Friday, August 27, 2010


Remember this little girl from last year?

She's gone.
And has been replaced by a much more mature model.
One who had NO fears for her first day of first grade.We could barely take the token first day pictures.
I heard a lot of "Mom, puhleeease can we just go already?" while trying to get just one good shot.

We walked into her class, and her teacher told her to cut out her name tag, and she was so excited I was lucky to get a goodbye out of her.

It was like, yeah mom, whatever. Go now.
I'm proud, and a little sad.
But mostly proud.
I love my little first grader. Isn't she just the cutest?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

{The OH-SO FABULOUS Brooke Snow}

The last few years Travis and I have learned that people are just really kind and amazing. We have had so many people do so much for us, and it always is just humbling. I find myself quite often questioning whether or not we deserve all the goodness others do, and wondering when I will learn to do more for others. (I'm working on it, but boy do I have a ways to go.)

If you remember this post, then you already know that the amazing Brooke Snow has already given us some beautiful images of our family, but you haven't seen them all yet.

and here.
for more.

Amazing, right?
She did 4 sessions with us.
Each session was time consuming, and she never once acted like she wanted to escape...she acted like we were doing her a favor...
She wanted to capture 'a day in the life' of our family.
And she did just that.
From us playing games, baking cookies, jumping on the bed, having a tea party, eating ice cream, playing the wii and just lounging around.
She got it all.
And made us look good doing it, if I do say so myself. ;)
It is truly a documentary of almost a year of our families lives.

And she didn't stop there.
Friday she brought over this amazing. amazing. amazing. book of her most favorite, and beautiful images.

It has almost 80 pages, and I tear up every time I look at it.
I will cherish this gift forever, and I tell ya, each time I look at it, I'm just so thankful for my lovely family.

If your in the market for some pics of your family, she really will make you feel like a million bucks. We've grown to just adore her.

Thank you Brooke.
So much! (And I hope you don't mind me taking pics of your pics to post on here...I just wanted to show off my book a bit...)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

{The Ladies on the Range}

Today we took the divas to the golf course to hit some balls.
Travis loves to golf.
It is his most favorite thing to do in the world, so he really enjoys sharing it with his girls.

Ady & Enna, in the pro shop. Can you see the excitement?

Enna went first.
Bless T and his patience.
This kid has such a zest for life, and just grinned from ear to ear the entire time. She did really great, and Adyson kept telling her she was great at 'getting air.'

Adyson surprised me a little. She is a little perfectionist, and wanted to smack them clear down the range. She did great! She had fun golfing and cheering her Dad and Enna on the whole time.

Though I didn't grow up loving the golf course like T did, I can completely see it's appeal. It is beautiful and so peaceful there. It was heaven with the lovely breeze, and my little ladies giggling, and a very happy hubs. I hope we make it a weekly thing.

Monday, August 16, 2010

{Bear Lake}

One of my friends had the brilliant idea to get away and head to Bear Lake for the day. One last summer day before the kids go back to school. She spread the work via facebook, and we had a good turnout, though I do hope that next year we can get the WHOLE neighborhood to come....

It was just what the Dr. ordered for me. The kids just played, all day, without interrupting us while we chatted, ate, and laughed together. The sun was out, but so was a lovely breeze that made the hours pass by in a flash. I'm so thankful to have friends and neighbors here who enjoy each other so much. I desperately needed a day like this!

Sienna was thrilled to be back at the beach, and even happier when she realized how many of her friends were there. Pure joy!
Adyson loves the beach more then anyone else in our little family. She could, and does, spend hours looking for seashells, digging in the sand, and today she made up games for the other kids to play.
This is Miss B. Or as Sienna refers to her "my best friend Miss B!" Poor B gets followed around by Sienna whenever she is around. Sienna laid by her like this for a good half hour, and then followed her around for a while longer. What a great kid she is, and I offered to adopt her today.....
Love this one of the kids after burying cute Miss M. What a fun little crew.
A few snapshots of some of the ladies who joined us.

Natalie, Courtney, and Miss A.
Connie, who will kill me if she finds this is posted on the Internet. Luckily, she NEVER will look...and if she does maybe she will make this her facebook profile...(hahaha!)
Courtney and Erica.
Candace and I
And my favorite shot of the day. Chanelle and Miss A. Can you see how relaxing it was??

Friday, August 13, 2010

4 eyes.

For the love.
I didn't think Ms. Ads could get any cuter.
Then she went and got herself glasses to frame those baby blues.
I die.
I mean, really.

Spunky attitude-check, check.
I do believe we are now ready to enter the first grade.
I started to put the camera away after I shot these, and Ms. Ens said in her most hurt voice, "Aren't you gonna take any pictures of me?"

So in all fairness, here she is.
Um, should I be worried that she posed like this?
I raise em' vain...don't I.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We are asking our friends and family to fast tomorrow for T. h (Head here to read whats going on). If you are in the friend or family category and want to join us, we would appreciate it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Family Time

My cute sister and her kids have been here for almost 2 weeks, and we have sure loved all the cousin/family time we've been able to have. These kids get along really well together, and just adore one another.

Kutter and Adyson are inseparable still, and we are still wondering when they will realize they are NOTHING alike. (Adyson even had Kutter come to the dentist and asked for him numerous times while getting her teeth pulled. It was so very cute.)

Cody and Brielle. Brielle has us all under her spell, and we just adore her. She is the cutest, sweetest, and bossiest little thing around. I adore her.

Tuesday the girls took off to Salt Lake to get some girl time/school shopping done. I do love the women in my family. We have such a fantastic time together and it's always full of smiles and laughter, and way too much food when we are together. Here is Breje (with her freshly darkened hair, isn't it cute?) and Ads.
We decided to book a hotel and stay the night so we could head to Park City in the morning on Wed, but booking a hotel was almost impossible. There was a convention there and almost everything was booked. Trav found us a hotel in Jordan, and it was um, not so nice.... I think it was almost 90 degrees in there, and we couldn't get it to cool down all night. And the sheets were like sand paper. Between the heat and the noise of someone turning over in those sheets, at least one of us was awake and laughing at how pathetic it was all night long. In the morning we found Brielle and Sienna all snuggled up together, and it just melted my heart. At least someone slept good! Is there anything better then cousins?
I was a little worried that the kids would go nuts shopping for 2 days straight, but they had a really good time, and they were amazing. Brielle and Sienna managed to entertain each other quite nicely.
Love this pic of Adyson, it shows off her sweet new upside down vampire teeth.
My mom and Enna.
Breje, Adyson, and me.
Mom, Heather, Brielle, and Gma.
We had such a great time, and I hope that we can somehow turn this into a tradition. I adore these people. The only thing that would have made it better would have been Amy and Lucy, who almost made it, but due to rain in Park City, didn't quite have the time.

Now can someone please find my brother in law a job here so they can move to Logan and we can be together like-daily?