Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Adyson's turns 7!}

This little lady went and turned 7.
And good gravy,
she was excited about it!We do Birthdays big 'round here.
What is better then a day to
She woke up to heart shaped cinnamon toast (her favorite breakfast).
And was surprised with a kids meal from
Wendy's (her VERY favorite)
as she walked down to the lunchroom.
Her friends were jeeealous.

We let her pick her restaurant of choice for dinner,
and of course she chose The Olive Garden.
It's Her most favorite of foods, and Travis isn't a fan,
so she used her b-day to her advantage and negotiated her way there.
Smart cookie.

She was extremely excited because Heather and Jody
were able to come visit and help us celebrate.
Just look at the overflowing table of gifts!

Opening her illustory from T and I.
I cannot wait to see what she comes up with!

The cousins. And I swear this is the only time you will ever see
Miss Lucy cry.

The next day we decided to celebrate with the Kidman
side of the family.
Adyson chose Caspers ice-cream.

Sienna was pretty happy about it.....

She chose an ipod cake.
Tell me, where are the days of princesses and teddy bears?
She grew up fast.
It still hurts.

Adyson, Rheagen, and Sienna.

Singing Happy Birthday.
Adyson is such a great kid. She is bright, beautiful, and unique.
She marches to the beat of her own drum, and I adore that about her.
She loves to learn and loves to create, and really loves to love.
She's sensitive and caring, with just the right amount of spunk (most of the time!).
We sure love this kid, and are so thankful she is ours.

But I sure wish time would slow down, because my little lady is
getting big, too quickly.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

{Johnson Family Pictures}

Today the Johnson side of the family got pictures taken, which was good because the kiddos have grown since the last batch, and sweet Lucy has been added to the fam. :)

Amy's sister Jen took them and did a great job...head to jenisophotography to take a peek.

Thanks Jen! They are darling!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

{Adyson's Art Birthday Party}

Next Friday marks Adyson's 7th Birthday.
Let's not think about how old that seems to me.
Instead, I will show you some pics of her lovely Art themed
Birthday party that was held today.
She is a true artist at heart, so this theme fit her to a T.

Here are the invites. Easy, cheap, and cute.We were able to hold the party at the school my
mom works at in the Art room.
It was the perfect venue.
The kids had plenty of room to create
their masterpieces.

The tables each were covered in butcher paper
rather then tablecloths so they could decorate them
to their hearts desire, and I was able to write their
names on each spot before the party began,
(which made it so we didn't get any of their artwork mixed up).

Each table had an activity.
First we made round crayons.
I had all the crayons broken into small pieces and into
a bowl with their coordinating colors.
Then they put whatever color combo they wanted in
my mini muffin tin.
(I had tape above with their name on it for each girl,
so they wouldn't get them mixed up.)
Then we baked them in the oven,
and let them cool.
They turned out really cute!
One table each girl made a self portrait on 8x10 papers
with gold, silver, and hot pink frames printed on them.

We then sculpted birds out of cornstarch dough.
Thank goodness T was there to help with this fun project!
The girls had so much fun doing this, and their birds
ended up looking pretty cute.
Adyson's Creation. Darling.And Sienna's.
She went feather crazy!!

Then we posed for pictures, of course!
The group.

Sienna and Rheagen.
Then we went to the food table,
where the ladies dined on paint cupcakes.
Pretzels dipped to look like paintbrushes....
(Use your imagination people!) :)And instead of ice cream they ate these
adorable Popsicles that look like crayons.
While they ate, they colored the table and I found this little
gem written on someones spot.
It doesn't take much to please these girls! ;)Then it was present time.
Guess who's

She was spoiled rotten by her cute friends,
and then her last gift was from Sienna.
Yes, we are proud owners of two fish.
They have appropriately named the gold fish
and the white fish...

We played a little pictionary to pass a few minutes and then
sent them on their way with these goody bags filled with art supplies.
It was a fun day... but I'm so glad it's over!
We have a fun week planned full of things to celebrate
our almost 7 year old.
Sure wish I could freeze time and stop them from growing!

I was inspired by this website for the party,
though my version isn't nearly as cute or well done.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Sea World}

Our last day of vacation was spent at
Sea World. We LOVE Sea World.
First we grabbed some maps.
Then Sienna posed with hers, naturally.

Then we headed to the helicopter ride.
Everyone loved this one.
But me.
I was carsick 1 minute in.
Does that mean I'm getting old?
(Do not answer that!)

Then we headed to see the Polar Bears and Beluga Whales.
This is my favorite place in Sea World.
I love the Belugas.
And I love this picture of Roo.

