Monday, July 30, 2007


Thursday we packed up and went camping up Logan Canyon. I was a little nervous to have Sienna there for the weekend-I didn't think that she would sleep a wink, but she did okay. Her and Simon had so much fun exploring the camp site, and getting dirty, very, very-dirty! Adyson and Kutter just ran around together, and he made her a little more daring than usual. She touched worms, found an inch worm and played with it and also held a lady-bug. It was nice to see her play and not think about how "scary" things are. We ate delicious food all week and played some great card games at night. It was so much fun to stay up late with my brother and sister and their spouses and realize how much we all get along. They both married the perfect people for our family and it always just feels like we are hanging out with great friends. We also went to Bear Lake, and I am sad to say that my camera ran out of batteries and I don't have any bathing beauty pics, but they had so much fun. Ady searched for sea shells all day and Sienna pretty much ran away from me to the water all day. She is my water kid! We are all exhausted from our week of fun, and ready to get back to life!

Some other thoughts for the week:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was worth the wait and I enjoyed reading it too much, I am just so sad it is over!

It was my birthday today-and the highlight of my day was when Adyson told me that her Birthday wish for me was that we could be "the very best best best friends." If she only knew how much I wish the same things for my girls.

Brielle is the most beautiful and the most well behaved baby ever born. She didn't make a peep all weekend and her smile is very cute!
Okay-camping pics to follow!


Heather Wolfley said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! Should we celebrate all next week, too!?

Trisha said...

Great vacation, it sounds like! Happy birthday!