Friday, September 28, 2007

Drama Rama

The other day we were driving in the care and Sienna was being a bit of a grouch. I don't even remember what she was crying from, but she was being a bit of a drama queen. Well, all the sudden I heard the drama queen of all drama queens-(that's Adyson) say to Sienna, "Drama Rama Sienna!" It cracked me up and I just had to share! My little ones keep me in stitches!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sienna has never had a storebought Oreo cookie, she has had homemade ones, but not storebought. I wont buy them because when I do I eat them all!!! The other day Adyson begged me to buy some of the Halloween orange filled cookies, and they have really enjoyed them..... and yes, so have I!! I think this picture of Sienna is priceless-you can tell she enjoys chocolate as much as her mommy does!
Last night I cleaned out my girls closets. I needed to see exactly what they needed to see what they needed for fall and what they could still use. I was blown away at how much Sienna has grown. I have 2 huge boxes chuck full of clothes, shoes, and hats she has grown out of. It breaks my heart a bit! At least I get to do some fall and winter shopping. That should make me feel a bit better. Heather, I thought you would enjoy seeing the box and wondering what treasures may fit Brielle inside!
And just because I thought it was so dange cute, here is a picture of Simon kissing Sienna. Aren't they just so cute?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A few of my Favorite things

Here is a few of my favorite things.
I love the Sleek Look line from Matrix, it makes my hair feel a whole bunch healthier than it is. And it smells good too!

This neclace is made by Lisa Leonard, I read her blog often and am so impressed with her custom jewelry. I don't have one yet, but have informed "Santa" that I would love one in my stocking with my kids names on it. Cute eh?

Iron Chef America! I love the Food Network, but this show is my favorite! Travis and I love to watch it on Sunday nights. I know its totally nerdy, but hey-I never said I was cool!
I love to browse pottery barn kids website, and really any website that has anything for my girls. Clothes, decorations, and toys!
I love these aprons from Olivejuice & company. I can't picture me spending the money on one right now, but one day I will. They are about the cutest things I've ever seen. They make a lot of custom aprons to be fitted to your body, and they are sexy and sassy! I love em!
I also love these basic black dresses from shade clothing. I think they are very classic dresses, and they have a bunch of different styles to fit every body type!
Travis and I both love The Office, need I say more?
Moulin Rouge! I could watch it everday!
I love to visit I find some great recipes there. They are rated and there are a lot of pics, but my favorite part is that they have all the nutritional info posted next to them. So you know if you are making a huge pig of yourself or making a light meal!
Dove Milk Chocolate covered almonds. I Love these things and can't buy them anymore because I can't seem to stop eating them!
I have quickly become obsessed with the twilight series from Stephenie Meyer. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed these books and cannot wait for the next one to come out! I also still have an obsession with Harry Potter! Reading is becoming a bigger obsession than I ever thought I would have. Heather just keeps rubbing off on me!

Those are just of few of the things that I love. If you feel like it, consider yourself tagged.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Princess and The Monkey

Heather has been getting a bit annoyed with my lack of updates, but honestly I don't have much to blog about. So here is an blog just because. This is a typical day in the Kidman house.

Adyson doesn't go a day without dressing up. In fact, she usually wakes me up with dress-ups on over her jammies. She loves to pretend to be a princess, fairy, and a ballerina. She even has a little accent she uses when she is playing pretend. I have to admit, I think she looks pretty stylish in her duds. Maybe one day she will learn that "less is more" but she hasn't learned that yet!

Adyson all dressed up! Isn't she pretty?

Sienna is more of a monkey than a princess. She has learned to climb up to EVERYTHING in our house. This includes, our bar stools, chairs, couches, and beds. She has managed to fall of of each of these things at least once. She is into so much more than Adyson ever was at her age, but I'm not complaining. It is fun to have her so full of life and energy. She is talking a whole lot now and smart as can be. Though, she is very shy and chances are she will just glare at you when she first meets you. We sure love our little girls!
Sienna first standing on the couch, and second my little monkey jumping on Ady's bed!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Park City

As I mentioned in my last post, Travis and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary in Park City. With all of the hard work in the basement and all the chaos going on around here, we really needed a break! It was fantastic! We walked along main street in Park City and stopped by to get some of our favorite chocolate. It was so nice to enjoy the fresh air and just be away. On Saturday we ate at Baja Cantina, a restaurant that Travis and I both love! Then we went to enjoy some of the fun outdoor activities Park City has to offer. Trav road the Alpine Slide, then together we road the new Mountain Roller Coaster. That was super fun! It was also so relaxing to ride in the little tobaggan all the way up the mountain. The view was gorgeous and the way down was a blast. I haven't laughed so hard for a while! After a bit of shopping we were on our way home. It's funny, we never get away and I thought I wouln't want to come home so soon. But of course, we missed those dang kids of ours too much! Sienna has never had a sleep over before, and apparantly she didn't sleep a whole lot for my mom-(sorry mom!)

