Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Lady turned 3!

This is me trying to catch my now 3 year old for a photo op with her balloons. Yep, she's fast, she's 3, and she's impossible.
Notice that she is trying to hold up her 3 fingers here...Um, my baby is 3. Can I call her a baby anymore??
Probablly not.
It's heartbreaking.

After watching Adyson have her birthday a month ago and her cousin Simon have his day a few weeks ago, she was ready and sooo excited for it to be her turn.
Much to Sienna's dismay, we don't start doing friend parties here till they turn 4, but last Sunday we did have the family here to honor our little curly headed lady.

After dinner Sienna begged for present time, and she was not disappointed. Our kids are spoiled rotten, and they enjoy it, I'm sure! Sienna was so excited with each gift she would open. Even when she wasn't sure what it was she would literally squeal with delight. She's such a little doll! And I completely agree with her that present time is one of the best parts of your Birthday! ;)...

Then came cake time. Grandma Lorraine outdid herself once again with a darling Sleeping Beauty cake! Sienna was thrilled with the look of it...

and the taste of it. (Those there, are the eyes of the tiger!)

And by 7:00 out little lady was so exhausted, she fell fast asleep on the couch, just like Sleeping Beauty herself.

Her actual Birthday was Monday, and when she woke up she completely understood that this day was yet another one for her. We lunched with Daddy (The Old Grist Mill), where she dined on the biggest brownie any 3 year old could take down, bought some balloons on the way home, and she spent the day outside mastering her new bike from Grandma Linda and Grandpa Mike. (and if you look closely you will notice my favorite part of the bike, the Barbie bike that hooks on so of course, Snow White, can come for a ride too!)

As soon as Dad pulled in the driveway she was ready to open the rest of her gifts. And her favorite, I think, is the baby Adyson bought her that came with a Dr. kit. She and Adyson have spent HOURS treating this baby (Sienna usually says she has the "Croups") and have had a great time giving her pretend shots and making her cry. Should I be worried??
I think the little munchkin had a great day, and we sure love her guts! Sienna has just added such a fun element to our family. She is full of life, and ready for anything. She has a smile that will melt your heart, and I'm fairly certain she knows how to use it to get anything she wants. I can't imagine life without her, and am pretty thankful for her. We just love everything about our little lady bug!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Girls Weekend

Each April the girls in my family take a Saturday and ditch our husbands and kids and take the day to shop (without strollers, crying kids, and carseats). This day is right up there with my birthday in my lists of favorite days during the year. (And you all know how much I LOVE my birthday don't you?) This year it was extra great to be able to see my sister Heather who is moving to Texas next month for a 3 month stay, and that is too long in sister time! We (especially me and the ladies) are just going to miss those Wolfleys and are praying for REALLY cheap flights. (Is there such a thing?)
Normally we head to Park City, but this year we woke up to black and ominious skies (I through that in for Greg-Amy). So we opted to skip driving through Parleys canyon and headed to fashion place mall, where we dug and dug for some great finds so my kids don't have to run around in sweaters and long pants all year. My neice Breje has come along for the last few years and we just LOVE having her want to come on our girls trips. She is just growing up to be so much fun, and I wouldn't mind one bit if my girls took after her! Here she is just after her mini makeover at Dillards. Um, yes, we realize she is too pretty for her own good!

Around 2:00 we realized we were starving and went to The Cheesecake Factory to consume more calories than anyone should in one day. Ever. (And you should have seen how excited we were after our 45 minute wait when the buzzer went off telling us the table was ready.) It was almost embarrasing. Almost.

Lunch is where things started to get a bit, shall we say, slap happy? I think the waiter must have thought we were drunk. I just adore the women in my family and am so thankful that for them.

My mom has taught me everything I know about parenting through her example. She loves her kids so much it must hurt. She is unselfish to a fault and would rather spoil us or her grandkids that at times she forgets to do anything for herself. And with everything our family has been through in the last year, she has been an amazing support, and dropped everything if we need her. She is beautiful, though she never realizes just how beautiful she is, and chuck full of love and spunk. I just love her.

