Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Birthday!

I can't believe I am saying this, but Sienna is already 1 year old-It's nuts! I feel like she is still my little tiny baby, but sure enough she is growing much faster than I would like. Her birthday was on Friday-the 27th. She woke up and it was like she knew it was her day! She was as happy as I have ever seen her. She was smiley, giggly, and just plain silly. We went to Trav's work to visit with him and a bunch of us went and got "Logan's Hero" sandwiches and went to Willow Park for a picnic. It was fabulous to sit outside in the sun with the kids. I am seriously loving this weather. Here is a cute pic of Sienna on her Birthday-You can just tell she knows she is gonna get spoiled!

We actually had her Birthday party today. Trav's Birthday is on Wednesday so we had the whole family here and sort of had a dual party. We ate dinner-(of course-Trav wanted Roast) and everyone played outside. Today I was thankful that our families get along so well. It is fun when we all get together and I feel blessed that my kids have so many people who love them. Even my grandma got to come today and that was a real treat.

Sienna got some really great toys and some super cute clothes today. She got a few little people toys, a baby and baby stroller, and a princess kitchen. (Adyson was a little jealous!) The very best part of the day was deffinetly the cake part. I have never seen a kid be as silly as she was. We have been practicing blowing the candles out for a while, but when she got her cake today, she just wanted to dig in. She first touched the frosting for just a second, then she licked it off of her fingers, and then she just opened her mouth and lunged forward-instead of picking it up with her hands she just stuck her face inside! It was so cute and so funny so of course, we all laughed. That just made her be even sillier. She would stick her face in and then look around and make sure we were all laughing at her, and then she would laugh right back. It was so much fun and such a great day for all of us. I have a feeling she will sleep good tonight-full of sugar and tuckered out from playing all day.

Not much else has happened since my last post. Travis, my dad, and cody have been working super hard on the basement and are really close to having the drywall finished. They are thinking by Wednesday it will be ready for mud and tape! This is exciting news for me-It means the basement is only about 2 months away from being completely done! It will be so nice to have more space, and I am really excited to be able to pick everything out and make it the way we want it. I feel really lucky that Travis has learned to do most of the work himself and that my dad and Cody have been so much help.

Anyway-it has been a great day and so much fun celebrating Siennas first year. She is just a beautiful happy kid, with a contagious smile-and I am so thankful that she has had such a fun life thus far.

Here is a new pic of Adyson-because I felt bad leaving her out!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Relief Society

My calling in the church is in the nursery. I enjoy being with the little kids, and I love being in there with Adyson. It really is so much fun to watch her sing the Primary songs and to play with the other kids. But... honestly, it is a TIRING calling, and every now and then I miss really learning and feeling something out of church.

The nursery leader must have been feeling the same way because today she came with a schedule for all of us to take turns going to Relief Society. Today was my turn and boy did I luck out! The lesson was on the Atonement and it was beautiful. I was so touched and moved by the words that were spoken and the spirit that was in the room. I honestly don't think I've ever felt such a beautiful spirit before. I also was so thankful for my ward. It was so nice to sit in a room full of women and feel like I know them all and can truly just be myself with most of them. I have been in Primary, Sunday school, and nursery since we got married, and my R.S. meeting have been few and far between, so I guess today I truly learned to appreciate it and value sisterhood. Hopefully that lesson will carry me through one more month till my next break! For now though-it's back to boogers, tears, and a whole lot of hand sanitizer!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah...

Well, once again there isn't a whole lot going on this week. We took Sienna to the doctor again on Monday because she was still fevered. They decided she may have strep. So they gave her two different medicines, and she was starting to feel better, till she got the flu. Poor kid, she just couldn't hold any food in. It broke my heart to have a 1 year old that sick. I am happy to report that she if feeling all better today. We even got out of the house for a while this weekend!!! Yes, that is how boring this week has been-I was seriously excited for some Village Inn and Ross Dress for Less!

Last night at dinner Adyson kept pulling up her shirt so you could see her belly button. I kept asking her to pull it down, but she kept pulling it up. Finally I got a little mad and she said, "Jasmine shows off her belly button all the time." You know, Jasmine from Aladdin-What do you say to that? Cody and Amy thought it was hilarious! Whoodathunkit-Disney movies teachin' my kid some awesome skanky values! I do think that she wont do that anymore, but who knows!

My cute friend Trisha had twins this week. They are some of the cutest things I've ever seen, so congrats to her. Her blog is and she has some great pics posted there.

Anyways-this post is super boring, but hopefully next week will be better! Hope you are all doing great!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


It has been a week of fevers, puking, crying, and sleepy, sleepy, oh-so-sleepy parents! But I will start with some fun stuff-Simon turned one on Tuesday. I cannot believe that it was a year ago that Amy took off running through my house because her water was breaking. I am still convinced she broke a record for the fastest running pregnant woman ever! Simon was super cute and dug right into his cake, though he may still be on a sugar high! He sure is a smart and handsome little dude!

After Simons party Sienna had a good fever and was pretty grumpy. After taking her to the great Dr. Mckenna, he said that she has something with a hard big name, but it basically means that she has big red sores all over her throat, and could puke, and get huges blisters on her hands and feet. The worst part is that we can't do anything about it. It just has to run its course and it could take up to 7 days! UGH!!! The poor kid has just been miserable, she wouldn't even drink a bottle because it hurt so bad. She would swallow, and then just cry! It is getting better though and she has been more herself yesterday and today. Tonight when I put her down she had a slight fever though, so keep your fingers crossed!

The same day we took Sienna to the doctor, Adyson woke up at about 2 am throwing up. I think she had a good case of the flu because she continued to do that for about 3 hours ever 15 minutes. I am glad to say that she is now the same old Adyson and feels fine. Thank goodness-one sick kid is still one too many!