Now we are home and ready to get back to real life. Sienna is sick with a terrible cold, and she is a bit of a grump. Also, this week is about as busy as they get! I'm hoping with everything that I have to get done this week, it will fly by, and the weekend will race here! So, that's pretty much our weekend in a nutshell.

Also, and update on Trav. We got the results back from the oncologist and he said that they look very normal. He wants Travis to wait 2 weeks and if the pain persists we will go for a cat and bone scan. Hopefully everything will go away and we wont have to do that! Hope you all are doing good!
The view from the Mt. Coaster, Travis on the slide, and the two of us arter our ride.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Paint is done! (Don't look to closely, the touch-up paint hasn't been done yet!) We are super excited that it is so close to being finished. The list is still long, but it is getting shorter everyday! What do you think?

This is the playroom. I know the color is bright, and almost neon. The first thing my dad said when he saw it is "the good thing about paint, is you can always change it." But honestly it is exactly what I wanted. The decorations for this room are all hot pink and it will be very girly, and a bit shabby chic.

The next two pics are the family room. I am super pleased with this color. It will match my couches beautifully and it makes the shadow boxing look good I think. I hope!

This is Trav's office, I think he will enjoy having a space of his own!

Happy Anniversary to Us

Well, we made it! Travis and I have been married for 5 years today! I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed and how much I truly have loved married life. I know I talk about him quite a bit, but Travis is a wonderful husband who would do anything to make all 3 of his girls happy. He has constantly made us laugh, smile, and also has managed to piss me off a good amount of times, but he always makes up for that! I'm sure you are wondering what we did to celebrate-well, not much! Travis has been having some pain in the side of his body, at first he thought it was just a pulled muscle, but it never went away. With cancer looming over us constantly, I made him call the Dr.-so that is what we did this afternoon. Went to the oncologist! He didn't seem super worried about Travis, and is wondering if maybe he somehow bruised a rib really deeply. He didn't really think it was cancer related, but just to be safe we went to the hospital and got an x-ray. We will get results tomorrow, and I really feel like he will be fine. (I will keep you all posted!) But if you feel like keeping us in your prayers for the day, we would appreciate it! This weekend Travis is taking me to Park City and we are going to have some alone time. I can't wait! My mom offered to watch the kids and we are just going to relax, watch a movie, shop (I HOPE) and eat at our favorite restaraunt (Baja Cantina.) Don't be too jealous mom and Heather!

5 Years of Marraige
1,000,000,000 Rain Drops on Our Wedding Day
2 Beautiful Kids

1 Lovely house

1 Kidney Surgery
(I was tempted to post a pic of the tumor, but thought you all might not enjoy it so much!)
1,000,000 Card & Board Games

1 Beautiful Carribean Cruise
8 Camping Trips

1 Almost Finished Basement

I could go on, but I'd bore you all to death! I am looking forward to many more years of marriage!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

She made it!!

So, Today was the big day. The first day of pre-school. I'll admit I didn't sleep a whole lot last night. I pictured every worst case scenario that could possibly happen, and was a little antsy all night long. But when I went to wake her up this morning I said "Okay Ady, we need to get ready for school." And she just grinned! I knew it would be okay. She even let me do her hair without putting up a fight!! I dropped her off and she went inside and gave me a kiss and went to play. Needless to say, I am very proud of my little Ady. It's crazy to think that I have a kid old enough to go to school. She said that she had lots of fun, they sang If your Happy and You Know it, They read a story, Ate fishies, and Colored a picture. She can't wait until Thursday because she gets to play with play-dough. Poor Sienna was bored out of her mind though, and wondered around calling for Adyson the whole day! I'm gonna have to come up with some fun Sienna time games while Ady is at school! Here are some pics of her first day. She was pretty excited to get to wear some of her new clothes.
Here she is inside the school, by her backpack hook, she couldn't wait to hang up her backpack!