Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 1 {Vegas}

We are back from our lovely vacation, and I am knee deep in laundry and cold. It's cold here. Boo.

It was a perfect week and we are so grateful to have been able to spend so much time together! I'm posting day by day, because I don't want to leave anything out. (Some day I may get around to printing this thing into a book, and I will appreciate a day by day account of our trip. I wont be too offended if you don't read every single post...:).

The first day we woke the ladies up at 6:30, and took off for Vegas, jammies and all. Finally around 8:00 they started asking where we were headed. We just told them we were headed to Vegas to stay in a hotel, and they still had no idea what was in store for them during the week.
We've never taken the ladies to Vegas before, and we were both pretty uncomfortable there. I'd forgotten how dirty everything (and everyone) seems there. We made it to the strip to show them the lovely fountains at the Bellagio, and then quickly went back to the hotel room to watch a little Disney channel. (That's how we roll.)

The fam. My amazing mom came with us and we sure appreciated her help, and her company. The girls were angels with her in the back seat separating them, and picking up their many dropped toys. She is officially sick of cartoon movies, and climbing over car seats. We loved having here there with us, and the girls just adore her. Thanks mom!

I love this shot of Adyson watching the fountains of Daddy's back. That girl was in awe this entire week.

When we got back to our hotel room the girls had a surprise from Grandma Kidman. New hand made jammies! They love them and were so excited to throw them on. Thanks Lorraine! We sure appreciate you! (And don't they look cute in them?)

We were all so tired from the drive and packing that we seriously passed out by like 9:00 that night. Pathetic? Probably, but it was nice to catch up on our sleep because we packed a lot of fun into the next few days.
I'm off to do more laundry and find a blanket. Did I mention how cold it is here? Why don't we live in California again?


Kylene said...

That's awesome your mom came! What a great idea. Looks like a fun first day and I think the jammies are so very cute!

Morrells said...

That looks lovely! You look cute in your pictures and your girls are always so beautiful! Your mom is so sweet!

Amy Johnson said...

I would have loved to see Ady's face for the fountains at the Ballagio! That is my favorite part of Vegas!

Jared Heather and Taegen Pete Johnstun said...

I'll tell you why... because its to dang expensive! I have so been waiting to see some pics, and I am not dissapointed-they are so cute! Can't wait for days 2-6!

Eileen said...

I'm glad I can live my life vicariously through your wonderful life!

Just post them all today.

KIRSTEN said...

Vegas has definitely always been just a drive threw spot for me. I can't wait to hear all about the rest of your trip!

Trisha said...

Can't wait to hear more! So happy that my sisters got to see you...Rox said you were radiating happiness!