Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Weekend Moments...

Adyson got her ears pierced when she was Sienna's age. It was a spontaneous move with Aunt Amy egging her on and telling her "it wont hurt a bit...".

Guess what, it hurt. She cried, and we all felt pretty bad about it.

But you've seen the results, she is quite smitten with her earrings now. She wants to change them often, and her slogan is: The bigger and shinier the better. (Don't worry, we don't buy earrings too big or too shiny. To her dismay.)

So with Sienna we took a much more honest approach. She has said she wants pretty earrings like Ady, and we have told her that it hurts for a little while. And each time she has changed her mind. And we weren't pushing it. But on Friday she decided she was ready. We gave her till Saturday morning, and she didn't change her mind. So off to the torture chamber we were.

She sat right on Trav's lap, and smiled up till those guns went off. And then there were tears. And boogers to compliment them.

How do you calm a 2 1/2 year old down after such pain? With cookies. Always with cookies.
She was calmed down after her sugar, and after my Aunt Sue took her shopping for a fun surprise. And she does think she looks beautiful.

They learn early here: Beauty is pain.

I personally think they are quite beautiful with messy hair and dirty faces, but it is really fun to watch Sienna feel so pretty.Saturday night was spent playing games with the family. My Uncle went and purchased a Season's pass to The Beav so it has been fun to get to see them a bit more often. We had a great time playing Curses (watching Sue faint and my Dad try to speak in a "French" accent were highlights), Killer Bunnies (who won that first game? Oh ya, me), and just chatting the night away. When the night came to an end the men were tired, but the girls weren't quite ready for the fun to end, so we all came to my house and watched Mamma Mia.

Simon was the only boy allowed. (He's kind of always allowed at my house, I love this kid!)

Sue lusting over Pierce. Yes, I said Pierce. Some people have questionable taste....

We let Adyson stay up late with us. She of course, loved having a totally girly night. Honestly I'd rather watch her sing than the movie itself. She sure loves to ABBA songs. It's so much fun watching her grow up and just love having a ladies night.

I really wanted to Edit this picture, but PICNIK isn't really working for me right now. This is pretty much my idea of a great Ladies Night. Hanging out in PJ's, feet propped up, fire blazing, good movie, Lots of laughs. Lots of fun!

The only thing that would have made this night better? Heather, Linsey, Amber, and Camille. You were missed!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who likes giveaways?

I do! This is a great giveaway! I would be beyond happy to win this. Click Here for your shot!
And while your at it, my cute and super talented friend Kristin is having a giveaway also. Click Here to win one of her beyond cute aprons. (Her's ends tomorrow so hurry over!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Go Big Blue

Saturday night we were able to go to the Aggie game with the entire Kidman fam to watch cute Rheagen dance at half time. We love a good Aggie game and we love Rheagen so it was a win/win!
Our tickets ended up being in the student section overflow, at the top, meaning we had to stand the whole night. And it was crowded. Making holding Sienna, and keeping her happy a real treat. She was overly tired. Next time, she gets to have a babysitter so we can ENJOY the game!

Adyson taking the "Aggie blue to the next level." She's got spirit! (Thanks to the blue slushie!)And the star of the hour! Rheagen is such a great little dancer, she got right out in the front of everyone, and shook her stuff, and didn't miss a step! It was worth hours of Sienna torture just to watch her 10 minutes of fame. It was too cute!(I stole this pic from you Michelle! Thanks!)

It was fun to take the girls to the game, but we are pretty excited to go to the next one sans the cuties!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


If you've seen me in the last week and thought that I looked really
A) Tired.
B) Grumpy.
C) Near Tears.
D) All of the above.
It's because Travis has been gone on a business trip to Savannah Georgia for 5 days (5 days!) and I've been single mom'in it. Let me be clear, I was not meant to be a single mom. Really. Not.
He left on quite a crazy week, I had 2 fun lunch dates, Bunco (at my house), book club, tons of hair, with Adyson and Sienna's play dates, dance, and school piled on top of that. By the time he got home I was pretty much DONE! And I must mention that I really, really, really missed him. Really.

I promised the girls that we would have a Girls slumber party while he was gone, and they were all for it! You know my girls, always up for ANYTHING girly. Really.

The night started out with a trip to Good old Wal-mart for some fun Surprises. For Adyson, the Birthday Peek-a-boos to go with the dollhouse Santa brought her. For Sienna, Snow White. They really like surprises quite a lot!

Then came the cookie making (per Sienna's request). Oh how they really love licking the beaters!

And Make-up (per Adyson's request). I was thinking they would love to put on their fun make-up Santa brought them. But Ady had other plans, she begged me to use my make-up on her. Let's not discuss how utterly beautiful and grown up they are looking here. Really.

Then we played, and played, and played. My girls really like to make believe!

Then, a chick flick. A snugly bed on the floor. Loads of blankets and pillows. And yes, Sienna is eating a cookie in bed. Don't judge, it was our GNO. And it really exhausted me.

It was a really fun night for the girls, but honestly we all just really missed Daddy. The house just doesn't feel the same without him! We are so happy to have him back and I've informed him that he is not to leave us for that long again. Really.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The ladies

Today was one of those days where I can't help but feel overwhelmed with love for the ladies. I have been so super sick, and they have been little angels. The house hasn't been too torn apart when I have nodded off in desperate sleep, they haven't fought (too much), and they've just kept Travis and I laughing. I mean really laughing.
For example: In our house laundry is "an issue". Oh yes, I'm a clean freak, I love doing the everyday jobs, but when it comes to laundry I loathe it. And I beg Travis to help me put it all away when it is done (and he is always really helpful). Well tonight we were cleaning up dinner and Travis and I were totally joking about the dreaded laundry. I would beg him to put it away, and he would jokingly say "My rib's broken, I can't..." The girls watched amused.

