Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Tonight we went to the park to watch the fireworks and we had a blast! Adyson was so excited and she asked all day if it was "time to go yet?" We just went up to a church park where we have gone for the last couple of years. It is always a good time because we run into quite a few friends there. I wasn't sure how Sienna would do, she usually is asleep by 9:00 and the fireworks don't start until like 10:00. I was worried that she would be a grump. She wasn't! She honestly couldn't take her eyes off of them. She said ooh and ahh more times tonight than I've ever heard! Adyson had a good time too. She just wanted to see the smiley face fireworks. I realized tonight how sensitive her eyes really are though. She wanted to wear her sunglasses
because her eyes were just watering because of the bright fireworks. Poor kid, but all in all it was a great night and I thought I would post a few pics. I hope everyone else is having a great 4th.

Wow! I posted a bunch of pics, I just thought my girls were to cute and couldn't stop myself, and yes, I know I am vain! The picture of Adyson laying down she is making a "sand angel." I can't wait to give her a bath tomorrow!


Trisha said...

Your family is so dang cute. I loved seeing pictures of Heather's family. I can't believe how much everyone has changed!

Heather Wolfley said...

Your girls could not be any prettier! This makes me even more jealous that I wasn't with you guys!