Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{#8, #18}

Ride Our Bikes To Mack Park to Play

Oy Vey.
Today was a doozy.

Mack Park is a mere mile from our house.
Both of the ladies have done this ride before.
Sienna, has done it a lot
because we used to go while Ady was in school.

So I assumed it would be simple and easy today.
{Here is where you learn I am sooo not mother of the year.}
We got about a block and a half away, and Sienna was struggling.
She was going really slow, and kept saying
"I just can't do it."
And she was crying.

Meanwhile, Adyson and her friend were a
good 2 blocks ahead, waiting for us (im)patiently.

And it was

So I was (im)patiently
trying to get her to MOVE.

I may have said the sentence
"Sienna, you've done this before!
You are acting like a baby. Just go!"
Once...or twice.

It was awful.
And did I mention HOT?

Finally, my mom came to the rescue and picked
Sienna up and threw her bike in the trunk so
Adyson and I could finish the ride.

Cut to tonight when Trav looks at her bike and sees that
somehow she's got the brake on her front wheel.

How awful do I feel?
Poor kid pretty much had the workout of her life today.

In my defense, she didn't say a word about the wheel
not spinning. She just acted tired.

I know, I suck.
Silver Lining....
we checked it off the list.

Go Swimming.

I know, it's a little pathetic that we are
just barely crossing this one off the list!
The ladies got a double dose of swimming today.
After our awful bike ride, we went to my moms
and they dove in her pool.
And LOVED it.I loved it too. I sat in this chair, shoes off, and Sonic in hand.
The kids were so happy, and the wind was blowing,
and the leaves were making pretty music.
And their backyard is just so beautiful and private.

It was a good moment.

And then tonight we had our ward swim party
at the Logan Aquatic Center.
We love our ward, and love sitting and chatting with them.
We are very lucky to live in such a great place.

The ladies loved it.
All half hour of it.
Because the lighting started
and we had to leave. :(

Monday, June 27, 2011



Go To Temple Square.

They loved
The flowers.
The Beehive House.
The Joseph Smith Memorial.
The temple.
The Sister Missionaries.
Spending time with Cousin Breje.And me...I hope.And the Christos.

And the beautiful pools and fountains.
I loved every second of spending the day with my beautiful girls.
(And Breje and my mom).
And eating here. Oh my.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

{#15, #25}

Color a big sign that says 'Welcome Home Daddy!'

My mom watched them the other day while I ran to the
store and knocked this one out while I was gone.
They had so much fun making it,
and they couldn't wait for T to come home to see it.

It was uber windy when we went to hang it,
so we layed it on the garage floor..
whatever works, right?

Simon, Roo, Ads, and Lexi.And some pictures, just cause they are adorable.{#25}

Go to a movie.

We saw Rio, and loved it.
(This picture was taken at Lowes, just after the movie).

The checklist is getting smaller,
but the ones left are getting harder to check off.
I'm really hoping we can get it done...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

{Fathers Day, #5, #28 & #30 }

Fathers Day weekend was lovely.
We were able to see both of our
fabulous dads,
eat delicious food,
and lounge around cuddling.
The ladies made T huge cards,
loads of candy,
and lots of rounds of golf...so he was thrilled.

I asked to get a picture of them...
and silly girls that they are,
this is what I got.But I finally got them to stop playing long enough for
a half decent one.And a smoochy one too.
The ladies adore their Daddy,
and I do too.
We are very, very lucky.

Stay up till Midnight.

This one was a tough one for
me to follow through with.
I love my kids going to bed
early, and I love a schedule.

But, it was on the list....
So we let a friend sleepover.

And we stayed up late watching a movie.
And then showed them the clock,
and they were thrilled!Then, we tucked them into bed,
and Travis fixed the clock back to it's
actual time.

Yep. We totally lied to our kids.
In our defense it was still 11:00,
which is extremely late for the ladies.

Stop judging.
Take cookies to someone, just because.

We baked the yummiest oatmeal
chocolate chip cookies ever.
They chose to give them to my mom's neighbors
who they adore, and who are moving shortly.
It was fun. :)

(Do you adore the make-up?)
Go on a picnic.

The ladies complained about %90 of the time
that it was too hot.
Next time, we will find more shade!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

{Dentist-Morning Routine-Summer Jars}


Adyson got 2 more teeth pulled
at the Dentist the other day,
making a grand total of 8 teeth
pulled in his office.
I was really proud of how brave she was.
And the tooth fairy even left a note this time!

She now dons the name
'toothless doofis'.
(How do you spell doofis anyways?)

We dig her.


