Monday, March 14, 2011

{The Happiest Place on Earth}

Last week we took a little family vacation to our
We love it there, so much,
and it didn't disappoint.

We were able to stay at the
Disneyland Hotel this year,
due to a certain family member who wanted
to spoil us rotten. I can't even tell you
how thankful we were to be there!
We felt very loved and enjoyed every single second.
Align CenterWe rode the monorail into the park on the first day
and headed right to Nemo. The line is usually so long that
we skip it, but we were able to hop right on.
Can you feel how excited the ladies were?The fam.

Roo, making me a little carsick!

Me and T.

Aunt Tiff and the ladies. They had so much fun with her!

Grandma Lorraine, Tiff and Ads,
Grandpa, Devin, and Roo in the back.
It's a small world ;)

We introduced the Kidman clan to our favorite soup. YUM!

Toy Story, always a favorite.

The must have picture in front of the Mickey Flower Garden.

The whole family at Goofy's Kitchen, with our chef-Goofy.

The ladies LOVED Goofy's kitchen, and every 5 minutes a new
star would come to our table to see them.
Snow White loved their Twinkle Toes shoes and
asked if Tinkerbell lived in them. The ladies LOVED It.

Pluto tickling Enna-bug.

Baloo Bear picked Adyson right up and made her dance.
She loved it!


Me and my handsome hubs.
Gosh I love him.

Waiting for Tink.

The bugs life show. Such a great movie!

The fam in front of the castle.

The whole fam, minus Devin who is scared of the camera.

Rapunzel! The girls were smitten by her hair.

The ladies got to sit on the boat at the Storybook ride.
They felt kinda awesome.

The ladies very favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain.
We went on it daily. I love this shot of T and Devin laughing.
I loved watching the ladies ride this one, doing their best to keep
their arms up the whole time.
They are brave little ladies!

Waiting for the Wonderful World of Color, which was amazing.
Enna got really slap happy. Such a great memory.

We stayed in the Dream Tower of the Disneyland Hotel. Our room was beautiful!
We felt so spoiled and are so thankful to have been able to be there.
It was really, really amazing.

Saying Goodbye to Disneyland by the Giant Mickey.
Till next year!
The ladies dancing with Pluto in Goofy's kitchen. Adorable!

Our room headboard played a lullaby to us each night. It was just so lovely and we all loved it! I want to live in that room...


Jill said...

i'm jealous! it looks so fun. i love how excited your girls are in the pics. is the giant mickey new? or did we miss that???

Trisha said...

I always love your Disney updates. What a great family you guys have on both sides!

Brittney said...

Can I hop into your suitcase for next year please? SO FUN! I can't believe how big those two little ladies are getting. And seriously, check out their hot mama. Not fair. Love you!

Jessica Davis said...

Oh, it looks like you had so much fun! Your girls are darling :) Love the family pictures on your header!

The Wolfley Family said...

I am literally turning green with envy!

shelly said...

So fun! And that headboard is awesome! This gets me excited to be able to take our kids some day.

Eileen said...

I'm just so very happy for you and your happy trip. And your happy life.

You are loved.

All of you.

By me.

KIRSTEN said...

Oh how I miss DL :(

Celestial Starr said...

I am so happy for your sweet family! I bet it was just so good to get away and have a ton of fun together!!! Maya saw some of Elizabeth's family pictures from DL and now she is very excited to go to "Disneyland to see the princess with the girlies" her cousins (the Francoms). Not sure when we are doing this but she's excited about it, I am too!!! Love you Hay!!!