A good chunk of my pictures from that day look just like the one below.
The ladies were enthralled with all there was to see.
And Adyson just soaks all the information in.
I think she may have a future working with sea life,
she just loves learning about it all.

Then we headed to see the dolphins. We didn't have as much
luck as last year, and the dolphins kind of kept to themselves.
The trainers did have them do a few tricks and that was great to see.
Then we headed to the Sea Lions Live show.
We really love that show, it's just so funny.

The man who warms up the crowd 'Biff', called T and I
out of the crowd with my camera. He then said he wanted to
take a picture of us...
but then he made T move over-
pulled a random dude out of the audience to stand by me-
and then pulled out a few random kids for our family portrait.
Cute eh?
My kids didn't find this too funny...

Then we headed to the tide pools to pick up some starfish.
They were amazed by this and I think could have stayed there all day,
but we had to fit in the dolphins show and the pet show.

But we had to move on to the Shamu show. A great way to end our day,
and our trip.

I now have the California blues and am trying hard to remember
how warm, green, and blue it was.
Spring cannot come soon enough!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{San Diego Wild Animal Park}

After our lovely time in Disneyland, we packed up and headed
to San Diego. I love the drive from Aneheim to San Diego,
it's green, and the ocean looks lovely, and each time we make the
trek I think I should live there....
(Your welcome for that random bit of info).

We first went to the Wild Animal Park.
I give it a C-.
It's a lot of walking.
But not a lot of seeing animals.
Except for that 15 minute bus ride.
Unless you want to pay $50 for a ride upgrade.
That being said, it was still a nice day and much better
then being stuck in the cold!
And we got some good pics to share....

The ladies. I love this shot.
Aren't they beautiful?!
This little lady is turning 7 in a week.
And I think you can see how grown up she is in this picture.
It's heartbreaking.
They did love the splash pad here and Sienna
could have played here all day.

Tiff, Lorraine, Larry, and Adyson.
Lovely Roo.

T, Me, and Roo.

We did love the up-close look at the
sleeping lion on the jeep.
Sienna managed to yell loud enough to make
him wake up.
We ended the night back at the pool
and the ladies became bathing beauties.

Somebody help me.
I'm raising divas.

Monday, March 14, 2011

{The Happiest Place on Earth}

Last week we took a little family vacation to our
We love it there, so much,
and it didn't disappoint.

We were able to stay at the
Disneyland Hotel this year,
due to a certain family member who wanted
to spoil us rotten. I can't even tell you
how thankful we were to be there!
We felt very loved and enjoyed every single second.
Align CenterWe rode the monorail into the park on the first day
and headed right to Nemo. The line is usually so long that
we skip it, but we were able to hop right on.
Can you feel how excited the ladies were?The fam.

Roo, making me a little carsick!

Me and T.

Aunt Tiff and the ladies. They had so much fun with her!

Grandma Lorraine, Tiff and Ads,
Grandpa, Devin, and Roo in the back.
It's a small world ;)

We introduced the Kidman clan to our favorite soup. YUM!

Toy Story, always a favorite.

The must have picture in front of the Mickey Flower Garden.

The whole family at Goofy's Kitchen, with our chef-Goofy.

The ladies LOVED Goofy's kitchen, and every 5 minutes a new
star would come to our table to see them.
Snow White loved their Twinkle Toes shoes and
asked if Tinkerbell lived in them. The ladies LOVED It.

Pluto tickling Enna-bug.

Baloo Bear picked Adyson right up and made her dance.
She loved it!


Me and my handsome hubs.
Gosh I love him.

Waiting for Tink.

The bugs life show. Such a great movie!

The fam in front of the castle.

The whole fam, minus Devin who is scared of the camera.

Rapunzel! The girls were smitten by her hair.

The ladies got to sit on the boat at the Storybook ride.
They felt kinda awesome.

The ladies very favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain.
We went on it daily. I love this shot of T and Devin laughing.
I loved watching the ladies ride this one, doing their best to keep
their arms up the whole time.
They are brave little ladies!

Waiting for the Wonderful World of Color, which was amazing.
Enna got really slap happy. Such a great memory.

We stayed in the Dream Tower of the Disneyland Hotel. Our room was beautiful!
We felt so spoiled and are so thankful to have been able to be there.
It was really, really amazing.

Saying Goodbye to Disneyland by the Giant Mickey.
Till next year!
The ladies dancing with Pluto in Goofy's kitchen. Adorable!

Our room headboard played a lullaby to us each night. It was just so lovely and we all loved it! I want to live in that room...