Monday, March 12, 2012

{Day 3:Disneyland}

This was our chilly day of the trip.
(It was like 62 degrees, and a little windy).
We got the ladies in the warm clothes
(while they complained about wanting to wear shorts),
and off we went.

We first hit up
Small world.
Don't be too jealous....

And then hit up toon town for a bit.

And then headed to the tea-cups.
Travis and I loathe the tea-cups.
We thought we could send the ladies all know, like a ride at Lagoon.
But the ride attendant wasn't having it
and I was forced to get on.

Trav was happy about it.
The ladies thought it was hilarious.

I did not.

Adyson is over the princesses---because
she likes more mature things.
Like Beiber.
And Sienna pretends she is over them too.
But when she saw the line for Tink,
she remembered she is only 5 and wanted to say hello.
This made my heart happy.
And the 5 minute wait helped too.
Travis was really starting to hurt this day,
so we did a lot of shows.
First was the Alladin.
We love this show-it's amazing.
And then the Muppets.
Sienna looked over at me halfway through
and said,
"This isn't what I was expecting."
She thought it was the new movie.
And she was bummed.
Then we headed to Toy Story.
This ride is always a favorite.

Trav was really bummed that he didn't have someone
there to beat. Obviously the ladies and I aren't
big competition.

We called it an early night
and ordered some pizza and vegged out.
And the ladies said that Disneyland
pizza is way better then the pizza in our city.
Even though it was from pizza hut....


Eileen said...

TINK!? She is like the ONLY character we didn't meet! I didn't know she lived at Disneyland.

I have TINK envy.

Love all your pics. And fun.

Mortons Love said...

Looks like a great time! I've had a big enough break. Let's go back!

You Disney veterans were smart to take a day off in between. We had fun, but we were tired for sure!