Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A cure.

I've got the blogging blues.
Documenting all the fun of Christmas
has left me feeling like I've got
left to write about.

Tonight I was rummaging through my camera,
and found myself smiling
at the lovely faces of my ladies.
A cure for the winter blues, for sure.

Shall we start With Sienna?

We call her
And sometimes,
you know,
when she's in trouble...
This little lady makes such lovely silly faces.
She's a pro, I mean a PRO at going
And I have caught her,
multiple times,
making funny faces in the mirror.
She loves to make people laugh,
but is very embarrassed when she realizes
they are actually laughing.But she's sweet too.
Like really sweet.
Just today I was told that she loved me
more then a whole jar of peanut butter.
Can you imagine?
She's smart and silly.
She's sometimes so very adventurous
and a little bit of a tomboy.
And sometimes, well sometimes she is
This kid, IMHO,
could cure more then the winter blues.
Just thinking about her makes me want to go and
squish her lovely face with kisses!
Don't you feel happy now?
(Side note: This is Sienna's hair after a little towel dry, right out of the bath tub. Could you die?)
I want to cut it off and find a way to attach it to my head.
That is all.
(A post about Adyson, also a remedy for blues, coming soon.)

Friday, January 21, 2011

On my mind.

On my mind today:

Sienna has a friend over, and they are playing
so kindly,
so cleanly, and so quietly.
Adyson is gone to a neighbors and I took a little snooze.
Read a while.
And am thinking how different my life is now,
from a few years ago when I had toddlers.

It's kinda easy.

Easy is nice. I'll keep it.

On my mind today:

How much I want to make these cookies.
My mouth waters just thinking of how tasty the Reeses could be...
(Don't worry, I know I don't have enough restraint to not eat them all...
so I will just forget about it all together.)

On my mind today:

My girls are growing up.
Like heartbreakingly fast.
And then Sienna pops upstairs all clad in a dress-up and make-up.
LOADS of make-up.
And I see Adyson snuggled in her bed at night,
with an armful of stuffed animals,
and I feel like I can breathe again because they

On my mind today:

Why do women compare and compete so often?
I'm guilty of this.
Why do we think we have to
look like someone thinner?
Keep our homes as tidy as our neighbor?
Learn to be as crafty?
Run as far or work as hard?
Why can't we just remember
We are pretty awesome as is.
The rezzie I've set here is
Has anyone mastered this? I'd love some tips.

On my mind today:

How much I look forward to Travis coming home.
I think it's a good sign of how much I adore my man,
that I cannot wait for the weekend to begin.
I'm lucky.
Don't be jealous.

On my mind today:
This post is random, I'm aware.

But what else is a girl to do with all this free time?
(I'm off to shop on ETSY.)

Monday, January 17, 2011

For the record:

Since I've written my rezzies down, I have yelled at my kids azillionandone times. Fretted about my weight azillionandtwo times and have yet to cook a steak. Or even cook....

We have, however, been reading our scriptures, I've been running my guts out, and have been moving T's shoes complain free.

I guess I have a whole year to master my list, right?
Heaven help me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Rezzie's

(Photo taken by Enna-roo, my budding photographer.)

Well, it's January 13th...nothing like procrastinating those resolutions, eh? Here are a few things I want to accomplish in the fabulous year of 2011.

For the ladies:
This year I plan to work on my patience. I'm gonna say 'not right now' less, and yes: more. I will set a better example on the inside being as beautiful as the outside. I will show them new things, and cherish the time that is rushing by. They will know they are beautiful, special, and loved all year long.

For T:
This year I'm going to learn to cook the perfect steak! I'm gonna spend every single Thursday night thankful that he is here, rather then grumpy that he is asleep on the couch. :) I'm going to send him golfing whenever he feels up for it. And I'm going to get less angry when his shoes are left smack dab in the middle of the floor. They are only shoes....I can move them.

For my soul:
This year as a family we will read our scriptures all week long. We will give to others more, and teach the ladies to be more giving as well. T and I are going to do our darndest to go to the temple every month. I will run a 10k, or at least attempt to! I will worry less about my weight, and be more thankful for my healthy body. I will compare myself to others less, and focus on the talents I have been given. And I will learn something new. I will cherish my friends and family more, and make sure they know how loved they are.

It's gonna be a goodie...Bring it on!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meet Ruthie & Julie

The newest members of our family.
I know they are just dolls, but the ladies might not agree with that statement.
They are quite happy with Santa's gift.
We dress them in jammies (with bunny slippers even), each night.
We pick out clothes for them every. single. morning. (No matter how late we are running.)
They watch movies with us.
They get books read to them.
And they are a great source of bribery. (I can say things like, "You better clean up your room or I won't let you play with Ruthie/Julie" and darn it, the job gets done!)

For Christmas my MIL made a bunch of doll clothes for their new loves, and even made the dolls a dress that matches the girls Christmas dresses to a T. (Such a talented MIL I have!)

These pictures don't do how darling the outfits matched justice, but trust me, it was cute stuff.
Notice Adyson's bling on her shoulder, yes, Ruthie even had matching bling. Adorable.

Adyson, who was the instigator of asking for the AG dolls for Christmas, has really loved every second of having her. She takes taking care of Ruthie very seriously and is being really responsible. It's very cute. Each morning while I do Adyson's hair, she dresses Ruthie and combs her hair and gives me my babysitting instructions for the day. She's even made a checklist just to make sure I follow her instructions completely. I love this kid of mine. Sienna's dress is a red and black striped skirt, with a sequined cardigan-and Julies matched perfectly. It was cuteness and the ladies loved it.
(Like T taking his after church nap in the background?)

I was worried Sienna wouldn't love the doll as much as her sister, and wouldn't be as responsible. She's actually been really great with her, and adore her completely. The first night they had them, Sienna snuck Julie into her bed. When Travis went to check on her Julie was taking up the center of her bed, snuggling with her blanket. Sienna? She was at the very end of her bed curled up in a little ball-just to make sure she didn't interrupt Julies sleep. It was just too cute. That same night around 12:30 I was out reading on the couch and I heard Sienna in her room whispering. When I listened closely I could hear her say "You Okay Sweetie honey? Are you sleeping okay?"

Yes. I know, she's cute. :)

Here are the dolls in their matching Christmas outfits. Good work Grandma Lorraine! They turned out darling.