I'm sure you are so happy to hear all about the germs in the Kidman household, so I will give you a piece of happiness to end with. Sienna took her first steps last night! She took 2, then 6, and walked 6 or 7 steps for quite a while. It was so fun to watch her and to see the pride in her eyes! Today she has only taken a few, but I think she is almost there! Today the girls, mom, and I took my grandma shopping and to lunch. My grandma spoiled the girls rotten and they just love her. It is so fun for them to have such a wonderful great grandma in their lives.

Here is Sienna walking, isn't she the cutest?

Some Funny Ady stuff: Though Adyson has been talking forever, she is just starting to experiment with words, a few she has tried out this week are "dangerful?" and she has been saying that Sienna is "exciting" instead of excited. It is cute to watch her figure out the way words work!

Sienna: Today she said mmm-wa (like blowing kisses) and now if you tell the kid to dance, watch out cause she will boogie with the best of em'!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Easter is one of my favorite Holiday's! I think it is such a beautiful time of year and such a great time to focus on your families. Despite the rainy weather and the sore throat and horse voice, we had a great one!
Saturday we went to the Kidman's house to celebrate with them. Trav's mom always does a scavenger hunt for the kids that leads them to the toys and eggs. Adyson had a blast and was pretty excited when we got home and she had $3.oo worth of quarters in her eggs! She has decided she wants to buy a barbie toy and many other toys-it's funny how far she thinks that money will stretch! She had a great time swinging with sweet Rheagen and playing with her cousins! Sienna had a blast too and she just chatted everyones ears off! Who knows what she is saying, but she never shuts up!!
I have been pretty sick the last couple of days and have managed to lose my voice so we didn't make it to sacrament meeting today. It was kinda hard to miss today because Easter Sunday is always such a beautiful meeting, and it is such a great day to celebrate Christ's life. We are all about letting our kids enjoy the "perks" of Easter, like the candy, toys, and dresses, but we also really want them to understand what it is all about. So this week we have been chatting with Adyson about the true reason for Easter. Well, I guess it went okay. She listened and I think she understood to the best of a 3 year olds abililty. But when you ask her why we celebrate Easter she usually will answer, becuase of the "insurrection." I guess Resurrection is a tough word!
We did make it to the rest of church today and it was nice to be there. I think the girls felt awfully pretty in their Easter dresses. Adyson kept asking all the leaders in nursery if they like her pretty dress. (I know, she's a little vain!)
After church we went to my moms for a little while. We grilled burgers and had an Easter egg hunt in the basement. Cody, Amy, and Simon came over. We REALLY missed Jody, Heather, and the kids today, but hopefully Heather will have the new baby soon and we will make a trip to see them.
Tonight we just hung around the house and enjoyed our kids. I have to say that I am so thankful for my family. I was in the kitchen cleaning up the Easter Hoopla tonight, and Travis and the girls were playing "monster." They were wrestling all over the floor and the girls were just laughing their heads off, and I was so grateful for them. My house is filled with a lot of laughter and love!

Below I will post some Easter pics of the family, Don't be annoyed if I go a bit crazy, there are some good ones!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Baby Animal Day

Today we took the kids to Baby Animal Day at the American West Heritage Farm. They have the whole place covered with baby animals for the kids to pet and hold. My dad came with us which was a real treat, because we got to hear all the history we could take! They got to see baby pigs, cows, horses, bunnies, yaks, sheep, and of course-their favorite, the chicks! Sienna got very excited and just about squished the chick they let her hold, so that didn't last long. Adyson, on the other hand was very gentle. She would have stayed and held those chicks all day if I would have let her. She told me on the way home that "the black chick was kinda crazy and he was just jumping all over the place!" Amy, Tana, and Simon were there too and Simon looked like he was having a good time too.
Travis had Adyson most of the time and I had Sienna and the camera, so there isn't any good pictures of Sienna, but there are a few of Ads so here you go!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Princesses and Park City

Recently the girls in our family took a little shopping trip to Park City to stock up on some bargains for our kids and to have a little girl time. I just have to say that I am so thankful for the women in my family. We have a beautiful relationship all together. We talk about everything, and we laugh a lot. In fact, laughing seemed to be the theme of the day. After the sore feet and light wallets, I thought a lot about the day and the family bond that we all share. I hope that my girls will love me and talk to me like I talk to my mom. I also hope that they love eachother like Heather, Amy, and I love eachother. It's so amazing to have a group of people with whom you can just be "you." So I love you girls and am thankful for all of you! I know "cheesy" right?

Conference was really nice, and I have to say that you have to be thankful for the leaders of this church. President Hinckley is just such an amazing man with such conviction-and what a great sense of humor, right? I will admit that with kids running around I didn't hear as much as I would like to, so I've made a goal to read them all, and try to get as much as I can out of conference.
Here are some pictures of us just hanging out at home. It seems Adyson and Sienna have already started being pretty good friends!

Princess in training! I didn't think she would enjoy wearing these clothes as much as she did.
Daddy with his girls! Ady always wants him to play the part of Prince Charming & Travis just has to laugh!

Ady as Sleeping beauty, her new favorite costume. Those are her graceful ballerina poses!
Adyson's funniest saying of the week: This week there isn't anything super funny, but she has been really sweet, almost everyday this week she has said "mom, you are the best!" She has been snuggly and huggy and all of that good stuff. Don't worry though, I'm sure that the stinker in her will be back next week.
Sienna's latest accomplishment: Sienna is walking all over with her walker this week and I have to wonder how soon till she walks all by herself. She also is drinking milk instead of formula and saving us some bucks! She is also being a lazy little turkey. Yesterday she did't wake up till 10 and today I woke her up at 9:30! I'm not complaining!