Sunday, August 12, 2007

I've Been Tagged & I'm so lucky!

Thanks a lot Heather, I will get you back.

4 jobs I've had
1)R&G's waitress
2)Ear Piercer at the Silver Shoppe
3)ICON (where I met my hubby)
4)Hair Stylist

4 movies I could watch over and over
1)Moulin Rouge
2)How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
3)Harry Potter movies
4)The notebook

4 Places I've lived
1)Smithfield, UT
2)Logan, UT
3)Smithfield, UT
4)thats all for me, pathetic huh?

4 Favorite TV Shows
1)The Office
4)Food Network me

4 Places I've been on Holiday
1)Carribean Cruise

4 Favorite Dishes
2)I love good Mexican
3)Seafood -- especially shrimp!
4)I love a good salad-yes seriously

4 websites I visit
2)Old Navy and

4 Places I'd like to be
1)In Boise with Heather
2)shopping with the girls!
3)On a cruise
4)Anywhere Alone!

Consider yourself tagged folks

I haven't been updating very often because life has been much too busy the last couple of weeks. Heathers kids were here and Adyson and Sienna have been playing with them an awful lot. Life is finally getting back to normal and as much as I miss them, I welcome my kids getting their sleeping patterns back. I also welcome eating healthy again, cleaning my house again and routine! I have become a creature of routine since I've had kids!

Apparently at some point in the night last night I woke up and told Travis I was cold and he got up and got me my favorite blanket. I woke up this morning wondering where it came from and he laughed when I asked him about it because I seriously don't remember saying a thing. I know it sounds silly but I thought-how lucky am I that my husband is so kind that even though he has to be to church by 6 in the morning he still drags his butt out of bed to warm me up in the middle of the night. I guess it's those little things I need to remember when he keeps me up snoring the night away! Anyways-I love him and he's pretty good to me!

I wish I had some great pics or something to report here, but I just plain don't. Hopefully your weeks have been fun and happy and more eventful than mine.

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Heather Wolfley said...

Hey cutie! Thanks! Also, you are so good to write something, even if you don't have pics. I am gonna try harder to follow your example! by the way, where are some pictures of those cute girls? I miss them desperately!