Monday, April 28, 2008

Bless the Dandelions

This is Adyson's new obsession. Collecting Dandelions. I remember doing this as a child, but she is taking it to a new level. Here are her prized possessions.I think she may have gotten a bit of my O.C.D.ness. The dandelions have to be placed root down in the water, and there can't be too many in one cup. She has to add a few rocks to each cup, you know, it's important. The water level has to be just right.

Tonight during family prayer she blessed them.

Which leads me to wonder 2 things. First-How hard is it gonna be to kill these beauties now that she has the big guy on her side, and Second-Is it wrong that we ARE planning on killing them so soon after she prayed for them?
Oh well. I guess she will have to find another hobby. I'm going to try to teach her to dust and hope that she takes it to this extreme. Wish me luck.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dear Sienna,

My baby! I can't believe that you are two! And what a great 2 year old you are. You have made daddy and I laugh daily since you were born. You have made our family so complete and we all can't imagine life without you.

You are a little beauty. Your smile lights up a room, your eyes just sparkle, and your hair, well your hair is just plain amazing! We dig your curls! You are soooo smart and learn something new everyday. You can say anything, and are very expressive in everything you do. You have a huge heart that feels bad if anyone else feels bad, and you are worried if anyone else is worried. But you have an amazing ability to always make us smile even when we don't really feel like it.

A lot has gone on in our lives since you were born, and you have made the things we have been dealt with easier. You put things in perspective for us and make us feel blessed daily! Thank you for that!

We love how silly and goofy you are. You fill our home with laughter always by dancing, singing, and being so dang ticklish! You are so girly but in a much tougher way than your sister! We love how daring you are and how independent you are! Your favorite saying is "I'll do it by myself."

We live for your "squeezes" and kisses, but mostly for that perfect smile! You are a beauty! I hope that we can always make you as happy as you make us. We love you and are thankful daily that you are here!

Happy Birthday Sienna!

Today was Sienna's 2nd birthday. I can't believe that my baby is 2! We had such a fun day today celebrating with our families, and Sienna soaked up every bit of the attention. She LOVED it!

Here is a recap. Forgive my overload of pictures. If you read my blog then you know that it's a normal thing.

She woke up to balloons. Like most 2 year olds there is NOTHING better than balloons, and she was pretty dang excited to get hers! Couldn't you just kiss her sleepy face?

In the afternoon we had a party with our families. While we were waiting for everyone to come Grandma and Grandpa Johnson gave her her first bike. She was VERY excited to get a present and I can't wait to take her out again tomorrow to play on it!After dinner we played outside for quite a while enjoying the awesomeness (is that a word?) of the day before coming in to open presents. This was her favorite part of the whole day. She understood that these were all for her, and literally gasped every time she opened a present. She had us all cracking up and made us all want to give her presents more often! Adyson got her this Minnie mouse doll and she adores it. She took her to bed with her tonight and we could hear her talking to Minnie for at least a half an hour.I love this picture! Travis and I got her this easel, and when we brought it in all of her cousins ran over to play too. She had such a great time playing with them (we missed Heather and Jody's kids though!) Aren't they all so cute?After presents, it was cake time! Grandma Lorraine made this perfect Minnie Mouse cake. I actually felt really bad cutting into it, it was too cute! My mom made this delicious treat too. And if your wondering, today we were not vegans. Not even close!Her after the cake picture, she got it EVERYWHERE! This is the face she makes as soon as I whip out the camera.

It was a great day and I think Sienna gets how great Birthday's are. We felt so blessed to have so many people here to celebrate with us and make her day special!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Wired-It's 1:30 a.m. We just got home from the Jazz game. Travis is exhausted and I'm sure sound asleep by now. I, in usual Johnson form, am wired. I'm hoping this posting makes me tired! And please excuse any rambling or spelling problems. :)

Mad-Before we left I went to make sure the batteries were charged in my camera, and apparently it is broken. I'm not amused, and am just praying that my Travis can fix it!

Frusterated-Freakin' Jazz. Enough said.

Pleased-Even though the Jazz somehow lost the game, I LOVED going with Travis. Nothing makes him happier than a good basketball game. He had a treatment today and it was a nice way to take his mind off of it. If your wondering, the Texas sized canker has now turned into a China sized canker. boo.