Heather and I have a pretty fun relationship. Growing up our age gap (6 years, and even though you can't tell, I am the young one) seemed to get in the way of our friendship. When she was in high school I would tag along with her and her friends and just bug the crap out of her. And then we grew up, and I married someone her age (weird?) and now I can't imagine a better friend then her. We talk almost everyday and she is someone I look up too on so many levels (exept not literally because she is like 4 ft. tall. :) She is a great mom who always puts her kids first. She is someone who will always listen when I need her, and who I can just be myself around. Heather is very strong in her beliefs and never embaressed about who she is. I wish I was more like her. But don't let her fool you and make you think she isn't a complete ditz, because oh boy, she is. In fact we had a whole discussion on dumb things she has done on the trip....I just love her too.
What do I say about Amy? She married my brother and just for that she deserves a trip to Heaven. But more than that, she just completed our family. Amy is funny, really really funny. She is always there making me smile even when she has no idea how much I need it. I don't think I've ever met someone who is more herself and more unedited then her. I find myself editing who I am often, and Amy doesn't do that (and doesn't need to do that.) She is honest about who she is, and I just adore that about her. She is a great mom who also works full time and I don't think she gives herself the credit she deserves in that department. Simon just adores her, and she returns the favor. Amy and Cody live close by, and we spend a ridiculous amount of time together, and I cherish it. I just love her too.

And Breezy, my neice who grew up too fast. I will never forget how excited we all were to have her join our family as the first little niece. She was spoiled rotten! And if you ask me still deserves to be. She is having the hardest time out of the family with the upcoming move, so to her I will give some advice. Enjoy it and make it an adventure! You are so beautiful, and so much fun, and such a great kid that you will make friends easier than you think! Don't forget how great you are and you will be just fine! (And you can call me when you are feeling blue...) I can't wait to see where this smart young lady's life takes her. And I just love her too.

Heahter, Breje', and Amy (Aren't they all so pretty?)

Mom and Me. I'd like to mention that I am sick right now, and was then. And I am blaming the sickness for this not so pretty pic of me. I'm only posting it for memories sake.
Enough Sap? Okay. After we got home from our day in the sun, we changed into our sweats and played some canasta (Travis and I won. again. It's getting pathetic.) While we were playing Breje' decided to do the girls' make-up. The ladies LOVED this and just felt so pretty afterward! Thanks for entertaining them Breezy!

Heather also brought the MOST ANNOYING GIFT EVER MADE for Sienna's Birthday. A kerioke machine. Sienna spent the night putting on a very loud concert for us. Very loud. Here is a short clip of her bowing after a song. This kid is a crack up!

It's Sienna's birthday today, so expect a post soon Celebrating my baby turning 3! (Tell me where the time went?)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A conversation with Adyson

Tuesday my great friend and neighbor Chanelle brought a plate of No-Bake cookies for the girls. (They had ate them there the week before and raved on and on about how good Chanelles cookies are). Adyson came home from school to her favorite cookies due to Chanelle's kindness. (She was thrilled).

A while later we were outside. I was weeding, and the ladies were playing on their bikes when I noticed that Chanelle was outside too. I thought it would be nice if Adyson said thank you, and this is the conversation that followed.

Me: Adyson, come here for a second.
Adyson: What do you need mom?
Me: I thought it would be nice if you walked across the street to say Thank you to Chanelle for those cookies.
Adyson: (In her VERY grown up voice) Mom, I thought you called me over here for something important. You know like butterflies or ladybugs.

This conversation pretty much sums Adyson up. I love the way this kids' brain works!

So Chanelle, we are thanking you via the blog. The cookies were enjoyed to the last crumb.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday: Woke up to Sienna barking like a seal. Yes, croup again. Seriously. The Doctor went ahead and gave us a very large dose of steroids so I don't have to take her in every 3 months when she gets it.
Poor kid.

We spent the night playing games with Cody and Amy at our house, and just to make Cody tear up a bit, I will remind him that I won.


