Saturday, May 30, 2009


The past few days have been dreamy and lovely. It's Saturday night and I am just sitting exhausted in my pj's listening to "The Food Network" and basking in delight as I reminisce about the past few days.

Pure Summer Delight.

Wednesday: The Diva's experienced their first time jumping on the tramp with the sprinklers.

They were fans.

Huge ones. (Apologies to the neighbors if my girls want to make this a daily thing).

Thursday: We broke out the sprinkler for the first time.

Again, big fans.

Friday: Our annual zoo trip. We go every year the Friday after Memorial Day, and realized that this year will be our last. Next year Adyson will be in Kindergarten. (Insert sigh and tear here).

Have I mentioned how cute I think they are?The carousel. Always a favorite.

Adyson measuring herself with the gorilla. Sienna was too busy making funny faces at it to pose for me.
Adyson's newest fascination is bugs. She loves them, and wants a bug collection just like zoo. She just loved looking at all the beautiful butterflies, and the Gross spiders and beetles too. (I'm serious here, our scared little Adyson loves bugs). When we left the reptile house where the are kept, she said, "I just love those bugs. Those poor dead bugs."

Another new love is rocks. She has been making a rock collection this summer, and was thrilled to find gemstones for sale at the zoo. Of course that was the surprise she picked, and she had to pull them out at lunch (Ruth's Diner!) and inspect them all.
To top the day off the ladies got to have their weekly sleepover at my mom's house. They were so wound up and excited that they sat up and gabbed with my mom about the zoo all night long.

In the morning Adyson was invited to a B-day party, so we dropped her off at 10:30 and picked her up at noon, grabbed some lunch, and dropped her and Sienna off at another B-day party at 1. (That makes 7 B-day parties for Adyson this month!)
And to top the weekend off Trav's mom picked up the girls from the party to take them to play in the water with their cousins. They were seriously excited to spend the day with them. And somehow I have to find a way to get them back to boring, normalcy.

Travis was golfing in a tournament with his Dad, and I was at Tai Pan with my mom shopping.

Um, yes, we all had a very good weekend indeed.
Delightful I tell you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye's and a Weekend Recap

The last few week have been crazy busy, and I am so excited for summer to get here and for life to slow down! This week we said a few goodbyes in preparation for our lazy days ahead.
Our First Goodbye was to my BIL Jody, Sister Heather, and their kids. Jody got a job for 9 months in Texas, and this week they began their very long road trip. None of us are super thrilled with their move. We have LOVED having them only 3 hours away and have enjoyed so much being able to see them so often. We are closer than most families think is healthy, so it is pretty hard on us having them move away. Thankfully time flies and they will shortly be back! They have been so busy preparing for the move while the kids are in school, playing soccer, piano and violin, that they weren't able to come see us and we weren't sure if we would see them before they moved. At the last minute they decided to stay the night at my moms and leave from her house in the morning. It was great for the kids to be able to say their goodbyes. Adyson and Kutter have quite the relationship and I think it will be hard on them to be so far apart! They are 2 peas in a pod. 2 very different peas.

After 4 days of traveling with a very sick little Brielle, Heather and Jody have made it safely to Texas. Now we are just hoping they can find an apartment quickly, and we are really hoping we can find some SUPER cheap plane tickets to Texas.... (we miss them already!)

Next Adyson said goodbye to pre-school. She was nothing but heartbroken about this. She adores her teacher (really lots) and loves school, not to mention her fear of the looming Kindergarten. Sienna on the other hand, was thrilled that Adyson is done with school. She completely understand that this means she will be able to start school next year, and even called Ady's teacher "teacher" and gave her a huge hug.

This year has been great for Adyson, and we have really loved watching her grow. I have mixed feelings about her starting Kindergarten next year. I can't wait to watch her learn, but realize how quickly the years will start coming. Sigh.
That night Adyson also said goodbye to dance. They had a mini concert where she boogied her heart out and received a trophy. She has loved her little trophy and for some reason has decided to "wash" it everyday. My battery was dead, and I have no pictures, but trust me she was cute. Trust me! ; )
And then Saturday we bid farewell to soccer. Soccer has been a pretty funny experience. She is so not the most coordinated kid in the world, and I think she kicked the ball maybe 10 times all year (maybe), but she had a blast and we are so proud of her for trying. If nothing else she loved it and at least it got her away from Sponge Bob for a few hours a week! Travis did a great job coaching too! Have I mentioned that I married a good man?
Team Sprites. Aren't they a cute looking bunch?