Weird-My kids are at my moms house and I have to go and get them in the morning. It's weird not to have them here. I miss them.

Full-We have been eating to our new diets delight this week. Baked Potato's with spray butter, perfectly steamed veggies, veggie fajitas...tonight we ate at the Training Table. The food was delicious, but I am still full, and feeling a bit guilty for eating there...

Excited-I'm always excited for the weekend. I love having daddy home! This weekend is Sienna's birthday and I can't wait! I hope the camera is fixed so I can document that day!

Still wired-Well, that's all the rambling I have for tonight. Oddly enough, I'm still wide awake. I'm going to rest my head and hope to doze of quickly!

I hope you are all feeling HAPPY today!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Well now I'm just showing off.

Courtney dropped of the rest of my pictures today, and because I am totally vain, I had to share a few more. Thanks again Courtney!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekday Vegans

After Travis was diagnosed we received many health tips. Some were teas, some were body cleansing things. Some friends have helped us get some great vitamins. One friend recommended a great book, and another friend bought the book for us. My cousin sent us a great cook book that has a ton of 'garden recipes' in it.

You get the gist.

We talked and talked about trying some of these things, but honestly, it was hard to focus on this when what we were facing seemed so large.

Now that we are getting sort of used to life again we are ready to change things.

After reading "The China Study", a book that is about how cancer feeds off of animal protein, we have decided to try it out.

No meet. No Dairy. No eggs.

Now you ask, what does that leave? Fruits and Veggies. A bit of fish. Whole grains. Soy foods.


This morning when we were talking about this I just kept thinking of the happiness a good roast puts on Trav's face. I want to be supportive and will do anything to make Trav's cancer stop growing, but I also want him to enjoy life (and food).

So we came to a great compromise. During the week we will be Vegans. We will do our best to follow those guidelines and hopefully that will really help. But on the weekends, and special occasions, we can stray a bit.

So there you have it folks, we are weekday vegans. I am actually really excited about this because in a few weeks Travis will have another scan and hopefully this will improve the results!

So I ask you this question. Do you have any great recipes that fall under our new eating criteria? No meat, no dairy, no eggs? I would love to hear how you cook your veggies, and fish. I've never cooked fish a day in my life (I'm not a fan...), and I have about 3 different ways of cooking veggies without any dairy involved. HELP!

It feels good to finally think about this because we both feel like we have been given hint after hint that this will help him. We will keep you posted on life as a vegan!

My beauties

Have you ever met someone who is just good at everything?

This is my friend Courtney. She is beautiful. She has a serious knack for decorating and her house is darling. She is super nice, and now has the talent of taking amazing pictures. Courtney, what's your secret?

She offered, or took the 'subtle' hints I've been leaving on her blog, to take pictures of my girls, and e-mailed me a few. Here is a sneak peak. Aren't they delicious?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adyson's Special Day

Today was Adyson's Special Day at school. She was so excited to bring treats to her friends and a poster that told all about herself. We just can't believe how big she is getting! It happens much to fast!

Here she is all ready to go. She really wanted to wear a dress and flip-flops today, and even though I'm sure it wasn't quite warm enough, I caved.

Her poster

She wanted to bring blueberry muffins. I was shocked that she didn't want cupcakes, or brownies, or some other super sugary treat, but no, it was blueberry muffins. The girls got Tinkerbell rings and the boys got basketball rings.

Here she is with her amazing teacher while they were singing to her. Can't you just see the pride and excitement on her face?

here she is showing off her poster.

Her teacher drew a life size picture of her, matching clothes and all, to bring home and color. She had a great time doing that this afternoon.

Travis took the day off and was able to come with us. It was such a great moment and we are so proud of who Adyson is. She is a great kid! Afterwards we came home and the girls had a 'dance party' (Adyson's new favorite activity). And yes, they got daddy to join the party too.

Travis went in for another treatment today and I have to tell you, he has the canker of all cankers in his mouth. I dare you to try and find me proof of a bigger one! :) His mouth is already starting to feel a bit swollen (this usually happens later), so I am hoping that this round doesn't get too crappy.

Other that the cancer crap, the day was wonderful and lovely. We even squeaked in a nap! I hope your day was great as well!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

AI-The Leather Pants Epidsode

Last week while I was doing my usual AI post, I told Travis that I was just getting less funny by the week and volunteered him to recap this weeks episode for you. To my total shock, he agreed. I think maybe he secretly wants to be a blogger. Show him some love friends.

