Monday, February 28, 2011

{A Whole New Look}

This little lady has had long hair for a
I've been wanting to chop it for a while,
but couldn't bring myself to do it.
And Travis...
didn't really want me to cut it.
But it takes forever to do, and she wanted it.
Quote from Ads "I want a whole new look!"

The Before

And the after
(Just after the blow dry)

You like?
Please say you do so I don't regret my choice!

Friday, February 25, 2011

{Summer Project}

My friend Amanda had a brilliant idea.
She's calling it,
The Summer Project.
The idea is to post your favorite
unblogged, or previously blogged picture(s) of summer.
Then tell your friends to do the same thing.
She says it could be like summer in our own tiny corner
of the blogging world.
I love this idea, cause it's snowing.

Check out a few of my favorite summer pics, then go post yours.
You will feel warm and toasty.

Bear Lake with Friends
Adyson and the worm, fishing-First Dam
Somersaults at the park

Looking up

Just plain munchable


Loving Ladies at the pool

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{V-day Happenings}

Sienna had her Valentine Party for pre-school.
She was very excited to wear her new
V-day shirt.
Fun was had.

And poses were made.{Friday}
Adyson had her Valentine Tea at school.
Yes, she's beautiful.

When asked how the tea was, she replied-
"It was so embarrassing! The boys had to serve us!"
Don't let her fool you, she loved
of it.

I took these "Sweetie Pies" to Relief Society
to hand out during my lesson.
I saw them here, and had to find a reason to make them.
(Plus I was crossing my fingers they'd be too busy
to actually
to the lesson. :)

{Valentines Day!}
Adyson before her party at school.

I love this face!

She chose to make an ipod for her card box at school.
Trav came through and figured out how to make the
screen an exact replica.
Ya, he's dad of the year.
Roo and I met a friend at Cafe Rio for lunch.
Did you know Mondays they have a Chili relleno special?
They do. And it would by my 4th choice for a valentine.
(Just behind T and the ladies.)

Before T came home the ladies and I wrote what
we loved about T on hearts and hid them all around the house.

Both the ladies had so many fabulous things to say
about their pops. Made me proud(er) of my man.
I do love him.

While we were making them the girls told me I should write
"Kiss Me!" on one, and then they giggled.
So, I totally wrote it and hung it on the door,
so he'd see it right when he got home.
And I did get a smooch when he came in.

For dinner we had pie.
Yes, just pie.
Chocolate cream and Peach butterscotch, my favorite!

And then we gave the ladies their gifts, and made sure they
knew how much we love them.
It's a lot, if your wondering.
I love my valentines!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling the Love.

It's no secret that I love Holidays in general.
I love a good excuse to spoil my kids and T, of course.
I love making the valentines,
dressing the ladies in red and pink,
and crafting as many cute things we can.
And this year we've found some fun ideas!
We decided to make these darling boxes for the diva's teachers.
Found Here.

I filled some cupcake wrappers with some v-day sprinkles,
so the ladies could really get into it.

Then I dipped the fortune cookies.
(I bought mine. I'm no Martha Stewart.)
And the ladies sprinkles to their hearts desire.

Then we filled the fortune cookies boxes with v-day tissue paper,
and those beautiful fortune cookies.

And downloaded the tag....

And that's it.
So cute, and the ladies are both so excited to give them to their teachers.

We also made the cutest Valentines ever.
My friend Courtney did this with her kids last year
and we copied her.
We'd copy everything Courtney does if we could.
She's talented like that.
They turned out pretty great, I think.

The pictures were taken by
another seriously, annoyingly, talented friend
Eileen. (I'd copy everything she does, if I could, as well.)
She took a few pics of the ladies and forced me to sit in a few
while she was at it.But they turned out pretty darn cute. I do love these ladies of mine.
And Eileen, I love these pictures.
And well, I'll just say it, I love you. Also, yesterday we noticed that we have a bunch of
lovely lanterns in our back yard, patterned in the shape of
a heart.
We have no idea where or whom they came from,
but it was a fun surprise and made our day.
We have some pretty awesome friends!
Thanks, whoever you are. ;)

Here's wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day!
Go eat some chocolate and celebrate!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Say Cheese

Sing with me now, in your head
the Chucky Cheese song.

Chucky Cheese's: where a kid can be a kid.

Sienna has been singing for months now,

Chucky Jesus, where a kid can be a kid.
(Don't worry, we keep correcting her, and I think she's got it now.)

Both ladies have been begging us to go there and for Christmas my
Sister in law Michelle gave us gift cards so we could make their

As we walked through the parking lot to get to the entrance
they were saying things like,
"This is almost as good as Disneyland!"
Can you see their excitement?

Sienna showing off one of our 99 tokens.
Yes, 99.
There was fun to be had friends.Adyson was just as excited, and couldn't wait to see how many
tickets we could get so she could get something

While we sat down to eat our pizza
Sienna looked at me with sad eyes.
Apparently the whole reason she wanted to go there
was to see Mr. Cheese himself.
Mr. Cheese hides out with the Birthday parties,
but we happened to walk over right as he was leaving,
and it made Sienna's whole month.
She lit right up, and gave him a big squeeze.

Adyson, who claims to be 'too grown up'
for almost everything these days, was pretty excited to hug him too.

It was a really fun day and a dream come true for the ladies.
Thanks Michelle for the fun!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adyson: a cure part 2.

Doesn't have as many nicknames
as her sis.
She goes by
sometimes Diva,
and of course Ady.
And yes, when she's in trouble,
she gets the full name too.
if you were wondering.
Adyson is sensitive.
And if she loves you,
well you are lucky because she
knows how to love.
She's girly.
Like this weekend she discovered that
the mirrored cabinet in her grandmas bathroom
opens on each side, so she can see herself
Oh boy!
She's spent hours singing,
brushing those beautiful locks,
and doing who knows what in front of the mirror.

And she's just a little 'nerdy'.
Now stop. Don't think I'm being mean,
because I mean this is the best of ways.
She just has this nerdy quirky giggle that could
make the grumpiest of people smile.
And she loves all things Science related.
And she's smart as a whip.
The kid can read. I mean, holy cow!
Reading is her thing...if you know what I mean.

Ads is always surprising us with what she likes.
Like she loves to play with matchbox cars.
And loves to learn about bugs.
And she begged to wear this cardigan to school 2 days in a row,
because she loved to wear it like a cape...
you see it right?
Super Ads!

Sure love this kid. She's smart, and funny,
and really caring. And she's really,
to love.
Top Photo by:Brooke Snow

Yes Cody: I corrected the spelling error. Geez.