Saturday: Adyson had her first soccer game. We took Sienna along even though she was up ALL NIGHT long coughing her cute little guts out. The game was a joy to watch. Adyson ran after the ball the best she could, though she didn't quite keep up with the rest of the team. She was pretty dang cute and we were quite proud of her trying, and she did get in there and get a piece of the ball a few times. We sure love our Adyson.

She is quite pleased to be #5. Cause you know, she is 5 years old. Remember how I said she runs like Phoebe? Here is proof.
And really, Adyson enjoys her little friends on the team more than the actual game. She is smaller then the other 3 girls, and they delight in picking her up and twirling her around. They do this quite a bit during practice much to the dismay of her coach (who is also her dad...)
My parents are visiting Heather and Jody in Idaho, and had to miss the game. Adyson asked me if I would record this since they had to miss it and "put it on the blog". Here is her kicking off, my favorite part of the game. Can you tell we love this kid?

Saturday night after we let Sienna nap/cough the day away, we needed a little outing. We took the ladies to First Dam to see the ducks.

It was nice to enjoy a WARM day. I love Spring, and wish it would stay all year long.

Sunday: Sienna woke up and was burning up with a fever. I'm feeling pretty terrible for my cute little 3 year old and hope she returns to her normal, healthy, happy self soon! We are spending the day hibernating in the basement, skipping church (I don't think they'd want Sienna in the nursery today!), watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, napping as often as the kids let us (Sienna has made us miss our sleep dearly this week), and the ladies are enjoying each others company (which I love). The smile on Sienna's face tells me she is slowly getting back to normal.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soccer Star

Soccer Season has begun friends. And apparantly my career as a soccer mom has begun as well. Who would have thunk it??
Travis decided a few months ago that he wanted to coach Adyson, and he's been pretty excited about it. Between the rain and snow our team (the Sprites), have only had 1 1/2 practices, and we have a game on Saturday.
Wish us some seriously needed luck! Most of these kids have never played and don't know the rules, so it's gonna be a fun game!
Adyson, bless her heart, got her coordination skillz from me.
(Why couldn't I have blessed her with my knowledge of hand bags?)
(Or my seriously OCD cleaning habits?)
(Or my love of sleeping in.)
(Or my great taste in music, I died inside a little the other day when she starting singing along to Britney Spears on the radio.)
No, she got blessed with the bad stuff. You know, running a bit like Pheobe on friends, really bad hand eye coordination, and a pretty short attention span when it comes to sports.
But we were really proud of her at our first practice for getting out there and trying her best to attack the ball. We, of course, just want her to have a great time playing! I really hope she enjoys it!
I also have to add how thankful I am to Trav for coaching her. To me this is another testament to how much he loves his kids. I realize more and more that no matter how crappy Travis is feeling, he will make sure that his kids get to share all the great experiences they can with him.
Now just tell me how in the world to get Sienna from running onto the field and wishing she could play along too....
it's tough being 3.
And if your wondering why this post is titled "Soccer Star", it is because Adyson has told us a few times that she is one. She sounds just like Molly Shannon in "SUPER STAR" when she says it, and it makes me laugh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Remember how much I love Holiday's?
Well, then you already know that I love Easter too. I love the hunts, the anticipation, coloring the eggs, and the Easter bunny. And of course, I love this time to reflect on our Savior and all he does for us. We always include all the fun extras Easter offers, including the bunny and the candy (oh the candy!), but we are really trying to make sure the ladies understand the true meaning we Celebrate this Holiday. I've found that it is a tough subject to talk to Adyson about. She is 5 now, and I think old enough to understand just how important this Holiday is, but I also worry about all the details and wonder if my sensitive little one is ready to hear them. This year in Primary they really discussed the last day's of Christs life, and it really opened the door for us to have these tough discussions with her. I think she is really understanding this more, and I'm so thankful for Primary for encouraging us to make sure our children understand this.

Okay, on to the festivities. And oh boy, did we have festivities.

Saturday: Trav's family celebrates Easter on Saturday with about the biggest Easter egg hunt in all of Tree town. Seriously, 30 eggs per kid. They each have their own color, Adyson of course was purple. (She was happy about this). We ate some lunch, played some volleyball, and just enjoyed the warmth that we had for the day. They had such a great time and really loved the hunt! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun!