David Archuletta - think leather pants. I don't know why they don't just get rid of the rest of the contestants right now and just get to the David and David finale.

David Cook - think fake tears of joy (lame). Rocked. This was by far the best song of the season to Hayley's dismay. She is back in love.

Jason Castro - think weed. Lots and lots of weed. Don't you remember the time when you were prancing down the beach and heard the sweet songs of Jason Castro in the background. Randy does.

Carly - think tattoo (or lack there of). It was so nice to have a week without seeing that disaster on her arm. Although her husband gives me nightmares. She is the best singer of the girls, but I could never vote for her because obviously her judgement is lacking.

Syesha - think blah. Go away already. "Vanish" into the night. 'Nough said.

Brooke - think nerves. I honestly didn't think she would make it through the song. I felt bad. Pray for her mormons, pray.

Kristi Lee - think who votes for her. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Thanks dawgs for your time.

Hayley speaking: Do you see why I married him? He's funny, no?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Catching Up

I haven't been my usual blogging self lately. I have no excuse other than we have been super busy doing who knows what. Here is a small update, just for blogging sakes.

We celebrated Simon's 2nd birthday. Yes folks, 2 years ago his mama's h2o broke at my house, and time has flown by! We love you Simon!

Amy made these super cute cupcake cones. My kids loved them and I can't wait to try to make them myself. Amy you are such a domestic diva!

The other day I walked past Adyson's room and Sienna was inside singing a lullaby to this barbie and sweetly tucking her into this handkerchief. She is constantly reminding me that she is not a baby anymore, and I love watching her imagination flourish.

Last weekend we bought Sienna her first Big girl panties...honestly, how cute is her toosh? We still haven't really tried the training yet, but are preparing to. You can tell she is our second kid because with Adyson we had her totally trained by 2, but with Sienna we are just plain lazy! I'll keep you updated on this, and wish us luck!My favorite part of the week was putting the sandals on the girls! Yeah for sunshine, for today at least. Travis just told me that we are expecting snow tomorrow. Seriously, snow? Travis is 2 weeks into his 6 week period for treatments (this Thursday will be his 3rd), and is still feeling okay. I think he is sick of never feeling great, (he misses that), but he still never complains, and thank goodness the mouth and throat sores haven't been too bad lately! After his 6 weeks he will go in for another scan. I dread having to face it again and just pray that the news will be good news, and maybe even great news....I like that idea.

With that folks, you are all caught up on our lives. Let's hope that I can find something better to blog about this week, because this post is fairly pathetic. Sorry 'bout that!

Have a good day!

You Lucky Winners

Note: I really don't think I am cooler than you Jill. That was total sarcasm. :)
Your turn ladies. This will be great fun!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Future Idols

It's getting harder and harder for me to make fun of the AI contestants. Most of the terrible ones are gone, and I've already said all that I can say about most of them.

So short and sweet.

Loved Jason Castro. Thought Brooke did okay. I was terribly annoyed when David Cook showed his 'give back' sign on his hand...we have a love/hate relationship...have you noticed? Thought David A. was great again, and still am annoyed by Syesha. And Kirsty Lee, well, she just needs to go home. I like Carly, and just want to listen to her talk all day, and thought the Aussie was just alright dog.

I miss the days of making fun of Ramiels atrocious attire and Amanda Obermeyers overall ugliness. I guess I will always have Paula's clothing choices to roast. I would write about her 'outfit' tonight, but I believe that dress of hers called enough attention to herself, so there is no need. :) What did you guys think?

Tonight Adyson and Sienna put on one heck of a concert for us, Miley Cyrus style. (If your wondering, we are VERY sick of Miley Cyrus,) Thanks again for the most annoying gift ever Cody and Amy!

I present to you, Our future Idols.

On a side note, Sienna woke up with a fever of 104 today. what the heck is wrong with my kids? This year they have been non stop sick. I promise we are clean people. We wash our hands, we Lysol, we eat healthy....will it ever stop? I don't want Travis to get this...I need springtime!

And another side note, I will pick my pay it forward winner in a few days, so if you haven't entered and want to, go ahead.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


This weekend was just that. Lovely.

