Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Snow... Finally!

It FINALLY snowed her in Cache Valley. I am thrilled! As much as I love fall, I NEED a white Chrismtas! I took Adyson to school on Tuesday, and when by the time I went to pick her up the streets were snow packed. The trees were covered and it is just beautiful! Here are some pics of the girls outside playing in the yard.

Sienna was sooo excited to be outside and she loved the snow! Adyson was just excited to make a snow angel and footprints in the snow.

This is right after we came in and took our coats off. Sienna was so upset that she had to come in. Do you think she is a drama queen?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We brought the Green Bean Casserole

Thanksgiving was Wonderful! I enjoyed this long weekend more than ever and take back a few things I said about this Holiday. First off, I found a few pies I adore, and probably will crave from now on. Lemon supreme and Pecan pie. DELICIOUS! The turkey just fell apart and everyone said that my mom cooked it PERFECTLY. We asked Adyson if she liked the turkey and her answer was, mom it's chicken, and it's delicious. It took some convincing that the turkey was indeed-turkey! (she's a nut!) Sienna adores Potato's and has stuffed herself full of them for the past few days, and yes, Trav and I brought the green bean casserole (my fav.) And as usual, the stuffing was my moms best creation yet! (Thankyou mom!) This year Thanksgiving seemed more relaxed than usual. It was just our immediate family, and my Grandma. It was nice to have us all there together in such good spirits. I had to look around the table many times and realize how truly blessed and lucky I am to have such a beautiful relationship with my fam. My siblings are more like best friends and we have all picked spouses who blend right in and who I adore. Now I have to admit, we are anything but traditional. We are perverted at times, we tease eachother constantly, and yes... the occasional swear word flies across the table-but we do love eachother and I know that we have relationships that will always be good and happy.

So this year I have much to be thankful for, here are just a few.

-My husband is healthy, something I will NEVER take for granted again.

-I have two dream kids. I adore these girls of mine.

-My parents, who constantly teach me, and who love me always.

-Pecan Pie

-The basement is finished-finally, and as I type this, I am sitting in front of the fire!

-I have siblings who are also friends.

-Velour pants from Old Navy-laugh if you will, but man they are cozy!

-In-laws who I love and adore.

-The gospel.

-Many good friends.

I totally forgot to take pics this weekend, but here is a cute one of the girls decorating the basement tree. Most of these ornaments seem to be at the Bottom of the tree, Everytime I walk past I just secretly grab one and put it up high! I LOVE Christmas!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tagged again....

I have been tagged again, with all these tags, I'm afraid you will all realize how truly BORING I am. But Jamie, because I heart you, I will try and find something interesting to write about me!

1.I really don't look forward to Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I love to be with our families, but it's just not really my FAVORITE Holiday. I don't eat potato's, I don't eat turkey, and I really don't love pie. One thing I do love is my moms stuffing! I adore it and will manage to stuff myself full of it! This year I am in charge of making a few desserts and have decided on making a few mini cheesecakes so I don't have to eat PIE! YUCK!

2.I am like a kid at Christmas. I honestly can't sleep for days, and usually wake up before the kids. I have to wake them up at 6:00 because I can't wait for them to see if Santa came. I'm such a dork!

3.I am a PLANNER and a LIST MAKER. For instance, I have already made 2 different lists for Adyson's birthday party. Her birthday isn't till the end of March! I find reasons to make lists for everything!

4.I love to throw parties and have people over. I thrive on having to clean my house, cook for others, and clean up when they leave. (mom, I wonder where I got that from..)

5.I am a binge book reader. Even if the book sucks, I usually have to finish it.

6.I am a hypochondriac, and my family finds it extremely funny. (Lorinda, if you are reading this, Can I use a straw yet?)

Thats all! They aren't really interesting, but there you have it. I tag.....