A few minutes later Travis and I were cleaning up the dishes and I told the girls, "when you get older, make sure you marry someone who treats you as good as daddy treats me."

Adyson's reply? "But mom, dad makes you do the laundry!"

It was quite funny. And if you are wondering, we both put the laundry away together. It's all about compromise. :)

While looking through my pictures doing my last post, I just cracked up. This is what life is like living with our the chicks. Poor, poor Travis. He is very outnumbered!
There is always a little cooking going on! (Thanks Santa for the aprons!)

They help vacuum. Happily.They always look their best! (Um Santa, what in the world were you thinking bringing them make-up??)There is dancing. Oh boy, there is dancing. Seriously, they keep us hopping. They are moody, they are loud, they are crazy. And we wouldn't have it any other way. We do love these girls of ours, and I often wonder how I got so lucky!

Trayson Baptism

This last weekend we made the Trek to Boise to see our nephew Trayson be baptized. Trayson is one of the kindest, sweetest, and smartest kid I know. And to warn you all, I'm adding plenty of pictures. My poor sister (Tray's mom), had been to the Dr. while we were on our drive and found out she had pneumonia. She was so sick that we barely saw her and she wasn't able to document his big day with pictures, so I will do it for her and she can steal mine if she wants.

He was so excited for his big day and more ready than most 8 year olds I know. Doesn't he look so handsome in his new suit?
Adyson spent a good chunk of her weekend having pity for the sad cat outside. I know, I know, we really should get a pet. I just can't bring myself to do it!Cody being all GQ. Or something.The ladies. And no, Heather isn't stooping down. She really is that short....And yes, I'm aware that this isn't my best picture....ok.The main event was lovely. He was the only one being baptized that day, so it was all for him and very personal. Jody did a lovely job and the spirit was very strong. When the font curtain was opened we ushered the little ones close so they could see. Sienna saw that water and said "Daddy, take my dress off..." She wanted to go for a swim! After that though, the kiddies were quiet, and it was a beautiful moment.

Afterwards, the confirmation (also lovely), and then donuts! Simon got "some" in his mouth.Mom and Tray (mid cough).That night we dined on pizza, and somehow the guys escaped in a room of their own to watch football. This is how we found them. Jody (in his saaaweet glasses) on the bed with Cody. Mike happily on the floor with Travis (broken rib and all) leaning on the foot board. At least they were having fun??We were also able to celebrate these 2's b-days. Tray on the 27th, Cody on the 30th. Each year it seems they share a party, and I'm thinking Trayson wouldn't have it any other way!It was a wonderful weekend and we were all so happy to be there to share it with them. Trayson we are all so proud of you!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

ABC's of 2008

Adyson had quite the year! This little girl is growing up and making us very proud parents.
This year she is in her 2nd year of pre-school. She is loving writing and practicing numbers and letters. She has lost her fear of playing at others houses, and we can't keep her home. She has blessed our home with loads of love this year!

Brought a whole lot of patience. (I'm hoping 09' brings even more...)
Cankers. Travis had loads of them this year! And has tried every remedy alive!
Daddy had treatment after treatment this year. Through it all he has stayed positive and upbeat and amazing! Goodness we are lucky.
Exciting highlights:School for Adyson, Nursery for Sienna, A Trip for mom and dad.
Friends were found! It seems everyone has a blog and we have sure loved catching up with some old friends!
Games were played! We are still loving our over sized Monopoly, Killer Bunnies, Canasta...the list goes on!
Hayley finally learned to master homemade rolls. (How sad that I am so proud of this...)
Insects were caught, and loved to death! Remember Ashley the grasshopper?
July brought fireworks, camping, loads of swimming, and mom turned 27.
Kindess was shown once again. This year we were the recipients of many kind acts, ones we will never forget.
Letters were learned. Adyson has been practicing and can't wait to learn to read!
May brought dads (Uh-hm) 33rd Birthday.
Nerds. I'm realizing that I have joined Trav in the ranks of the computer nerd. What happened? Our new ride! This year we finally got us a fancy ride that we have LOVED. (Heated seats!)
Paint galore! This year we repainted every room upstaird in our house. By we, I mean Travis and my dad.

Quite? What in the world is that? This year we have learned that a 2 year old and 4 year old are anything but quiet!
Read and read some more! This year a few favorites-"A thousand splendid Suns", "Poisonwood Bible", "Shopaholic", and even "The tales of Beadle the Bard". And of course "Charlottes web" with Adyson.
Sienna Kate. This year she was potty trained, moved into a Big bed, and has turned into a little curly headed ham! She is always making us laugh and is just such a loving little girl!
Travis has worked his butt off at ICON, done honey do's around the house, been an amazing father all while undergoing treatments. He deserves an award!
Unbelievable! This year has had so many ups and downs, and we have been so amazed at all the love and support from so many people!
Vacation! This year Travis and I were able to go to San Francisco, just the 2 of us! It was perfect and I want to go back...
We have laughed a lot. We have learned a lot. and We have loved a lot.
X-ray's were had again. (Broken rib!)
Younger. We are both wishing we were younger! I'm thinking that this one wont change next year!
Zoo day was once again a favorite for me! And this year we were able to go a few times making it extra fun!