2012

{Day 2:LA}

Day 2 we woke up to GORGEOUS weather.
It was a bit cooler then the first day-like 85 degrees,
and that set the tone for a lovely day.
We decided to take a day to hit up the beach
and just do whatever we felt like in LA.

We first headed to The Grove
to hit up the American Girl store.
(A fun little surprise for the girls.)
Extra was filming there and we saw
Maria Menunous filming in all her 75 lb. glory.
(She's tiny.)
Between this and watching Tori Spelling
film a movie in Utah last week
we feel almost like Hollywood A-listers.
Look for Trav on Dancing with the stars next season.
Oh, I'm funny.

The ladies loved the AG store
and wanted one of
But we came away with a very small
something instead.
And they were thrilled enough.

My favorite part of the whole entire trip
was hitting up the Farmers Market.
Booths of fresh fruits and veggies,
Tons-and tons of authentic restaurants,
Loads of European pastry shops...

And candy shops galore.
It felt very much like we were
hanging out in SOL-downtown in Madrid.
It was really fun to have the kids there.
And you know what Trav found?
This restaurant in the heart of the Market.
And real Spanish Tortilla!
He was in pure heaven.

The ladies found Belguim waffles
with bananas and chocolate syrup.
Oh they were also pretty happy!

If you really care to hear about our
food choices for the day,
I had some spinach/mushroom crepes that were divine.
It was such a relaxing break to browse the market
and lunch in the sun.

Next we headed to Santa Monica after driving around
in Beverly Hills for a bit and stopping here for cookies.
(Camille, they were divine!)We basically browsed the pier,
and walked along the beach
while the ladies found seashells
and just enjoyed the sound of the waves.
A very different relaxing day compared to
our Disneyland days!

Afterwards we came back to the hotel and lounged
till dinner. I had to laugh at this picture because you
can just see how TUCKERED Sienna is here.
That kid is not used to going so hard everyday...
and by day 2 it was already taking it's toll.
Sure love her!Tomorrow: Disneyland


The Fluckiger Family said...

Oh, how you are making me want to be in California! It sounds lovely! I love all the pics and can't believe how grown up your girls are...we are SERIOUSLY getting OLD! Can't wait to see more :)

Trisha said...

You are gorgeous Hayley!

Jill said...

oh the weather sounds so nice! can everyone stop going to disneyland. :) your girls are adorable love their cute shoes!

Charee B Mcclellan said...

looks like a perfect time!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I just saw you went to Diddy Reese, and my mouth started salivating. When I lived in San Diego we would drive to LA JUST to get a Diddy Reese ice cream sandwich. Yum!!!