Every year on Conference Saturday, the girls leave the kids at home with the dads and go to Park City for some serious shopping, eating, and slap happy laughing. (Don't judge us for doing this over conference is the only way Heather and Jody can get here without missing church.)

It is so much fun to all be together! I cannot tell you how blessed I feel that I have such beautiful strong women to look up to. We get along really well and constantly make each other laugh. We were able to eat at our favorite restaurant in Park City, Baja Cantina, and do some serious summer shopping.

This year Jody ended up having to work, so Heather brought Brielle and Breezy with us. It was great to have Breje' with us, because really she is getting old enough to really appreciate how great a Girls Day Out is. And Brielle didn't make a peep all day. She was an angel!

Travis stayed home with the girls, and they loved every second of it! He is such a great dad and I think they may be disappointed tomorrow when it's back to boring old mom. Thanks Trav! I love you.

Today we went to my parents house to watch conference...or try to watch conference with 5 kids running around. During the break Travis, Cody, and Amy took the kids to the park to fly kites with them. The wind died down so they didn't really get them to fly, but the kids loved being outside.

I didn't get to go with them because I was busy doing this...

Chopping off Breje's Hair. Isn't it cute! She has been begging me to cut it for quite a while and mom and dad finally caved in. Breje', you just get prettier and prettier!

Shopping-Monopoly-Turkey Dinner-Relaxed Parents-Refreshed kids. This makes for a Lovely weekend indeed.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


This post made me want to play around with I have used it many times before, but tonight I became addicted. If you haven't used it yet...try it! It's loads of fun!

I did all these edits in a just an hour! I don't have Lisa's amazing Photography talents, but this was still super easy and fun to do!

I hope you all are enjoying your conference weekend...we are!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yeah! I won a PAY IT FORWARD from Mindy's blog! I am excited because honestly I never win anything...but only 4 people commented, so I guess my chances were good. Now it's my turn to "pay it forward."

Here is how it goes. Make a comment on this post telling me your favorite thing about spring within the next week, and I will pick 3 people who will win something great from me. I will send it in the even if you don't live in my neck of the woods...enter. Sounds fun, right?

Here's the thing, I want all of you readers to try for this, don't act like you don't want free stuff....we all do, right? And for those of you (Liz), who always tell me that you try to comment and can't figure it out, here you go. Click on the comments button, type your comment in the box, and if you don't have a google account click on the anonymous button. Then you just have to hit the publish comment button and...that's it. Easy as pie.

Alright kids, ta-ta for now.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IDOL-Dolly Parton Style

Here are my thoughts on Idol...because I can't help myself.

I'm thinking maybe David Cook reads my blog because he has taken my hair notes to heart. The mystery of the Receding hair line is solved, and turns out it's not as bad as we all thought. Good boy David. Good boy. And since this is a "singing" competition, he did good tonight, no? Thanks for reading David, I will continue to give you constructive criticism along your journey.

Ramiel, the only thing worse than ill fitting high waisted pants, are ill fitting high waisted pants/overalls. No good. I think Simon should have given you the same advice he gave Carly. Speak to whoever the heck is styling you! And speaking of that comment he gave Carly...I found it totally hilarious! It was sooo mean, but I'm thinking I like mean, so whatever. The red pants were ugly, so I agree with Simon. And thank goodness Paula wasn't wearing lace gloves tonight! I know that the ugly 80's styles are becoming "in" again, but if we get to the point where we the girls perm their hair and have the "bangs" again, I'd prefer being completely out of style for a while.

My favorite comment of the night was from good ol' Dolly Parton herself. I believe her exact words were "he's a funky lookin' boy." about Jason Castro. While I agree that he isn't exactly the most normal looking person on the show...who is Dolly Parton to say this? She isn't exactly not funky lookin'. A quote from T, because he loves it when I quote him on the blog. "Man, what happened to her face?" (speaking of Dolly herself.) Nice Travis, really nice. She seems totally nice though and who doesn't love Dolly Parton really? And I LOVED his performance tonight, and was quite surprised that Simon didn't.

The Mormons both did just fine. Brooke is just too polite not to love, and David A. sounded all silky again. I like them both.

Overall I was quite surprised that I enjoyed Dolly Parton night more than the Beatles nights...who would have thunk it?

Okay Idol lovers, what did I miss?