This weekend began with a B-day celebration with my Grandma. I just love these pics of her in her sombrero at El Toro. Isn't she beautiful? My kids adore her and we are so lucky to be able to share these days with her.

And today we celebrated Memorial day by doing much needed yard work, and taking the kiddos to Willow Park and spent the day with family. The weather was lovely and perfect, and we have just enjoyed this day all around.

Today at lunch with my parents, we somehow got talking (very appropriately) about our family history. We talked about how my Grandpa met my Grandma while he was serving in WWII in England. I learned a few things about each of them that I didn't know, and I pictured it all in my head, almost like a movie. My Grandpa died when my dad was a young boy, and I wish so much that I could have met him. It made Memorial day so much more special for me to learn a few new things about him, and my grandma, and in turn my dad. I've never appreciated the importance of Memorial Day, and am so thankful for it now. I hope that you all were able to celebrate with those you love, and remember those you've lost, and those who have fought for our Freedom.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Final Recap

Wahoo! I just finished watching American Idol, and am beyond pleased and shocked with America's choice! I thought Adam had it in the bag.

That being said, the show is over and this is my last chance to bag on him, so you Adam fans, forgive me...

But what in the world was he wearing while singing with KISS? I mean, I understand (sort of) the shoes, but the spider man shoulder pads were just so UGLY. So.Very.Ugly.

Maybe he thought his sparkly make-up would compensate for the ugliness that was his outfit, but he was So.Very.Wrong.

Okay, I'm officially done making fun of the AI LOSER Adam Lambert. I shall now focus on the awesomeness that was American Idol tonight.

Um, Queen. Um, Cindy Lauper (this performance was fantastic!). Jason Mraz (I heart him). Um a little Santana (AHmazing). Even Steve Martin rocked my socks. And David Cook won me over once again donating funds from tonights downloads to find the cure for cancer! (I LOVE that idea!)

I could have done without Lynol Ritchie and Rod Stewart, but I believe the world could have done without Lynol Ritchie and Rod Stewart, so that's not saying much. And did Fergie say a very naughty word and make the network use there 10 second delay? Classic.

And lastly, let's discuss Kris Allen. He is just fantastic and seemed completely shocked to win. I love his voice, but mostly his humble self. I'm really so happy he won!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Boring Recap

I have nothing of note to blog about.
I've not taken a picture all week.

You'd think, being that nothing noteworthy has happened, I would have plenty of time on my hands, but for some reason I have been going from morning till night with no free time at all.!

And if you are wondering why I don't comment on your posts often anymore. It is because I am lucky to find the time to look at them, let alone comment on them! I can't wait for summer to come and life to sloooow down. (Way down!)

So instead of my normal post chuck full of the Diva's and pictures, you just get me rambling in a recap. Forgive me, and I promise not to be offended if you don't read on!

This weekend was lovely and I wish it wasn't over. Friday night, a great dinner with great people who we love. It was topped off by playing games (and winning) and a chick flick. (Travis could have done without this last part!)

Saturday we awoke early to play soccer, and our team did a fantastic job. It seemed we were matched pretty evenly with the other team, and our kids were a little less scared. Travis was like a proud papa watching them play. I think he has enjoyed coaching these little cuties and I think he will miss it when we are done next week.

Then we went to my in-laws home to Celebrate Mothers Day with my MIL. It's always so much fun to get together and I just love watching my kids play with their cousins. The girls can't get enough of them and of just being there, and they never want to leave!

Sunday I conquered a big fear of mine by teaching the lesson in RS. And though I was shaking in my heels the whole time, tearing up for half the time, and rambling for a good fourth of the time, I felt so uplifted by the amazing women in the ward. They are beautiful people.

