Monday, July 26, 2010

{24th Celebration}

It's hot here friends.
The ladies have taken to using ice packs to cool off.
I thought it was kinda smart and cute,
till I saw Sienna rub it on her 'hot feet' then rub it on her face.
Um, ya.
We had us a mighty good time on the 24th. My brother in law Devin, and I both share a Birthday on the 30th. (Jot it down, it's kind of a big deal). We decided this year to throw a 24th/b-day bbq with our fams. I'm really bummed that I didn't bother to get my camera out during the bbq, so I will paint you a picture via the blog. The ladies were dancing, the boys were wrestling, we were eating. I mean there was a lot of food to be eaten, shrimp, steak, pork chops, potatoes, salads, was a little gross. Only Heather and Jody and kids were missing, and I forgive them because I get to see them in a few days!!
Once it got dark the fireworks began. And I apologize right now for how really, really awful these photos are. I'm not smart enough to figure out how to use my fancy camera at night, and thought my point and shoot would get some good ones using my "firework mode" but it just didn't happen. They are fuzzy, so enjoy.
Moving on: Sparklers. Who doesn't love them?
Cody does.
Sienna Kate does.

Mom and Ames, and Lucy.
What? You want, I mean need, to see a close up of Lucy? Here you go. Is she not the cutest thing ever? And she's about the happiest baby I've ever seen.
We are really, really, blessed to live in such a great neighborhood. I counted 30 people here enjoying the show, and really love all of them. Someone should have told Travis and my dad it was a bad idea to wrap one of the fireworks around the mailbox. Yes, we have burnt spots on it now. And yes, it will be replaced. ;)
My smart and thoughtful mom bought a huge pack of glow bracelets to pass around. My girls had them all up their arms, and were in heaven. Amy decided they looked a little bit like Rainbow Bright. Love it.

Candace and her girls enjoying the show.

Me and my Enna bug. I do love this kid, she was sooo tired during the fireworks that she actually asked me if she could go inside and go to bed.

This kid though, she was just mad that they ended so soon and wanted to stay up another hour. If you've done the math you now know that this kid is all me and Sienna is all here pops.

It made for a fabulous night, and it was full of family, some of our best friends, and lots of laughs. I can't complain.

Now it's 11:32, so I'm gonna go ahead and call it Tuesday. Meaning my b-day is just a mere 3 days away.

Who's excited??

Monday, July 19, 2010

How we spent our weekend...

This weekend we packed up the ladies for a little overnighter in Bear Lake. Oh how we love to get away! Do you remember when we went to Laguna Beach a few months ago and this little lady was TERRIFIED of the giant waves in the ocean? She wasn't excited for another day at the beach...but she got over that fear in about 3 seconds flat. She enjoyed herself all day long.

Sienna showing off one of the many, many seashells she found.
Adyson, who is often scared of well, everything, just really loved the lake. She is sure growing up and shocking us with her ever changing ways. She couldn't get enough of the water, and at times we would look for her and find her clear out in the water exploring. (She's still Adyson though folks, so don't worry too much, she didn't go past her chest.)

Travis. What a good dad he is. As soon as we got there Sienna begged him to "help" her build a sand castle. So Travis started filling buckets and began constructing the best sand castle known to man. About 30 seconds in Sienna said (and this is a direct quote), "Dad, you keep building the castle, and I'm just gonna do whatever I want, ok?"
Bless her.
And bless him, because he just kept digging, and building.

Sienna preparing a mud-turtle pie. Tasty.
LOVE these ladies. They make life so, so good.

Um, it was windy...I should have pulled the curly locks up...I know.My Dad decided to "help" in the digging of the mote around the castle. He managed to pretty much collapse the back tower. And then Adyson gave us all a great chuckle when she very dramatically exclaimed, "But WE ALL worked so hard on it!"
For the record: Travis was pretty much the only one working hard on it.
What a funny lady I am raising.

The final product, with a very authentic crumbling tower in the back. I love the look on Adyson's face here, classic. (In her defense, she found the twigs for the landscaping, and the rock for the drawbridge.)
My 3 favorite peeps. I adore them.
Sunday night we decided to have Sienna try to ride her bike without training wheels. Sweet little lady was NOT excited about it. We sat her down, and she just started to cry saying she couldn't do it. I told her to try, just once, and keep peddling. That was it. She peddled, I let go, and she went. And hasn't stopped since. And I tell you what, that kid is very, very proud.Zoom.

I've found a little bit of pride, and a little bit of sadness in this. My baby, my baby! can ride a bike without training wheels. What, like tomorrow? she will be driving a car...

