Wednesday, August 12, 2015

{Farewell Summer}

Summer is rapidly ending...
I have such mixed feelings.
I absolutely love summer nights.
My kids are somewhere outside (half the time I'm not 100% sure where),
we scrounge for dinner, get late night ice creams and bed times are a thing of the past.
I love that part.
I also a missing bed times,
missing cookies real dinners,
missing the few minutes when they get home from school and can't wait to tell me about their day.
And I'm missing peace and quiet a little...

Either way, I can't control the fact that it's darn near over.
We've done a few fun things to end our summer...

We went with Julie and her girls to Willow Flats on the 24th.

As soon as we got there Roo found a puppy to beg me for...
The girls took a hike to the top of the springs.
A gorgeous hike!
And with such fun people!

With Travis being sick for such a long time, hiking wasn't really an option..
so this kid hasn't really ever hiked.
I wasn't sure how she'd handle it with her eye problems.
It was incredibly enlightening to walk with her.
She told me all about what she could see, and couldn't, and how she saw certain things.
I was so incredibly proud of her, and a little sad for her that some things I take for granted,
are incredibly hard for her.
She can't see how deep roots are because her depth perception is so off,
and going down the steep parts was pretty scary for her.
She didn't complain and smiled through it.
I am so proud to be her mom!
Sara, Summer, Kenzie, Roo, Me and Adyson
The water was INCREDIBLY cold-
but the girls were dared to go in and under-
and the did it!

And since I had no idea they were going to, they got to freeze the rest of the night because they had no spare clothes!

Ady being a ham and Summer and Sienna snuggling the road back.
They walked like that the entire walk home.
I snapped this shot the other day and can't get over how beautiful my kid is.
After church selfies.

We also had a GREAT weekend in Park City.
We celebrated me turning 34, shopped for school clothes, ate good food and Sienna played some great soccer.

It was national lipstick day :)
Adysons face...bless her heart.  Such a tween.
We woke up to a decorated hotel room.
Such fun friends!