Sunday, March 25, 2007

3 already?

I wish there was a way that I could freeze time and keep Adyson as a 3 year old! She has such a great imagination, and is so full of excitement and love. I know that she has to grow, and truthfully I love her more everyday, but I hope she never loses some of her qualities that make her so dang loveable!

Today, as you might have guessed, was Adyson's 3rd birthday. And what a day it was! I finally found someone who loves birthdays more than me! Travis and I went in to her room to wake her up at about 8:30 this morning and she was just laying ther wide awake with a huge grin on her face. We said "Happy Birthday Adyson" and gave her some balloons and she just kept saying "Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!" You could just see the excitement all over her face. My plan was to make her wait till her party to open all her gifts, but about 6 minutes after she woke up I caved. (I know, you are shocked!) She got princess everything-a kids CD player, a box with like 4 different princess dress-ups inside, a wand, some barbies, princess Polly pockets (even one with Prince Charming), a princess bike, 2 crowns-I know you get the drift. She also got a cash registrar and I have a feeling that we will be going "pretend shopping" quite a bit!

Here is Adyson cheesing it next to her two cakes, Grandma Kidman made a beautiful Barbie cake and Grandma Linda got her a great Cinderella cake. (I know-she's spoiled- 2 cakes?) She really enjoyed everyone singing to her-and she loved her gifts and I really think she enjoyed the whole day! She was about as tired as I've ever seen her tonight and right now she is out cold! It's tough being a princess I guess!

Ady's funny saying of the week:
Well there are a few-but in the movie 12 dancing princesses, a favorite of Ady's, the triplets have a birthday and there sisters throw rose pedals on them. Well I guess Adyson thought that we would do the same for her. Tonight she was so dissapointed because those beautiful shiny things didn't fall on her! Maybe next time!

Sienna's latest accomplishment:
Well she constantly is saying WOW, and today she said Bye, Bye a few times, and her hair is finally long enough for pigtails. Here is a cute picture!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring is in the air

Well, we are seriously loving this spring weather! This week has been pretty chill. We have just spent our days swinging-which Sienna took a liking to very quickly, going to the park, and taking long walks with the kids new sweet ride! They look pretty cute inside right?

My dad, Cody, and Travis did some serious work on the basement this weekend and we are very close to getting to the sheetrock. I am ready for it to be done, and I think poor Travis is exhausted. I'm pretty impressed that he has learned how to do all this and I think he feels kinda like the man now too! Don't tell him I said that though--

Our good friends Travis and Sara had a beautiful baby girl named Kate Lynn Call this weekend and she is a beauty with a ton of hair! So congrats to them.

Sorry about how boring this post is but I tell ya-it was an uneventful week. Here is a great pic of Simon I took on Saturday night after I gave him his first real haircut. Thats right, it's a little fauxhawk-Isn't he just really, really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? That's only funny if you've seen Zoolander. Hopefully next post wont bore you to tears!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mountain Home

This weekend we took a much needed long vacation to Mountain Home, Id. to see Heather and Jody's new and gorgeous house. It was so nice to get away with the whole family. Everyone came but dad-who had to work. The house is so pretty and Heather and Jody have filled it with such warmth and love. I should post all the pics, but this is one of my favorite parts of the house!

On Saturday the guys went golfing (Trav shot 3 over par!) while the girls do what we do best-shop! I found some great stuff for my kids for spring and everyone came home with a little something. Heathers kids are getting so big. Breezy is so helpful with the babies and so grownup. She is also getting too pretty! Trayson went golfing with the boys and Travis said that he walked all 9 holes and wanted to keep going! Kutter and Adyson are the best of friends. They played all weekend and just crack everyone up. Ady wants to play Princesses and Kutter wants to play cars and get the "bad guys" but they manage to do it all at the same time and they are just happy as can be. 3 is a fun age!! Simon and Sienna also had a great time. they play so cute and just get into everything. The best news of the week is that Simon is starting to stand and walk. He has great balance and a great look of pride when he is doing it. It was so fun to watch him go!

On Sunday before we came home we went to the park and flew some kites. This is Adyson doing her thing! I think this is her first time. She had a blast playing and so did Sienna crawling around in the warm weather. Really it was a nice trip and we had a great time. I feel pretty blessed to have the family I have. It is like a group of great friends when we get together, and I have to say you haven't see cuter kids anywhere! I wish I would have got a picture of all of Heathers kids because they are such a cute family, and I wish I had a better picture of Simon standing. If you could only see the look on his face! Anyways now it's back to the real world, which is pretty good too I guess!
Adyson's funny saying of the week: Sienna isn't just a baby, she is a human. (where in the world did she learn the work human?)
Sienna's latest accomplishment: She is pretty proud of her Crocodile with her hands. She has been doing it non stop today!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

It's not all Poopy Diapers

Simon and Sienna were so cute today that I had to post some pics. It can be a little rough having two the same age, but today they just played and snuggled all day long. Here are some cute pics.
I think it is great that these cousins love eachother so much at such a young age!

Friday, March 2, 2007

20 lbs!!!

After having 2 babies, and eating whatever I felt like, my body just wasn't what it should be. So around December I joined Weight Watchers with my great friend Ashley-who I might add maybe needed to lose like 3 lbs.(but she was a great support system!) I was so excited because I weighed in today and have lost 20 lbs. It feels great to reach a big number like that. I still have plenty of work to do and am hoping to lose 10-13 more, but we celebrated by going out to dinner tonight-(ironic I know) and Travis brought me home flowers to say congrats!

Hopefully in the next month or two I will reach my ultimate goal, and then watch out cause I will be SEXY!