I really want to keep Adyson
reading every day during the summer.
Each night when she gets in bed she reads a
few books before falling asleep.
And it's started a little routine between the ladies.
Each morning when Sienna wakes up,
she crawls in bed with Adyson and wakes her up,
and Adyson reads her the books she has
from the night before on her nightstand.

I cannot tell you how much I love this.
They spend a good half hour snuggling,
reading, and playing nice
before the day begins.

It is such a beautiful way to start the day!

{Summer Jars}

We decided to make some fun summer memory jars
to store some of our favorite summer moments in.

I got 2 regular Mason Jars and dumped out my
entire bag of Ribbon odds and ends.
The ladies loved sifting through them
and picking their favorites.
After we found their favorites we cut a circle out of
white card stock to put on the lid of the jar,
and they colored whatever they desired.

Then we put it all together.


The plan is to throw our keepsakes
{movie tickets, pine cones, swimming bracelets, sea-shells}
from some of our favorite activities inside
so we can remember all the fun we've had.They turned out darling, I think.
And I think the ladies will love filling them up.

(These weren't on our checklist this year, but certainly will be next year!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Summer Checklist #29 & #4}

Last week we made a checklist of things we
wanted to do this summer.
(Cuz summer is looong and I need to entertain the ladies somehow.)
I'm hoping to document our checklist along the way.

Ding Dong Ditch with Ding-Dongs.
Found the idea here.

The girls were so excited for this, and it ended up
being a hoot.

They chose to go to take them to our
dear friends the Mullens, who live just
a block away.

So we drove over there just to see the ENTIRE
family outside.


We chatted and they looked at us like
we were crazy for driving around at 9:30 at night,
while sick,
and in our pj's.


We told them to please, just go inside-
then drove around the block again
and let the ladies go at it.

They had a plan-
1-Adyson was to set the ding-dongs down.
2-Sienna was to ring the bell.
3-The ladies were to run to the 'getaway car.'

Well, Adyson set the box down
and Sienna knocked.

And they ran.
But Adyson was almost in tears
because Sienna was supposed to ring
the bell and knocked instead!

It was classic Kidman drama.
Adyson likes things done
the right way. And Sienna
just goes with the flow.

It was really fun though.

They are already plotting who to get next!
(And I can blog about it because I'm pretty sure those smart Mullens figured it out.)

Have a Pajama Party.

Um, a day where we stay in our pj's all day.
And don't do our hair...

We ate pancakes for lunch.

And ventured to the dollar store in our uglies
to get a craft (for fathers day...shhhh).

I could do a few more days just like this.
I adore my pj's!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

{All I want for Christmas}

Adyson has had her two front teeth
loose for the past month.

She'd wiggle them,
and wiggle them,
but would not let
us get anywhere near them to
yank them out.

We tried.
Trust me,
we tried.

Last week she and Sienna had their
regular checkup at the dentist.
He saw those babies, and just yanked them right out.
Adyson sat up and looked at me with her cute
little toothless smile,
and I said "Adyson, your teeth are gone!"
And she said,
"They are?"

And then a few minutes later told me how bad it hurt...
Little drama queen.

Here is her goofy new smile.
Love this kid of mine!

And we all know the best part of loosing your
teeth is a visit from the tooth fairy.

Stay tuned. At her checkup last week
we scheduled an apt for this week to
get 2 more pulled, poor thing.

I wonder if she will ever lose a tooth like most kids do,
at home. So far it's always been at the dentist.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

{Summer Time!}

Adyson went and graduated from 1st grade
last week.
Making me a mother to a 2nd grader!
I know you are all sick of hearing
about how crazy it is to me that my kids
are growing
but I just can't get over it!

Adyson adored her teacher this year and
learned so much. She is a really amazing
reader and has excelled this year in so many ways and
graduated with all top marks.

The night before her last day of school she drew
her teacher a card and I forgot to get a picture of it,
but for memories sake I must document it.

It said:
Dear Mrs Fullmer,
You teach us about math and reading
and rocks and science, but most of all
you teach us about friendship.

(Yes adorable. And I now see that she inherited my love
of all things cheesy.)

We are so proud of you Adyson and can't wait to
see what you will do in 2nd grade!

We are now ready to start having some summer fun!
This weekend was full of yard work,
running through the sprinklers,
and tonight we had our first marshmallow roast.

It was lovely.
And by the time we came in at 10:00 tonight
we had a backyard full of neighbors, treats, and laughter
making my heart feel full and happy that we live in
such a great place.

Now just teach me how to keep my kids
from fighting all summer long and I will be
one happy mother!