Thursday, March 15, 2012


I grew up skiing.
A lot.
And spent many Saturdays with my dad, siblings, and cousins
at Beaver Mountain.
I've wanted to take the girls for...ever really,
but every winter it doesn't happen.
Tuesday night my brother invited me
and the girls to his ward ski night.
He took Simon and taught him,
and my dad and I taught the girls.

I'm not sure who's more excited...
me-or the ladies.
Probably me.

I loved watching Simon (who did awesome), Sienna and Adyson all
together. I have SO many memories of skiing with
my cousins that it just melted my heart.

Oh but it was rough at the start!
My dad and I were sweating our guts out
trying to get them to figure out how to move around
with boots and skis. It's such a hard thing to
understand when you are first learning...
and our patience was truly tested.

And some tears were shed. :)

That being said,
they caught on pretty quickly.
If I could have mushed them together
into one person they would have done great
because Adyson had NO fear.
She would fly down the hill and fall and laugh.
But Sienna really got,
right away,
how to 'make a pizza'
and snowplow.
But she was so dang nervous to go.

I finally just forced her
and said,
"Look, your skiing!"
And when she realized she could do it
she was fearless and ready to go.
She's already asked to go back twice.

I cannot wait to take her again!

It took Adyson a little longer to get
how to snowplow,
but she was having so much fun and so brave.
I was really proud of her.
And by then end she was doing awesome.

I have such great memories of skiing with my Dad.
We spent a lot of time together skiing when I was
younger, and even in my teen years-so it was
great having him there with my kids.
I cannot wait to go again!


Eileen said...

Me and the mountains and the snow? We never got along much.

Your day looked pretty fun!!! OK. REALLY fun!

Trisha said...

I love the thought of your girls skiing with your dad. I was always so jealous that you had such a cool dad!! It's awesome to keep that tradition going.

Amber Culp Family said...

You mean your dad didn't leave your girls in tears on the mountain all ALONE! How nice good ole Uncle Mike is! Bravo, what a good mom you are, we still haven't gotten brave enough to take all our kiddos, we really lacke the patience! They sure look adorable in their ski gear!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I love that Beaver got a Magic Carpet conveyor!!! That makes it so much easier when they are learning! When we took Mason last month I was so glad we didn't have to teach him to get on a lift. His little 2 year old self would have never gotten that. I remember skiing with you, and hope we can do it again someday :)