Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A new calling and a Breakdown

On Sunday we got a new bishop in the ward-and Travis was called to be the Ward Clerk. I didn't think assistant librarian would last for too long! I think he is excited to have a calling that gets him a little more involved in the ward. I once again realized that I married someone who is way better than me, and I think that this service will just prepare him for many more to come. Once again we learned that Adyson listens more than me think in church because when they called his name she said as loud as she could-"Hey dad, Thats your name huh!" I think the whole ward heard her a got a good chuckle.

Speaking of Adyson, HELP ME! She is just wearing me out. Adyson still gets very nervous when she isn't around Trav or I, and it is getting old. She has taken some great steps forward that I am very proud of, like playing with her friends in the back yard or in their yards, but she still wont go inside their houses for some reason. She freaks out if I leave the nursery room, and I am going crazy. I signed her up for Swimming lessons at the Aquatic center and Monday was the first day. I was terrified and just waiting for the breakdown, and she did just fine. She went with her teacher and played the whole time and Travis and I couldn't have been prouder! I literally teared up a bit because it was a huge step! But today was a different story. She just screamed and screamed and cried so hard she almost threw up! I drug her out of there and just sobbed along with her the whole way home. I feel like she is missing out on so much, and I am so dreading pre-school in September. I love this little girl and she has always mentally been so far ahead of her age, she is so smart, but there is something inside her that makes her so scared of EVERYTHING! I want others to see her for who she is and I am sick of worrying about all of this! So if you have some advice, Please help me-I beg you!

That is all for now, I will keep you posted on the drama!


Heather Wolfley said...

I am so sorry that Ady didn't do Ok yesterday! I wish I had some fabulous peice of wisdom for you that would solve everything, but I just don't. This is just gonna be Ady's challenge, but she'll get throug it. I think you're just gonna have to give her some space, and try and find ways to get her used to strangers when it is a less stressful situation. If you can figure out how to get Kutter potty-trained, maybe I'll fix this one for you. Deal?

Trisha said...

Ady is the most adorable child and with how smart she is I have no worries that she will adapt to the new social settings. I've seen this a lot with kids at our preschool. The first week or so is rough, but they soon learn more confidence. I think it is great that you are giving her lots of opportunities to go outside her comfort zone. Even though it's really hard, that is the only way she will grow. Hats off to you!