I came home right after teaching and walked into a house full of family. Dinner was being cooked, the kids were running around outside, and I don't think I could have been happier. I just kept thinking how blessed I am to have this home, and such amazing families, and such wonderful friends. I think Spring does this to me every year. I sit back and realize how much I have to be grateful for, and just feel happy. I need to store that emotion in my pocket so when the cold snow comes back, I can find my mojo again! Now I am bracing myself for another week, and hoping that this weekend can somehow be as good as last!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

This weekend was yet another crazy busy weekend. I keep waiting for the weekend that we are able to sleep in, lounge around, and do NOTHING. It has yet to happen, and I'm realizing quickly, it's never gonna happen! I wont complain too much though, because this weekend happened to be filled with loads of fun!
Saturday morning Adyson was able to be in the Health Day's parade with her dance team. She was pretty nervous when I dropped her off, and I was really hoping she would love it. As soon as she passed us in her float, my fears were gone. I don't think I've seen a bigger smile on that kids face! She had gone maybe 2 blocks till she reached us, and was already out of candy except for what she "saved" for us. (She started out with a good amount of candy, so those lucky people she was throwing it at must have got bucket fulls).

Sienna LOVED the parade. She couldn't wait to get her hands on all that candy!Adyson throwing what is left of her candy. Isn't she too cute?Simon and Sienna and their shades. Look at that excited face!

She really digs the spotlight.
I know, she's very obviously my kid.

After the parade we went up to the Health days fair at the park. Since Disneyland my kids have been jonesing for a ride, and were so excited when they spotted this one. It's just like the jellyfish ride at California Adventure that Adyson couldn't get enough of, and Sienna wasn't tall enough to ride. They giggled the entire ride, and just wanted to go again!!

Picniking at the park.

The ride.

We miss Disneyland. Sigh.

After riding and browsing it was time to watch Adyson dance. She grinned the whole time like always and we were the doting parents, like always.

Sienna and i watching Adyson dance.

You'd think that would be enough for one day, but Travis and Cody came over and ripped sod out of our yard to prepare for a patio and swing set we are putting in. It was a ton of work and both men were exhausted when they were done. Thanks Cody for helping out!

Lovely isn't it?? We can't wait to get the patio and swing set in!

That night we decided to play a game or two of Canasta, and somehow that ended up being us playing till 1 in the morning, making Saturday a day that began early, and ended much too late for us. (1 didn't use to be so late...does this mean I am getting old?) That's depressing.

Sunday I took advantage of it being mothers day and let myself sleep in. I woke up too a beautiful new picture I've been wanting for quite a while (Thanks Trav! I love it!) and I also woke up to a very tired husband asleep on the couch. (If 1 is late for me, it's like, um, SUPER late for T). We had the laziest morning we have had in quite sometime making me like 1:30 church for the first time.

After church we celebrated mothers day at my mom's house. (We are celebrating with my MIL next Sunday). I sure love my mom, who really has taught me the kind of mom I want to be. Growing up she was always not just my mom, but my friend as well. She made our home a place where all of my friends always wanted to be, and now a place that we always love going back too, and a place where the ladies can't seem to get enough of! When Sienna was a baby, my mom let Adyson spend a few Friday nights at her house in the hope that Travis and I would get a little rest with one less child. That turned into Adyson begging for Friday nights, and she made sure my mom knew that she would be there each Friday. And as Sienna (and Simon) have gotten older, they have learned that Friday night is sleepover night too. They live for that time with my mom, and Travis and I love our weekly break! If you can't tell, she is also an amazing Grandma!

I also want my MIL Lorraine to know how much we all love her too! She lives about 45 minutes away, but is always here to support us and the girls in everything we do. Whenever we go to her house she makes sure she has a fun new game for us to play, and she goes out of her way to entertain us. I know that she hates not seeing the girls on a daily basis, and she misses them during her breaks, so she has started sending them cards and letters in the mail each week. My kids LOVE this, and can't wait to get the mail in the hopes of a letter from Grandma. They soak up her words. And she raised Travis to be kind, hardworking, and so love able, which goes to show what an amazing mom she is!

I know what you are all thinking, and no it's not really fair that my kids have such amazing Grandma's...but I'm not complaining! ;

Mothers day for me is a day to honor all the women who have shaped my life, from my neighbor across the street growing up who I still think of as a second mom, to my friends mom's who were probably really sick of me being at their house and messing it up in high school. I think of the friends who I've watched grow up and get married and now are mothers along with me. I think of how our relationships have changed over the years and how now our conversations are now about raising our children. I think about the beautiful friends I have made in my ward who have helped me through some rough times, and made me dinner while they are cleaning their houses, working, hosting a get together and taking care of their kids all at the same time.

It's truly divine to be a mother. I adore every second of it, and love my kids to a point that I didn't know was possible, and I am daily thankful daily for the women above who have shown me by example the type of mom I want to be.