And to speed up the growing up process even quicker (and pour salt in my wounds), Adyson had her first "friend sleepover".
It's began.
Adyson and bff Lexi have been talking about having a sleepover for the past few weeks. I've heard them whispering, and Adyson even has a bag packed. It's cute. And a little heartbreaking. That being said, I'm so glad that Adyson has a friend like Lexi. They have so much fun together, and always let Sienna tag along. Lexi is Adyson's Brittney, and I can't imagine my life without my cross the street bff.
Disclaimer: Adyson has like, a lot of make-up on, and I'm not sure whats up with her shorts on her head. She's a clown. And we DO bathe our kids; occasionally.We got them all snuggled up in the front room, and let them watch the new "Sonny with a chance" (It's like Punky Brewster for their generation). They snuggled in and told a few secrets and went right to sleep. So cute. And if you find a way to freeze time, I will pay you.

Friday, July 16, 2010

For Eileen...

Who asked to see my new furniture, and gave me an excuse to show them off on my blog.... ;).
The new couches. I've been begging for new front room couches for like, years. Travis really loved the old ones, and they were about the comfiest things in the world. We will miss napping on them, but boy howdy do I love my new pretty couches! I keep telling Travis, in time they will be comfy too...
We upgraded to a King Bed. Due to Trav's paining body (the rib, and the shoulder) he just needed more room. (Though I think he really is just sick of me hogging most of the bed.) I wasn't really that excited for a bigger bed, until we got it. Oh, I am in love. It's just huge, and so comfy. Plus, I love any excuse for new bedding. My pictures don't do my new bedding justice either, the colors are just so pretty, full of deep plums, soft greys, blues, and greens. It's just yummy.

I have spent the day redecorating the bedroom by browsing through all the existing rooms and stealing stuff from them. (Design on a budget!) I forgot how much fun it is to redo a room. And Travis is just praying that I've got it all out of my system....:)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Treehouse Museum

Friday we took the ladies to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden.
Sienna told her friends all day the day before we were going to the "maseam".
We had a fabulous time. If you haven't taken your kids yet, you must. I think there is something there for every age, and it's just a safe, fun, kid friendly zone. And they learned a lot while there too.

Adyson, naturally, LOVED all the art things she was able to do. She could have spent hours at each station drawing.
Here they are with Daddy drawing some heros.
And here is Sienna showing off her explorer boat. (Ady, in the background drawing.)
Adyson loves all things science as well, so much she asked for a microscope for her b-day last year, so she really enjoyed dressing up in her Doctor coat and checking out their much bigger scope and slides.

Sienna really loved the music room, but honestly, she loved it all. She explored every single thing in every single room. What a fun day she had.
The ladies in the "Oval Office".
Can you imagine?
Adyson learned a lot about the former Presidents of the United States last year in school. They have all of their pictures hanging on the wall, so we quizzed her a bit. When asked who George Washington was, she responded "President Hinckley". But she did get Abraham Lincoln right, and this time when asked what he did, instead of saying he freed the "Slayes", she got it right.
Best picture of the day. The ladies dressed up as pirates giving me their meanest faces. You are scared, aren't you?And this picture is just for you Amy. Travis is standing on the Island of Alaska....:)

Adyson sitting on the throne. She looks quite dignified, yes?Trav and the ladies getting ready to go down the treehouse. Adyson dressed as a caterpillar, Sienna as a butterfly. They both were big, huge fans of the treehouse.

The main floor of the museum has a whole bunch child size houses from a bunch of different countries. Sienna ran right in to this China house and dove right on top of the huge panda bear. I tried to not think about all the germs on that thing, and snapped a quick pic.

They also have a life sized cow that you can actually milk there. Adyson went right up and started milking it and Sienna looked at Travis and asked if it was peeing.
We laughed, hard.
Then Adyson was telling a friend all about it, and told her she milked the cows "gutters".
We laughed hard then, too.
Love my girls. They sure make me smile.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

{Snapshots at the Fireworks}

Here we are at the fireworks. Oh the ladies love the fireworks. Like, a lot. Each year we go to the same park, and sit with a big group of the same peeps. (You were missed Otte Clan and Downs Clan). I tried to get some good shots of Sienna, but she was too busy playing in the sand and rolling down the hill. Endless energy this kid has.
But I did manage to get this. You want to squeeze those cheeks, don't you? I do. And she's sound asleep right now, but I may sneak in there just to give her a quick kiss...
I realized this year how grown up my little Ads is getting. There was less running around with the little kids, and more wanting to hang out with the grown ups. STOP Growing Ady. Stop. (I'm gonna sneak and give her a smooch too.) I sure love these kids of mine.

And she's so, very pretty.

Amy, sporting her Travstrong you have one?

Adyson sporting her candy tongue. Awesomeness.
My pops. Aint he cute?
We always have a good time at the fireworks, and look forward to it every year. Next year I will bring extra blankets because someone (MY DAD) managed to steal ours because HE forgot his jacket. It's ok dad, the 4 year old and 6 year old can freeze, as long as you are comfy... :)
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! We did, and have a great week ahead too.