Friday, January 27, 2012


Right now I am completely smitten
with my two little ladies.


Lately they have become
the very best of friends.
I'm not gonna lie,
they have their moments where
they argue, but mostly they
want to spend every second together.

At bed time Adyson snuggles into Sienna's bed
and they read in the dark with their reading lights aglow.
It's the sweetest thing.

And each day after school,
they get their treat homework done
as fast as they can so they can play
dance class, teacher, and listen to Justin Beiber.
(I tried to prolong the Beiberfever...I really did,
but it hit them just like every other kid from 5 up. Boo.)

They even share friends
without any fighting.
Most of the time.
It's glorious!

I keep praying and hoping and crossing all my fingers and toes
that they continue their friendship.
A sister is something special.

I adore these ladies of mine.
Adore them.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Princess Party

About a month ago when Trav
went in for his treatment at the
Cancer Center, he was informed
that One Wish Inc. had paid for our
little ladies to go to the Princess Party
hosted by the Child and family support center
in the USU ballroom.

What a fun surprise for our girls!
And for us!

Not only did they let us have
such a great time at the party,
but they sent Snow White and Cinderella
over to invite the girls to the party!
(Sure wish my video upload would work!)

This couldn't have come at a better time.
Travis was feeling pretty terrible, and Sienna was
home with the flu.
We were all feeling pretty blue.
But nothing cheers you up like princesses
on your front porch.
Trust me.

They brought a huge bag full of surprises
for the girls. Princess dresses,
movies, tiaras, wands, a barbie..
I mean, the list is long and the ladies LOVED it.
We waited a very long week till the day of the party
and then it was time to go.
They got in their darling new dresses
and we headed up to the ballroom where they....Got their makeup done.
(Sienna chose black. Lovely.)Got their hair done...Made beautiful jewelry...Were given a rose from Prince Charming.Got their nails done...Met Snow White,
(And Cinderella, Rupunzel, Tinkerbell, Ariel, & Belle)
And on their way out they even ran into
the Fairy God Mother!It was such a fun day!
We are so grateful to
One wish
for donating this to our family.
If you read our Cancer Blog
you know that the past week
has been extremely tough on our family.
It was lovely to have a day to forget
everything that was going on
and just spoil our girls.
Thank you for thinking of us.
We really are so. very. thankful.

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