Saturday night: Coloring Easter Eggs. This is by far my favorite thing to do at Easter time, and maybe I should be embarrassed to admit this, but I get pretty into it! My mom goes all out and buys pretty much every kit possible. This year we had, sparkles, speckles, tie-dye, plain, and sponge painting. We had a really good time (the adults as much as the kids!)

The crew: Amy showed up later.

If your wondering why I like to do the Easter Eggs so much, I will let you in on a little secret. My dad loves it even more. Every year he complains about it, until we get them all ready and then he gets pretty into it, trying to make the VERY best egg he can make.

This year he chose the American Flag. And yes, he has his hand over his heart.
He is sooo cool. (Love you dad!)
Ad's concentrating.

Dad helping Enna bug out.

The fam.
Sunday morning we awoke bright and too early with Adyson bouncing off the walls excited to see if the Good bunny came. They were so excited when they found their baskets full of fun surprises. This year the Easter bunny remembered how much candy the kids get at both of their Grandma's houses, and so instead they got a tiny bit of candy and he filled their eggs with little toys, chap sticks, necklaces and stuff like that. Thank goodness because we still have WAY too much candy!Easter Dresses.

After church we went to my moms for dinner, where she spoiled them with yet another Easter basket. As if they need more stuff! Geez! Their favorite item from Grandma? An Easter coloring book that entertained them while we played (and Won as usual) Canasta. Thanks so much for spoiling them mom!

To finish off I'll let you hear this song that Adyson's friend taught Ady, and Ady taught Seinna.

It's pretty dang cute if I do say so myself. I hope you all had a fantastic Easter as well!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I don't want to brag...

except I'm lying and I totally want to brag. This is my first week using the obsessive shopper and pinching your pennies. I have never, ever, used a coupon before this, and am sooo very excited about it! I can't wait to watch my very lacking food storage grow.

I saved $79.43 and spent $60.59.

If you think I'm excited, you should have seen Trav's face as we watched the price drop.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The mets in his lungs have stayed the same.
The spot on his rib has grown a tiny bit, but nothing that concerns them.
The spot on his kidney has grown, but again, just barely, and nothing that concerns them.
And I think the spot on his liver is the same.

We are happy that the treatments continue to work, and so grateful for all your prayers! I'd be happier if there wasn't any growth, but we take what we can get!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know that Travis has his scan set for Tuesday morning.

This should explain me screening phone calls, being extremely emmotional, and living in my sweats.

I'm feeling a wide variety of emotions that range from terrified to optimistic and hopeful. It seems sometimes that we get used to this, and then scan time comes and the severity of what we face hits us head on again.

And if your wondering: it sucks.

Feel free to send happy thoughts and prayers in this direction. We sure feel them.

Have I mentioned how much we appreciate our friends and family? We do. Thanks to all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Excuses, Excuses...

The reasons I have yet to do the AI recap: Adyson and Sienna.

You see the ladies have taken a liking to the show, making it impossible for Travis and I to really pay attention. (We hear bits and pieces in between Sienna telling us how much she likes "Paula's lips" and Adyson doing her very best to dance and sing just like each and every one of them. She has Megan's "sway" down pretty good).

It's entertaining.

To tide you over till the day comes when I decide to recap yet again: Here is Adyson doing some very great Impressions.

We think she is funny, I hope you do to.

And if you couldn't' tell by the video, we are REALLY not Kara fans. We skip past her %99 of the time.

And what in the world is up with Megan Joy and her "Cawing"? On the plus side I'd kill for her hair. It's pretty.

And speaking of hair: Scott and Alison need help. That's all I'm going to say.

And Adam Lambert, Please, LAY. OFF. THE. ORANGE. TANNER! I know, MANY of you think he is fantastic, but you are wrong.

As for me, I sure like that Kris Allen. If I actually voted, I'd vote for him. I thought he was fantastic last night.

So, let's chat friends. Tell me what you think....

Okay, that's all I got, except for this picture of Sienna, just because I think she is cute.

The end.