Thursday, August 30, 2007

Because he loves me

I had a friend in middle school. She seemed to have everything. Her dad owned a big company and she had an enormous house. She had the best clothes, the nicest cars, and to a 12 year old, I thought she had everything. Well, for a while there we were pretty close and hung out quite a bit. I remember her being at my house, a nice house, but not huge. We didn't have the nicest cars, in fact, at that point they were pretty crappy cars! We weren't poor by any means and never had to go without anything, but we didn't have what she had. I wondered what she would think about my house and my life.

I learned once that she would have traded me in a heart beat. Her dad, who bought her everything she could possibly want, had never told her he loved her.

Now anyone who knows anything about my family knows that we are quite different. My dad grew up telling us twice a day that he loved us. He still tends to get choked up when we are all together! He is a "softy!" Sure, he can be a grump. Things have to be his way, he NEEDS his sleep and dinner must be met before 7:00, but I wouldn't change a thing about him. We have a relationship that many kids would kill for and I am very lucky to have him!

The reason I am writing about my dad is because this week he has been pretty good to us! He has had a few days off and just can't sit still. He has weeded my flowerbeds. Cleaned up some of the huge mess in the basement, painted a bunch of the trim, and just helped out in any way that he can. We sure appreciate him. The best part about my dad is that he did all this without expecting anything in return. It is just his way of showing that he loves us. (Either that, or he can't stand to look at the weeds anymore!) But I will stick to thinking that he did it cause he loves me! My mom doesn't suck either, but I'll save her for another post!

All of the sudden she's excited?

As I have blogged much about lately, Adyson is starting pre-school soon. Yes, I know, it's just pre-school, but for a mom I think it is a huge deal. I feel like my little girl is just not so little anymore! Anyways-if I have brought up school in any way at all, she would cry. Well yesterday that just stopped. She decided she was excited for school. She even used the sentence "I can't wait!" HOLY CRAP! I don't know where it came from but I'll take it!

Tonight we went to her pre-school open house and let her meet her teacher and look around her new classroom. She loved the toys, loved the treats, but was a little shy around the other kids. But she is still excited! I can't tell you the relief I have that we aren't breaking down in tears constantly right now! What a kid! She picks a mood and sticks with it! She starts on Tuesday so the battle isn't won yet, but it is looking much better.

Someone stop her from growing, please!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finished Work!

Things at the Kidman house are going pretty great right now! After weeks and weeks of Travis, Cody, and my dad busting their butts in the basement, the finish work is finally-finished. And it looks great! I wish I could say that the basement was now finished, but the list of things to do is still long. This week will consist of cleaning up all of the saw-dust and scrap pieces, and beginning the priming. Hopefully over the next week we can really start to paint and it should look great. Then we have to rock the fireplace and get our bookshelves installed, and then it is just carpet. After that we have some serious plans to sit on our butts and watch a movie in our new basement! Sounds good right? A few people have e-mailed me and gotten upset that I haven't posted some pics-so here you go!
The first pic is our play room, the brown stuff is some thick beadboard-and there are shelves right next to the window, I'm super excited about this room!

The second pic is cabinents right next to the fireplace, hopefully this week we will get bookshelves installed above them and the mantle should be installed too.

The third pic is our fireplace, eventually it will be rocked, with a mantle and the TV fits into the cubby above it.

The fourth pic is my doors, I know its just a door, but I think they are too stinkin cute.

and the fifth pic is shadowboxing. It goes along the whole family room and when it is painted it will look like a whole wooden extension of the wall. It should look terriffic! I didn't post any pics of the office, but it is just a room off to the side of the family room and we left it open.
Some other great news is that Adyson played at a neighbors house yesterday without me! I know for some kids this isn't a big deal, but for us it is the biggest! The neighbor invited us over to play and after a while Sienna was much to tired, so I told Adyson it was time to go, and she just said "no, I think I will stay!" I ran out of their as fast as I could before she changed her mind! She starts pre-school soon, and I'm hoping she will do okay.

Sienna is talking up a storm and I can't believe all the words she says. She is starting to reapeat everything! I love watching her learn, right now we are working on stairs-hopefully she will understand how to carefully go down them by the time the basement is finished. This is her new face. We call it her glare and she can stare us down better than most! She can hold "the glare" for about a minute, and then it is all smiles!

Other than that, we are just doing the same old-same old! I have to say that I am so impressed with how much Travis has learned and how seriously he has taken the finish work. It looks like a pro did it and I am so proud of him! I have to ask myself-"Is there anything this man can't do?"

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I've Been Tagged & I'm so lucky!

Thanks a lot Heather, I will get you back.

4 jobs I've had
1)R&G's waitress
2)Ear Piercer at the Silver Shoppe
3)ICON (where I met my hubby)
4)Hair Stylist

4 movies I could watch over and over
1)Moulin Rouge
2)How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
3)Harry Potter movies
4)The notebook

4 Places I've lived
1)Smithfield, UT
2)Logan, UT
3)Smithfield, UT
4)thats all for me, pathetic huh?

4 Favorite TV Shows
1)The Office
4)Food Network me

4 Places I've been on Holiday
1)Carribean Cruise

4 Favorite Dishes
2)I love good Mexican
3)Seafood -- especially shrimp!
4)I love a good salad-yes seriously

4 websites I visit
2)Old Navy and

4 Places I'd like to be
1)In Boise with Heather
2)shopping with the girls!
3)On a cruise
4)Anywhere Alone!

Consider yourself tagged folks

I haven't been updating very often because life has been much too busy the last couple of weeks. Heathers kids were here and Adyson and Sienna have been playing with them an awful lot. Life is finally getting back to normal and as much as I miss them, I welcome my kids getting their sleeping patterns back. I also welcome eating healthy again, cleaning my house again and routine! I have become a creature of routine since I've had kids!

Apparently at some point in the night last night I woke up and told Travis I was cold and he got up and got me my favorite blanket. I woke up this morning wondering where it came from and he laughed when I asked him about it because I seriously don't remember saying a thing. I know it sounds silly but I thought-how lucky am I that my husband is so kind that even though he has to be to church by 6 in the morning he still drags his butt out of bed to warm me up in the middle of the night. I guess it's those little things I need to remember when he keeps me up snoring the night away! Anyways-I love him and he's pretty good to me!

I wish I had some great pics or something to report here, but I just plain don't. Hopefully your weeks have been fun and happy and more eventful than mine.