Monday, December 7, 2015

{Summer to Winter}

I find myself falling farther and farther behind on this blog.
Single Momming, working loads of hours and a house remodel make for a full schedul,
but I really love looking back on this, so this pics may be out of order, but at least I've got it documented!

We kept hanging onto summer-I woke the girls up at 1 am and we sat outside and watched the shooting stars.
I absolutely love doing this, and it's surely not the most responsible thing to do, but clearly, I'm not the most responsilbe parent so it evens out.
 Our Annual back to school fashion show.

 Once the zinneas are in full bloom we spend each Sunday picking them and filling our house with blooms.  I love them so much!
 We prepare for the school year with fresh hair.
My girls are growing up and I just think they are beautiful!

Back to school night with her bff.
 We also got their nails done with friends.
I love these cute kids!

  But sure enough, summer slipped away.
The first day of school came.
Adyson started 6th and it was really hard for me...I just know once middle school begins,
time flies.
I adore this precious kid.
She has a heart of gold and is thriving in 6th grade. Shes made great friends and is doing so well on her school work.  I am proud to be her mom.
 Roo started 4th Grade.
I can handle her being in Elementary and wish she'd stay there.
She's also having a wonderful year!
 My friends and I helped at a friends wedding on the first day of school.
We spend the entire day decorating and making it beautiful and it was a blast.
 Adyson started the dance party a few hours before it actually began.
I love her goofiness.

Annual Aggie night at the RSL stadium.
This year Roo's team was able to play a game at half time on the field.
This team has been so much fun and she has made  such wonderful friends!

 Ladies in Red.
 Roo and her friend running after school.
She's looking mighty grown up.

 Vistaun night at the SV game.
Fun in the rain:)
 Roo and her friend were flower girls at Cate's uncles wedding.
Sienna was thrilled and they looked beautiful!

Girls ended their soccer season with a great win.
They had to say goodbye to their coach for a few months and made sure to give him big hugs goodbye.
 Adyson getting her 7th grade shots.
She is a goof.
 Seinna in her characer matters play as Little Red Riding Hood. 
 The weekend of Trav's 2 year mark, our ward held a Daddy Daughter date.  It's always rough, but these 2 make it bearable for these cute girls.  I am so blessed to have them, and so our my girls!
 Our 2 year mark we did another "Travservice" day.  We spent the day serving others and missing Travis.  Their good attitudes always makes up for my bad one.  
 Nerd Day for Red Ribbon Week.
 Decade Day, she won a prize this day:) 
 Spirit Day at the SV game.

 Visiting Heather for her 40th bday and watching the Aggies beat BSU!
 An my beautiful Sisters surprise party.
I love her so.
 We were also able to go to their church and see Kutter receive the Preisthood.
A special day and a great group of kids.
 American West Heritage Center with the girls and friends before Halloween.
 Adyson got to bring Lucy to a class at school.  It melted my heart to see how much these 2 love each other!
  Bunco night.  12 years and going strong.
 Roo's awards night for soccer. Silver medal playing up a year-we'll take it:)
 The girls and friends at the Pumpkin Walk.

 Crazy Hair Day for Roo girl.
 Sienna was given an award at school:
"Sienna shows her talent for seeking first to understand, then to be understood, every day.  She is concerned for the people around her and does everything she can to help them feel loved, included and involved.  Sienna can always be placed next to a lonely or scared person in class. She watches at recess to see if anyone is alone.  And she tries hard not to say anything that might hurt someone elses feelings.  She truly does seem to understand those around her.  Way to go Sienna!"
Best words a mom can hear.  I love this lady!

Super girl and my Pink flamingo.

 This was the first year my kids were gone with friends most of the time.
Adyson went with her superhero friends, and then spent the rest of the night here with another friend around our house.  She had a great night.
 Roo went with her cute friend Kambree.
 The girls are sharing a room temporarily until the basement is finihsed.
It's been kinda special to listen to them giggle half the night. 
 Travs brother Devin got married in Nov to Susan.
We were glad to be there to be a part of it.

 And our sweet girls in the Primary Program.
I love that Sunday and was pretty sad when I realized it's Adyson last one. 
Growing too fast, but man, I like who they are becomming.
 The ladies and I freezing cold and warming with cocoa.

 Christmas is up and we are ready to celebrate!
 Roo with straight hair.
 No cavities!
 Bday lunch with two of my favorites, Lorinda and Cali.
I adore them!
 Thanksgiving, with the people I am most grateful for. 
What would I do without them?
 This was a Thanksgiving I will never forget.  My Grandpa spent the day with us, and spent most of the day telling us about his life.  I will cherish the memory of this day forever.  He is such a special part of my life. 

My grandpa was sent to work in a forced labor camp in Germany during the war.  He was telling us all about the day he saw "The Stars and Stripes" for the first time when they came to liberate them.  They burned all their flea ridden beds and gave them soap and food.  He says to this day, everytime he showers, and holds soap, he feels rich. A reminder that we have SO much more than we need.
 Thanksgiving weekend, shopping with the girls. We missed Amy!
 My Dad celebrating his bday just after Thanksgiving.  We love this man beyond words.  He is one in a  million.
 Heather and I after shopping.

We are in full Christmas swing now, and there aren't words for how much I love this time of year.
At times, we feel the loss of Travis so immensely.  I'm really so grateful that we had someone we can still feel the loss of this intensely.  I'm so proud of how far we've come, and so proud of my girls for constantly inspiring me to be better.  Can't wait for the fun few weeks to come!