Ashley, because I want to be the first one to tag you.
Brittney, because you are such a fun writer.
Heather Johnstun, because seriously girl, update!
and Michelle, because I am loving you blogging!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


It's a good thing she has such lovely curls because Sienna's hair grows in awfully silly. The very front top of her head is only like 2 inches long, and super thin. the back, however, is growing in beautifully. I hated cutting some of those curls, but my hope is that SOMEDAY the top will catch up with the back. Here are some pics of Sienna's first haircut.


I guess she likes it...

A bit of Sienna...

I feel as though I have neglected our little Sienna in the last few posts. Now Sienna is our little Angel, and we just adore her, but getting a good pic of her is darn near impossible. I mean seriously impossible. She is such a goer, and when I get the camera out instead of smiling, she just says "smile." Don't believe me? Here is today's picture quest.
That's right, she's just a crying in the last one. After many attempts, we did finally get a few good ones. I know I am her mom, but isn't she just a doll?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Please don't judge me....

We woke up this morning to two sick kids. (I wont give you details) but they aren't feeling too hot, I believe they have a case of the stomach flu, and on top of that, they are coughing. My kids are usually healthy, but it seems like the past few weeks they just haven't been 100 percent! Well, I decided that today would be a day of laziness. Wednesdays are really the only day during the week where we have NOTHING to do. So it is now 4:00, and I am sitting here in my pajama pants, Adyson's hair hasn't been combed, and we have been watching movies and lounging all day long. I'm feeling guilty! I did put on my running shoes when Sienna went down for her nap, but then I just didn't make it to the treadmill! So this post is a post of guilt, please girls, tell me that now and then you have a lazy-fat-I don't want to do my hair day! On a side note, we just got the bravo channel and I discovered a Project Runway marathon! Good stuff for the fashion diva in me!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Last Ones...I promise!

Well, Once again, if you don't care, just skip past these! The basement is totally done! We are in absolute heaven. The girls love to play in the playroom where the toys now stay! I'm loving not having toys ALL OVER the house! The only thing not in the pics is the blinds, which are now hung. I am sorry about the million basement posts, but this has consumed a good year of our lives and we couldn't be happier that it is done! Also, I know it's a bit early for a Christmas Template, but I really don't care! I love Christmas and honestly can't wait for it to come this year!

Joseph Smith

Here is proof that Travis and I really are "trying" to be good parents! Adyson finally can tell us who "Jon Smith" and "Joseph Smith" are! Thank Goodness for F.H.E. eh!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Basement (Are you sick of them yet?)

Yeah!!! We have carpet! The Kidman Famiy has been all smiles this week! The carpet was laid on Monday, and since then we have been putting the rooms together. We still have plenty of work to do, but it is coming along nicely! I can't wait to decorate!!!! Sorry if you are sick of seeing boring pics of the basement, but we are much to excited not to share!
Here is the view if you turn right after coming down the stairs.

The Game Table.

The Sectional, we bought this like 6 months ago, and have just been waiting for everything else to get done.

The T.V.-Trav's new love! This was purchased like 9 months ago, and just pulled out of the box today! I may never see my husband again!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trav's Pride and Joy

Well, If you are sick of the basement happenings-I apologize! Here is the finished fireplace and cabinents- I, for one, think it turned out pretty dang awesome! Thankyou Travis-for all your hard work, and I'm sorry your fingers hurt so bad! Tomorrow is a big day-Our carpet guy is coming! It is almost done!

Does your skin need Rejuvenated?

Every Sunday when we get home from church Sienna goes down for a nap, mom lays down for a bit, and Travis and Adyson play together. I don't really know how this little tradition started, but it works-Everyone is happy. Sienna and I get a much needed nap, and Trav and Ady get some daddy-daughter time. Awesome!
Well Today, Adyson had Travis in stitches. She decided she wanted to do his "clown make-up." She found a sponge, and a HUGE round brush and was just pretending away. At one point she was putting some pretend eye-shadow on his eyes and said that it would really "rejuvenate" his skin! Such a goof-ball! Then she would say, Dad-am I sad, happy, or mad-and he would have to look at her and guess her mood by her facial expressions. That kid just has such a weird, silly, imagination! We sure love her, and I am so thankful that her and her daddy have such a close relationship!