Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Day 4:Disneyland}

This is the reason we Love Disney so much.
The ladies remember how much they love
each other. They walked like this the entire
way to the park. It was heartwarming.
This day at Disneyland was nuts.
We got so much done and there were
absolutely no lines.
At one point we looked around and there
was no one else walking where we were.
We hit up pretty much every ride
in the park.
Multiple times.

Thunder Mountain.
In the ladies top 5.

Splash mountain.
Love them holding hands while
in line. They decided they pretty much
didn't need us at all and went on every ride
together. We felt a little neglected....

Made a wish in Snow White's well.Hit up Autotopia.
Adyson loves this ride and thinks
she is so awesome for being able to drive.

Made silly faces while waiting to meet Minnie.

Met Mickey.
And got the traditional pics in front of the castle.
I love this tradition...so fun to see how we change through the years.
3 years ago.
2 years ago.
Last year.


The Fluckiger Family said...

So jealous of no one being there! There was not one day like that for us last time we went :(

Bre said...

It looks like so much fun, I love them being best friends and sisters! Cutest thing ever, holding hands and not one bit ashamed by it:) I cant wait to take my kids for the first time!

Eileen said...

Disneylove! I HATE that Travis didn't feel good. You sure wouldn't know it from his happy face. I love the smiles on the ladeez faces! That's what Disney does to ya! True Happiness!