I want to be the like my mom and my MIL someday, spoiling grand kids and loving them so much it must hurt. I want to be someones second mom. I want my kids friends messing up my houses and eating all my food (should I admit that?) I hope I set some sort of example (either good or bad) to those who I've known for what seems like forever. I want to be the multi-tasking mom who realizes what others need while taking care of her family (I have a ways to go here, but I'm working on it!

I hope you all had a happy Mothers day, and I hope that many of you know how thankful I am for the examples you are to me!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Fun

The other day while mowing the lawn, the rain started coming down, HARD. I was almost finished so I let the ladies run around enjoying the spring rain, which turned into a winter hail storm. We came in sopping wet, and in Sienna's case, a little scared of those "ouchy raindrops". To cheer them and warm them up I decided they needed a bath. The ladies decided they need a bath in their swimsuits....
Why not? And with this one act I became mother of the year in my children's eyes.

The ladies decked out in their suits. Adyson is VERY excited that her swimsuit has a skirt on it. Surprised??

Do you love their towels? A gift for the ladies from my good friend Ashley. They velcro so they can wear them like a dress. Adyson is a mermaid and Sienna is Tink, if you can't tell. She found them at and I just love them! Thanks Ashley!

Speaking of awesome B-day gifts. Aunt Tiff sent the girls a fabulous combined gift this year, and we finally had a chance to put it up last night. Um, my girls are officially in heaven. They weren't super excited when we made them come in for bed last night! Thanks Tiff, the girls are very excited about it!

I also want to give a shout out to Travis and my mom who both celebrated b-days this week. Somehow I didn't take one picture of Trav on his big day, but we had a lot of fun. The girls were very excited to give him some fun surprises, including a new pull cart for his golf clubs. We love you T! And mom, who's day was on the 5th, we love you too!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Simon,

My friend Eileen called me out on her blog because she has been missing my AI recaps. Because I just love her, I am recapping via a letter to Simon. Feel free to read, but Adam lovers beware. I am NO fan of his.....

Dear Simon,
Mr. Cowell, my old friend. We've sure been through a lot together in the past few years. We've agreed on everything from Clay Aikens clothes and overall nerdiness to SanJaya's hair styles. I've enjoyed your many metaphors and funny words including this years favorite "indulgent". I've laughed when you've made fun of sweet (and crazy) Paula, and I've even overlooked your very sad haircut. (I could fix that for you), but I think the time has come where we part our ways.

You see, you love Adam Lambert. And me, well I do not. At all.

All I hear when he sings is screeching, and I want to throw my shoe at the t.v.

Week after week I wait for you to say something in your lovely British accent about how very screechy his performance was, and each week, you let me down.

I thought we had a connection. It's not me, it's you.

If you want my opinion on the other 3, here you go.

Allyson-I think she has a great voice and tonight in the duet I think she sang Adam's pants off. (Not literally, that would be weird.) She is a great singer but I don't think she will win, and I can see her leaving this week or next week. Her downfall? It is excruciating watching her be interviewed. (Jason Castro anyone?) Am I right??

Danny-I loved Danny from the beginning, but he has fallen off the charts a bit for me. He is still cute as a button (and my friend Janette has mentioned he looks just like Robert Downey Jr.), and I think he definitely has talent, but I think he is a bit cheesy and cocky. He reminds me of Taylor Hicks. (Agree/Disagree?)

Kris-He's my American Idol. It saddened me tonight that you didn't love him. Here is why I did. He is not over the top, and maybe you would like him to be, but he just plain isn't-and I dig that about him. I would buy his CD and when it played dogs wouldn't howl (that's another dig at Adam). He seems mellow and not too cocky (but still cocky enough) and I think he could make some great music. I would love to see him win, though I think his chances are slim. I do hope that because you didn't love him tonight, his fans will be worried and vote like crazy for him. Maybe you will redeem yourself a little if that is the case, but we will see Simon, we will see.

Simon, if you choose to come back next year (and I hope you do), lets try to be on the same page. Singing and screaming are NOT the same thing, spray tanner is not your best friend, and overdone is not always best.

I'm just sayin'.

Missing the old you,

P.S. I don't even mind your super tight grey/black t-shirt collection. Seriously, it's better than the amount of cleavage Paula has been sporting lately....