Saturday, March 17, 2012

{St. Patricks Day, Thank you's, and A B-day party}

Happy St. Patrick's Day from our little ladies.
They are lovely in green, yes?
Oh the Thank you's!
I have so many to say.
So many.
For the past few weeks things have
been extremely hard in these parts.
(Do you follow our Cancer blog?)
Why not?
Go link us.
NOW. GO! There is a job for you there.)

But wow,
I cannot get over how well taken care of
we have been by our friends, neighbors
and even random strangers.
Donations have been made,
cards have been mailed,
and today some of my nearest and dearest friends
brought over a basket filled with beautiful cards,
and things to entertain me over the next week.
Oh I feel so blessed.
There are no words.

I think back to when we were first
deciding on whether or not to buy this house.

I'm so glad we did.
What would I do without these
people in my life?
Love you friends.
Thanks for all you do for me.
There are no words.

And last,
but certainly not least,
This little lady is turning 8 next week.
Where has time gone?

When they changed our start date for IL-2
I realized we will not be home until either
the day before her b-day, or her actual b-day...
so I threw her a little party.

Now, I do Birthdays big
and had a hard time with this one.
Money is tight,
time was even tighter,
and honestly,
I'm out of energy.

I had it at Firehouse.
And they ate pizza
and made a little craft.

That's it.
And guess what?

It was LOVELY.
And the world didn't fall apart
because it wasn't perfect.

I'm learning to let go of
a little control...
it feels good.

Onto the party!
Adyson couldn't wait!

And Sienna is always happy to tag along.The ladies painted a little pot and made a craft.
One of my bad ideas was to forget to tell them
to wear clothes they can get dirty.
RIP Lillians cute shirt.

When I told a friend about the party
she bullied me into letting her do the cake.
(Remember how I said my friends are awesome?)
After telling her no 12 times,
I finally said yes,
and she came with this!
I will never try to turn my friends down again.
Isn't it fabulous?
I hated cutting into it.
(She got it from The Graceful Baker.)

And the gifts were a hit.
Adyson got a Justin Beiber shirt
and the girls were all squealing when she
opened it.
I love the look on her face here.

Adyson has lovely friends.
They are all such sweet girls.
And I can't say enough good things about
Adyson herself.
She is such an angel,
and such a great kid.
Can't wait for all the good things
I know are in store for her!


Jill said...

fun. 8. wow. love the cake!

Trisha said...

I can't believe she is 8 already! Such a beauty.

Bre said...

Your girls really are so beautiful! I think firehouse sounds just perfect for a party:) I enjoyed seeing Sienna light up at Corban's party. She really is the sweetest with everyone around her! I cant believe Addy is eight! Dax will be eight this year too and it hurts my heart a little to think they will be baptized! So crazy.