Sunday, April 8, 2012

{Adyson's Baptism-Easter}

Saturday was such a beautiful,
special, magical day!
Adyson chose to be baptized and
we were able to celebrate the event over
Easter weekend.
It was full of family and close friends
and just a wonderful weekend!

It was pretty special having Travis do the baptism
and confirmation, and my heart still feels very full
thinking of what a great day it was.
It's no secret we've had a very hard few months
and this really changed our focus and we were able
to spend the day just feeling happy!

Adyson and Travis before the baptism.

Me and Adyson just before.The program was beautiful.
My sister Heather spoke on Baptism and reminded
Adyson of the covenants she was making and spoke
directly to Adyson. It was perfect.

My brother Cody spoke on the Holy Ghost and reminded
Adyson that she may at times feel alone, but she is not.
And taught about how the Holy Ghost is often felt, not heard.

Both talks make me feel very blessed for the siblings I have.
I really, really adore and love them.

Amy lead the music, Grandma Lorraine played the piano,
Kutter and Sienna prayed, Trayson and Breje played special numbers,
and so many family members and friends were there to support
her, and some had quite the drive to make.
Thank you to everyone who made it such a remarkable day.

Adyson picked her dress herself
and felt-very-very-very pretty in it!

This photo by Eileen Workman.After the baptism we had a big lunch to celebrate.
Sienna enjoyed Grandma Lorraines darling cake pops!This is the best picture of the 4 of us I could muster.
Later that day we went to my moms
to have an Easter Egg Hunt with all their Johnson cousins.
Sienna was thrilled!
Aren't they all adorable?

And today we were able to attend church for the first
time in too long. It was so lovely to attend our ward!
And to hear beautiful messages on Easter, and remember the
reason we celebrate this day.
I sure love these two little ladies!
And we are both so proud of Adyson.
It was a great weekend!

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Trisha said...

I got a little teary thinking about how special this must have been. What a great weekend :)