Monday, May 30, 2011

{Kindergarten Bound, Crazy Hair Day, and a Quick Trip}

Someone tell me
in the world the last 2 years went
because this little lady is
with pre-school.
And moving on

(1st day of pre-school 09')(1st day of pre-school 10')

I feel
And a lot
excited for her...
and a little
for me.

Sienna has had such a fun year
and learned so much and is
excited to be a

We will sincerely miss
Teacher T,
who has been a big part of our lives
for the past 4 years.
We adore her.

Adyson's class earned a
crazy hair, pajama day read-a-thon
at school last week.

She got home and I got her in the bath
before I realized we had taken a picture,
so here is a random few shots for ya.

We opted for a faux hawk,
and, apparently, to the other 1st graders,
it was a hit!
Cute huh!

We headed to my
lovely sisters house this weekend in
celebration of Brielle and Breje's Birthdays.

My kids were ecstatic!
They love going to Heather's house,
and even think it's worth the

Adyson and Kutter
were pretty much inseparable.
They spent the whole weekend playing
and I saw them for a total of 5 minutes.

I dread the day they realize that
he is
and she is

But for now they make it work,
and it's heartwarming.

I tried really hard to get a good picture of them,
but it was darn near

Saturday we took Breje shopping and to lunch to celebrate
her turning 14 (how did that happen?).
We left Adyson home with Kutter
(because heaven forbid we separate them),
and took Brielle and Sienna shopping with us.
They are such sweet friends and fit in with us
big girls just fine. ;)

They spent the time browsing through magazines
and eating as many cookies as we would let them
before stuffing them with lunch at the cheesecake factory.

It was a lovely weekend, and so nice to be
with my sister and her gorgeous kids again.
Now it's back to reality! One more week of school before
summer starts....I wonder if it will stop raining anytime soon?

Friday, May 20, 2011

I can't even stand it.

My Brother in Law got this shot of Sienna
at her revue and I just die when I look at it.
She's such a little ham!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

{Weekend Update}

This weekend has been eventful!
(It seems like this time of year EVERY weekend is eventful!)
But it was full of goodness.
It just went by too fast!

I woke up bright and early to run the
Health Days 'Conquer the Canyon' race.

Me with friends Natalie and Chanelle.
Chanelle, Natalie, Candace, Courtney, and I.

After the race we played catch up in the house and yard.
And then got Sweet Roo ready for her big dance recital.

Yes, I want to nibble her a bit!
Isn't she adorable?
She did such a great job! We were all so proud of her.
She loves the spotlight. ;)
We topped the weekend off by flying some kites
in this windy weather.
Here's to wishing next weekend comes soon!

Friday, May 13, 2011

{Why I'm Smiling Today}

Because the sun is shining.
I'm baking my favorite cookies,
while given my own personal concert.

Life is good.
So good.

Monday, May 9, 2011

{Mothers Day}

Mothers Day I woke up to
A beautiful card from Adyson
(with a pin she made in school),
A darling picture frame Sienna made in school,
A Cold Dt. coke and gifts from T,
breakfast I didn't have to make (or clean up!),
and most importantly lots of hugs from my
little ladies and a kiss or 2 from my Trav.

I just can't say how blessed I felt the entire day.
I am
to be their
I'm so thankful.
So thankful for my own amazing mom who still
sets a beautiful example for me to follow, and taught me
how to be a friend-and a mom to my kids.
And for my mil, who raised Travis to be the fabulous father/hubs he is.
For my Grandmas, who I miss daily.
For my sisters, who are also my best of friends, and amazing examples.
For my girlfriends, who are beautiful, beautiful people.

I love a day where we can celebrate the women in our lives!
I hope you all had a beautiful day.

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{Soccer and Tavaci}

Soccer is quickly coming to an end.
Sienna has had such a fun year and really improved.
I just had to post this picture of her and her 2 cute little friends,
wearing their shades while they take a break.
Adorable!Adyson isn't a big fan of soccer, but she is a fan
of singing and performing!
She had her Tavaci Spring Concert on Saturday
and did a beautiful job.
She's so fun to watch and has such a pretty little voice.
And how beautiful is she??

I'm so proud of my little ladies for being
such talented and brave little things.
I sure love them!

{7 Year Old Gift Guide}

This year Adyson got some really fun and
amazing gifts for her Birthday.

Over the past few weeks we have had so much
fun playing with her gifts.

My parents gave her a Science kit.
(Which was right up her ally.
Remember last year she asked
for a microscope.)

We mixed color tubes:

Experimented mixing colors:

And Made Snow:

This gift gets an A!
We had fun for a good week straight doing experiments
and the kids just loved every second of it.

My sister got her a butterfly kit.
We got 5 tiny little caterpillars
and watched them grow into
big ugly caterpillars, and then
and then beautiful butterflies!
It was really amazing to watch them
change, and fascinating to
see them let their wings dry and
learn to fly.

We kept them for a few weeks
(while feeding them sugar water and oranges),
and then we finally decided to let them go.
Adyson's teacher was kind enough to let us bring
them to school and let them go in front of the kids.

Adyson was really sad to let them go,
but doing it in front of the kids helped her be tough.
All she wanted was for the butterfly to sit on her hand.

I told her not to get her hopes up.
She opened the cage and they didn't
want to leave their little home.
So she turned it upside down and shook it
till they finally came...
All but one.
One didn't want to come out,
so she reached it
and it crawled right on her hand,
making her dreams come true.

It was magic.

That butterfly hung out on her hand
for a good 5 minutes before we found a good
spot for them to make their home.

We are so doing this again next year!
Another A.
Trav and I got Adyson an

Basically it's a Make your own Story kit.
You write and illustrate your own story
and mail it back to them and they will publish it for her.
She had so much fun coming up with her own story
and drawing the pictures.And a few days ago it came, and it's so adorable!
We paid a few extra dollars so they wouldn't
fix her spelling errors, they just make it so sweet.

It's entitled
Gabreela (Gabriella) Moves.
It's about a little girl who has to move because
her dad gets a new job.

And she's a little nervis (nervous).
Don't worry, it has a happy ending.

Can't wait to see what she gets when she turns 8!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Mustard Yellow}

I've become slightly obsessed with the color
Mustard Yellow.

Really, I'm obsessed.
I buy any clothing item in that color I can find.
My purse is that color...
And I've been in the market for a yellow cardigan for months.
and I needed to pull some of it into my home.

So I painted my front table first...
This is a big deal friends.
But decided it wasn't enough...
so my
talented and creative and
friend Eileen
helped me out.
I wanted a vingette of frames and mirrors
and we found some great ones at the DI.
The white one was hilarious (It's actually a mirror),
but it had light pink stitching on it and there was still
a kiss mark on the mirror.
It was awful.

But after a coat (or 2) (or 3), of mustard paint-
they look brand new.
I added a 'K' that I had on another wall because I
needed to fill just a little more space.
I love it!
Now that I know how to spray paint things,
I have all sorts of ideas floating around in my brain.
(Shhh, don't tell Trav).

Thanks Eileen for your help!
What would I do without you??

Sunday, May 1, 2011

{An Exert from Adyson's Journal: Earth Day Edition}

Adyson writes in a journal each day in school, and brings it home at the end of each month. Some of the entries are priceless and I sure wish I would have documented a few of the entries here on the old blog...

It's not too late to start, so enjoy a new segment to the blog: An exert from Adyson's Journal.
(Misspelled words and all).

I help the earth by:
I do not no if this counts but one day I put a bottle outside when it was raining and in the morning I domt it in the grass and sometimes we pray for Japan pieple and outside I picked up trash.

(I'm sure her teacher is real impressed with the Kidman Family's efforts to save our planet.)
(And I sure think it counts that she 'dumt' rain water on the wet grass.)

Sure love that Ads of mine.